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52ffa85... by Seyeong Kim

Make cert and ca cert ttl configurable

Currently the default ttl for a cert is not configurable
and defaults to one month. This patch makes the ttl
configurable and updates the default for new and
re-generated certs to 1 year and 10 years for the CA

Closes-Bug: #1841138

Change-Id: Iaa6709c74d64c4191b44b92d4cfb3a3dbbb3fdc8
(cherry picked from commit 5f233696a4afcc8cdf1f131892d99690f53bc61f)

5fb543c... by David Ames

Updates for stable branch creation

Set default branch for git review/gerrit.

Switch amulet tests to stable.

Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.

Change-Id: I62a5a0962ccab43f36f884cd81eb8a448d876201

9189405... by Ryan Beisner

Sync charm/ceph helpers, tox, and requirements

Change-Id: Id7b86f0fc64e7ee25aab8d8de09fd5b8b0da89c0

8d65538... by Camille Rodriguez

Add disco-stein bundle to gate tests

The bundle disco-stein was in the dev bundles because
a bug with the Python 3.7 syntax prevented the success of
the deployment of HA clusters. This bug is fixed, we can
reintegrate disco-stein in the gate bundles.

Other small additions:
- removing sitepackages in tox.ini to avoid test env pollution
- skip_missing_interpreters in tox.ini set to False to avoid false
positives by skipping missing interpreters.

LP Related-Bug: #1823718
Change-Id: Ibad815c50a15aa8df7349262109fcdb2e4a3e341

dee413d... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Enable bundle specific tox zaza target"

d27d53e... by Frode Nordahl


Also explicitly set ``include_system_packages`` to False.

While that setting is now the a default we consume from
``layer-basic`` it is more clear for the causual reader
of the charm source code.

Change-Id: I761ac74be1e254dda7dec3b14869feb5f12573fe

96fdbf6... by Chris MacNaughton

Update series metadata

Ensure that EOL releases are removed from metadata
and tests, and that the current dev release is enabled
in metadata. Dev release tests are enabled separately
because of chickens and eggs.

Change-Id: Ica2956fb606f4721d837ec77f24a52cfd1e3398d

67dc697... by Frode Nordahl

Distribute direct charm dependencies

Do not rely on system installed Python packages but distribute the
direct charm dependencies as part of the charms wheelhouse.

As the span of distributions we need to support with reactive
charms widens we will run into compability problems with the
current model.

For further reference see juju/charm-helpers#341 and

Change-Id: Id459b11c110ef0454c665c312824791bdb2f0f38

b41a994... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Add Python 3 Train unit tests"

deaccc3... by Frode Nordahl

Rebuild to pick up improved logging in ``layer-snap``

Change-Id: I68dd18a5ddbc3e9f0d8ada6c7a7f0a10dfe68f89
Partial-Bug: #1839616