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f058b16... by Daniel van Vugt on 2019-02-22

Remove 60 FPS limitation, thus supporting high frame rates

For Xorg the only fix required was to remove the spurious patch:


which had the effect of imposing a 60 FPS limitation. That patch
never landed upstream.

For Wayland you need both the above fix and the introduction of
hardware vsync support which was upstreamed in mutter 3.32 and is
backported to 3.30 in two commits/patches:



8da4c39... by Iain Lane on 2019-01-25

Finalise changelog

a55e322... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2019-01-24

debian/patches: Fix crash in dual monitor setup and gdm activation

Fixes LP: #1790525, LP: #1795774

(cherry picked from commit 2aee3a6a10250a8b964217fb5673c90d9294b786)

Modified by Iain Lane <email address hidden>: Removed unrelated patch
context changes.

997cacf... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2019-01-16

debian/patches: Fix offscreen-effect painting of clones in zoom mode

Fixes LP: #1779615, LP: #1767648

c7da937... by Iain Lane on 2018-12-17

Update & finalise changelog

ec40bb4... by Iain Lane on 2018-12-17

control: Depend on g-s-d-schemas instead of g-s-d. We only need the schemas

LP: #1808796

8790a79... by Iain Lane on 2018-12-17

Update gbp.conf and Vcs metadata for cosmic

3560a2d... by Iain Lane on 2018-11-22

Import Debian changes 3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.1

mutter (3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.1) cosmic; urgency=medium

  * SRU backport from unstable / disco to cosmic. (LP: #1804448)
  * Drop change from 3.30.1-4 for the SRU - we are not ready to SRU this yet
    (reinstates the patch):
    + Drop clutter-Smooth-out-master-clock-to-smooth-visuals.patch: It was
      abandoned upstream, but also seems to be limiting refresh rates in
      Xorg sessions to 60Hz when previously they were unlimited.
    + Also modify the changelog entry for 3.30.1-4 to drop the bug ref so it
      doesn't confuse the SRU process.

c8f38f5... by Simon McVittie on 2018-11-15


ccb8939... by Simon McVittie on 2018-11-14

Drop cherry-picked patches