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0d4b8d9... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-30

Check for outdated set_wallpaper file only on upgrade, not on every run

2302d1b... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-29

Allow auto-updating set_wallpaper/get_wallpaper scripts when they have not been modified

2412200... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-28

Merged from trunk; Logic for anonymous stats reporting added

87293ba... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-18

Translations: Fix to Light/Dark translation context

178ec16... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-18

Updated pot file

e5a8cf8... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-18

Minor fix: delay fetching of server options at start

19ee03d... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-15

Statistics option in GUI

6a86385... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-14

Stats reporting: reporting_enabled option added to Options

b5bd130... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-14

Stats reporting: initial code to build the stats

1c4bbcd... by Peter Levi on 2013-01-09

Quotes were giving an error on KDE, installing python-gi-cairo fixes it - adding it to deps