Last commit made on 2020-05-21
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73c5213... by David Ames

Updates for stable branch creation

Set default branch for git review/gerrit.

Switch tests to stable.

Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.

Switch to using stable charm.openstack branch.

Change-Id: I6f2141a9f2c7eb2c061a2b48bed2c70bbeb2f4a4

3f94a10... by David Ames

If VIP is set, wait until ha.available

The charm was sending an individual unit's address even when the VIP
configuration value was set. If VIP is set and we have not yet reached
the ha.available state, wait on publishing the vault url.

Change-Id: I3de05b5e771dc4b7c43996d99ccc4b5d8668737d
Closes-Bug: #1878035

959de0a... by Alex Kavanagh

Rebuild for sync charm-helpers for 20.05 release

Change-Id: Id5e1a8e5b3e3374f1936bd46e8c0e120dc838a19

0e4ac56... by Peter Matulis

Add note about displaying material in insecure mode

This was raised on the Juju forum:

Change-Id: Ied8827d1f2ba274d10043adbebee9bff6d172140

b0a28b3... by James Page

Refresh secrets after charm is authorized

Ensure any pending secrets backend requests are processes after
the charm is authorized for access to vault.

Also guard execution of the configure_secrets_backend handler
to when secrets relations actually exists via inspection of the
secrets.connected flag.

Change-Id: Ic0cb7786f2c02334778b1e1bf77d649d4db8c474

52e5041... by James Page

Switch smoke test to bionic

Switch the default smoke to test to use bionic+mysql for initial
validation of any charm changes.

Change-Id: I296a0cf0ed201a92ff089127d624b44c2e277f1b

8dab672... by Chris MacNaughton

Revert "Ensure secrets are issued after charm authorization"

This is being reverted as it breaks all deployments that
don't have a secrets relation, making it no longer possible
to use Vault for TLS certificates only.

This reverts commit 1b99b3baa9c25fe20b68bd2fe4b4af00eb2ef869.

Change-Id: I252d163bef1bb8c6b3f0608ba8358cad149f4842

1b99b3b... by James Page

Ensure secrets are issued after charm authorization

If secrets relations are formed prior to charm authorization, the
action to authorize the charm to use vault does not currently
ensure that any secrets relations are processes post auth.

Set the refresh flag to ensure that this happens automatically
as a one off process after authorization.

Change-Id: Iac1ed3bc3858293119724931b340d798ce624233
Close-Bug: 1874059

d919c39... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Support application certs"

8b06064... by Peter Matulis


An HA section will be added that points to the upcoming HA guide
where Vault HA will be covered.

Change-Id: I6e67f217690f69f3d6f282aba0cba4634de70bee