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f899d31... by Alex Kavanagh

Rebuild to use charm-tools pre 2.8 release

Reverting to an earlier version of charm-tools to
resolve some building issues seen with latest 2.8.2

Change-Id: I9a3ac2090648fb942414a0af4068713d92fdd395
(cherry picked from commit 0b569e20e2a75a5cf63bf4913efa0c4053c6710f)

f461c5a... by Hemanth Nakkina

Block publish_global_client_cert handler in config-change hook

upload-sign-csr action fails if the TTL is shorter than the default
value of default-ttl. Further change in the default-ttl value via
juju config command (to set proper default-ttl) results in the unit
to go to error state.
The flag which is set during the
upload-sign-csr action resulted in matching publish_global_client_cert
handler for any config changes. Since the invocation of handlers is
random in reactive framework, the unit goes to error state whenever the
publish_global_client_cert handler is invoked before the handler

This patch blocks the execution of publish_global_client_cert handler
during any configuration change.

Change-Id: I60f0e1aad13380a4449e5d4b56840954cc7e81a9
Closes-Bug: #1885576
(cherry picked from commit a38bf7cbd265ab46357ea7f9e99f55d126da8fb2)

939c173... by Aurelien Lourot

Updates for stable branch creation

Set default branch for git review/gerrit.

Switch tests to stable.

Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.

Switch to using stable charm.openstack branch.

Change-Id: Ie40147411284cb4ff8d99a4019f93b0bc060f3f3

ae2d79f... by Alex Kavanagh

Rebuild reactive charms to pick up latest charm-helpers release.

v0.20.18 has been released and needs incorporating into the reactive charms.

Change-Id: I4749f353264dfc16ea4a02c52900b48ca77a3824

e003c17... by Rodrigo Barbieri

Add new nagios check for vault health

Improved to also
check whether vault is sealed, therefore
renaming it to

Registered the new check with NRPE and
removed the old one.

The alert of vault being sealed takes
precedence over version checking.

Closes-bug: #1856025
Change-Id: I9b5ec739d27f35b793e91f61f070995105f80d06

edbca2f... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Receive 200 http status code regardless of vault state"

a196335... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Strip trailing whitespace from submitted CSR"

406f342... by Martin Kalcok

Receive 200 http status code regardless of vault state

Change-Id: I4c5b6ed6018884a6ce8939d37ed6395db8b01f92
Partial-Bug: #1856025

c996ce5... by Martin Kalcok

Strip trailing whitespace from submitted CSR

Change-Id: I5d42a4fbef420e1b52f95eaf0bc4b756d65f1228
Closes-Bug: #1876155

4a059e5... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Update status message if new version of vault is installed"