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d213b21... by Frode Nordahl

Rebuild to pick up improved logging in ``layer-snap``

Change-Id: I68dd18a5ddbc3e9f0d8ada6c7a7f0a10dfe68f89
Partial-Bug: #1839616
(cherry picked from commit deaccc35c1931c3c5a7e5bd432563c24167d744e)

5e99022... by David Ames

Updates for stable branch creation

Set default branch for git review/gerrit.

Switch amulet tests to stable.

Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.

Change-Id: I12800928a03a63e4c5028b6bbffda1b89dd9ff24

1fbea00... by David Ames

Rebuild for sync charms.openstack

Change-Id: I639b9b32b7b546e0629a30da475e73b458388f37
Partial-Bug: #1838783

74fb71d... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Add support for multiple client spaces"

c7e2c53... by Edward Hope-Morley

Add support for multiple client spaces

Some users may not want to expose all vault clients
to the same networks. In particular they might want
to have some on the default access network and some
on an external network. This patch adds support for
new 'external' binding which clients can use to
talk to the vault api.

Change-Id: I0d393c71dcb127b14b8ffcacbd03bbf68f81a53b
Closes-Bug: #1826892

833a5e8... by Cory Johns

Fix leader fail-over for cert provider

When leadership is transferred to another unit when Vault is in HA mode,
the new leader didn't have the `` flag set, so it
would fail to respond to any cert requests, even though the CA was
already properly configured. This addresses that issue, with the caveat
that when the leadership takeover happens, all requested certs will be
re-issued due to the new leader (potentially) not having access to the
previously published data. (We can fix this once we have
application-level relation data.)

Fixes lp:1836348

Change-Id: Ifd8bfbf0a5c44f1e70ff7ad999dfda7333014a88

1298ab6... by Dmitrii Shcherbakov

Rebuild the charm to include helper fixes

A recent charm-helpers released has introduced a regression into the
Vault charm, see LP: #1835933.

Change-Id: I951c55fe3e3d60dff2c280b4fd393c92189016c0
Closes-Bug: 1835933

f9dbf24... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Rebuild vault charm"

b6fac1c... by James Page

Rebuild vault charm

Rebuild vault charm to incorporate fixes to the tls-certificates

Change-Id: Ie969cb069200fd027213d5b183b76ffff1bdb6c3
Closes-Bug: 1830772

3d097b7... by Alex Kavanagh

Switch .gitreview to point to openstack/charm-vault

This is due to the project change due to:

Change-Id: I2bac675e92d5bcc42acebdf5d6a5b28a06785f3c