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456401e... by Alex Kavanagh

Update charmcraft to build bionic, run bionic/focal

This updates the charmcraft.yaml to correctly build on bionic and also
run on focal so that 1.6 can be used on bionic.

Change-Id: Id826ed806d848d03d59cd32d550a5f70d0970691

ad030fd... by James Page

Switch default config to 1.6 snap track

Ensure that the intended UX matches the actual default
configuration for the vault charm by using the 1.6/stable
channel by default.

Change-Id: I2fbc88f15262610cbd249f0a054d3a0dff071b50

42ee135... by Alex Kavanagh

Update to build using charmcraft - stable/1.6

Batch to add building by charmcraft for the 1.6 branch of vault.
Tests on focal.

Change-Id: Ib94899793311d17bbe71a5b6f391827d90e4242c

b09d5aa... by Alex Kavanagh

21.10 - Release

Remove the "channel: candidate" from the func-test

Change-Id: I0dea4ca9bdfc94dc8a2bcf8d66772fab65c27121

0eff89e... by Alex Kavanagh

21.10 - Update requirements.txt - pin cffi 1.14.6

* On stable/21.10 branch
* Pin cffi 1.14.6 in requirements.txt used in charm build
  for py35 compatability.

Change-Id: I53842c48610cfc4339388568a54257aaea961760

fb861ba... by Alex Kavanagh

21.10 - Stable cut of charms for testing period

* use stable/21.10 libraries
* use zaza/zaza-openstack-tests at stable/21.10
* build.lock files for reactive charms
* bundles refer to ~openstack-charms candidate channel

Change-Id: Ibb497abd4864847048aa38729ac3de643c13cfce

75cdd8d... by Alex Kavanagh

Add impish bundle

- add non-voting impish bundle
- charm-helpers sync for new charm-helpers changes
- update tox/ to ensure setuptools<50.0.0

Change-Id: I9740ca887c4049a934b303b6634d4722d056c1ae

c7cc2d4... by Aurelien Lourot

Sync release-tools

In order to fix ResolutionImpossible on tox invocation.

Change-Id: I9856b8c1043051832dd4b3be165b4e022376b683

6a5d7b1... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Pin tenacity and psycopg2 for py35/xenial"

8e9bffe... by Alex Kavanagh

Pin tenacity and psycopg2 for py35/xenial

The libraries:

 * tenacity >= 8.0.0
 * psycopg2 >= 2.9.0
 * requests >= 2.26.0

dropped py35 support, thus breaking on Xenial. This pins those

Change-Id: Ie565747b28d0e21c83725837516b04db641de4a5
Closes-Bug: #1934107