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8638e98... by James Lu on 2018-10-04

Add the --open-menu option to

4a3e126... by James Lu on 2018-10-04

Add -m / --open-menu option: force open the Variety menu on systems where the indicator is unavailable

An experimental workaround for #12. It looks like rootless menus work consistently on Xorg (appearing where the mouse clicks), but not on Wayland.

59800ea... by James Lu on 2018-10-04

Remove OnlyShowIn=Unity from desktop entries

These work equally fine in other DEs: Xfce, GNOME, etc.

311953b... by Elon Bing on 2018-10-04

Fix #85: write str, not bytes to text-mode file in quote_save_to_favorites (#86)

48adbd5... by James Lu on 2018-09-21

VarietyWindow: migrate to (non-deprecated) shlex.quote()

Also remove explicit cast to str from build_imagemagick_filter_cmd(); this shouldn't be needed anymore

a6eaec2... by James Lu on 2018-09-21

VarietyWindow: fix pencil_tile.png generation

shlex.quote() only works on str, not bytes

8eff230... by James Lu on 2018-09-15

Bump debian/changelog again, closes #75

9f9f257... by James Lu on 2018-09-10

Bump version to 0.7.0

42550aa... by James Lu on 2018-09-09

Changelog for 0.7.0

a3c4eef... by James Lu on 2018-09-06

GoodreadsSource: fixup previous commit (reuse first_a variable)