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1680466... by Alex Kavanagh

Updates for stable branch creation

Set default branch for git review/gerrit.

Switch tests to stable.

Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.

Switch to using stable charm.openstack branch.

Change-Id: I09f18f40a666fd9ddde13ea76f62789e11657a52

9f68653... by Chris MacNaughton

Ensure we clear the ca.ready flag when we generate a CA

Previously, configuring any kind of CA, and then generating a new
CA with CSR will cause the charm to have hook errors, as well
as an error in the action to generate a CSR as a result of
expecting a fully setup CA elsewhere in the charm. This change
adds removal of that ca.ready flag from the charm when a CSR
(and accompanying CA) are generated.

Change-Id: I802f31c853df4a69f6a4c1529e2acb1543e21831
Closes-Bug: #1866150

ed8ddb8... by David Ames

Better error catching for app role check

Catch when vault is sealed.
Retries are only necessary for the internal server error (which
indicates a DB failure).

Change-Id: I5aae05dd2902094874500022ac18661a24f5726d
Related-Bug: #1866150

3e48efe... by David Ames

Do not check app role auth until ready

The client_approle_authorized was checking for app role authorization
too early before the charm had been authorized by the authorize-charm

Before checking on app role authorization verify the leader setting,
"local-charm-access-id", set by the authorize-charm action.

Closes-Bug: #1889654
Change-Id: I53f2c357c06a5ac9846718654d35c9baa576cafd

8352f7b... by Alex Kavanagh

Release sync for 20.08

- Classic charms: sync charm-helpers.
- Classic ceph based charms: also sync charms.ceph
- Reactive charms: trigger a rebuild
- sync tox.ini
- sync requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt

Change-Id: I3ada82412445ab91cead3ed1b48cda798d279068

f2819ec... by Alex Kavanagh

Change maintainer to OpenStack Charmers

Change-Id: Ifaddeb1d03146c2993b7388466eb1cce945741f6

9ebcad8... by Aurelien Lourot

Add Groovy test bundle

Change-Id: Ie75db3d2b2a592abd6f93a6f3f42ee9f5f5ed74d

173c683... by Liam Young

Use unit-name from interface if provided

If the interface provides a remote unit name then use it otherwise
fallback to using juju env. The interface will provide a CMR safe
unit name *1 if possible so use it.


Change-Id: Ib17e826054b5831099312166d921afa23adc8a2b

42f1925... by David Ames

More DB loss handling

An addition to commit 25ac2cb0de7e7fdc0c7815aecb67a5906b1fbede
Use a retry on the client.auth_approle

Related-Bug: #1886083

Change-Id: I2dea8eabc084152125028bd64bad5319159af04f

56ad2e6... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Enable MySQL DB TLS Communication"