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e417e32... by James Lu on 2019-05-19

set_wallpaper: remove duplicate code for Cinnamon

a0e7bbb... by James Lu on 2019-05-19 raise an explicit error when trying to run on Python 2

This may ease upgrades for those who compile from source and upgrade from 0.6.x.

ed612bd... by Bruce Pieterse on 2019-05-03

set_wallpaper: always exit with error code 0 (#168)

Fixes #167

7816f2b... by James Lu on 2019-04-23

Update AUTHORS & About dialog attributions

a339cc2... by James Lu on 2019-04-22

Release Variety 0.7.2

d834633... by James Lu on 2019-04-20 move URL to GitHub

54d8d00... by James Lu on 2019-04-20

README: update PPA URL per

ba2b6af... by James Lu on 2019-04-20

Simplify runtime dependencies list

The GTK+ 3 bindings depend on GLib, Pango, and Pixbuf, so it's a bit redundant to list them again.

11e5899... by James Lu on 2019-04-18

Changelog for Variety 0.7.2

d7bdc7e... by Andrew Lee <email address hidden> on 2019-04-08

Fix test for sway wm (#154)