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3818. By Daniel van Vugt on 2016-11-22

Don't document bugs that aren't really fixed (these have all been
repened in recent weeks).

3817. By Brandon Schaefer on 2016-11-15

LTO causes FTBFS on s390x. Lets disable

3816. By Brandon Schaefer on 2016-11-14

* TEST Lets turn off link time optimization

3815. By Brandon Schaefer on 2016-11-14

Cherry pick 3819 from trunk: Server::override_the_coordinate_translator() cannot be effectively used downstream

3814. By Daniel van Vugt on 2016-11-09

Fix another mistake from r3808: Source file added twice

3813. By Daniel van Vugt on 2016-11-09

Correct more grammar

3812. By Daniel van Vugt on 2016-11-08

Revert most of r3808 which was completely wrong and causing the
build failure.

3811. By Daniel van Vugt on 2016-11-08

Expand and correct the Enhancements list

3810. By Brandon Schaefer on 2016-11-07

Update changelog
* New upstream release 0.25.0 (https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.25.0)
  - ABI summary:
    . mirclient ABI unchanged at 9
    . mirserver ABI bumped to 42
    . mircommon ABI bumped to 7
    . mirplatform ABI bumped to 14
    . mirprotobuf ABI unchanged at 3
    . mirplatformgraphics ABI bumped to 11
    . mirclientplatform ABI unchanged at 5
    . mirinputplatform ABI bumped to 6
    . mircore ABI added. current version is 1
  - Enhancements:
    . Replaced mir event structures with capnproto structures
    . Added pointer confinement and an example
    . Added support for rasberry pi outputs
    . Added dead key and compose key support
    . Added gamma support for kms hardware
    . Yakkety gcc-6 support
    . Added passthrough support for nest servers
    . Added libmircore
    . Implemented mir render surface
  - Bugs fixed:
    . FTBFS On Zesty: invalid use of
      'struct native_handle' (LP: #1638774)
    . libmirclient-debug-extension-dev install debug/surface.h
      twice (LP: #1639153)
    . Mir crashes on virtual box drmModeCrtcSetGamma
      Function not implemented (LP: #1638220)
    . Flickering in mir_demo_client_multistream (LP: #1635273)
    . Camera apps (camera & vanity) never exit (LP: #1635010)
    . Clients cannot connect when MIR_SOCKET="" (LP: #1634508)
    . mirtest-dev packaging fails to sepcify boost depends (LP: #1633537)
    . cursor.h is unclear about mir_diagonal_resize_* (LP: #1626924)
    . Inconsistent underscores in cursor names (LP: #1632617)
    . [performance] Android overlays don't honour eglSwapInterval 0
      (LP: #1369763)
    . [regression] Accidental libmircommon.so.6 break (LP: #1617865)
    . [regression] mir demo server fails to start with mx4 (LP: #1615703)
    . [regression] Trust prompt now shown when starting camera (LP: #1612256)
    . [regression] make abi-check fails to build (LP: #1626866)
    . Nested servers prevent overlays or fullscreen bypass (LP: #1262116)
    . Failed to get PRIME fd from gbm bo (LP: #1607812)
    . Mir-on-X is difficult to use on 1366x768 laptop (LP: #1590959)
    . Remove useless message 'Surface 0 DPI' in demos (LP: #1559831)
    . Mir fails to cross-build with newer sbuild (LP: #1628507)
    . Infinite loop in AbstractShell::focus_next_session (LP: #1625401)
    . Destroying a presentation chain doesn't trigger ownership
      notification to client (LP: #1626503)
    . Keyboard layout not applied on the shell (LP: #1626435)
    . Warning, No syntax specified for the proto file (LP: #1624971)
    . display-report=log reports vsync on non-existent output number
      (LP: #1621352)
    . libmirserver-dev missing uuid-dev depends (LP: #1617435)
    . debian/control missing epoxy (LP: #1617256)
    . Downstreams need to disable clang diagnostic "-Wreturn-type-clinkage"
      to build against public headers (LP: #1615587)
    . mirtest-dev: mock_display_configuration.h uses mg namespace without
      using it (LP: #1614983)
    . FTBFS using clang (LP: #1609612)
    . mesa-kms doesn't fall back to using software cursor if hardware
      cursor is unavailable (LP: #1610054)
    . StubGraphicsPlatform::create_display() leaves a dubious state
      (LP: #1611337)
    . Mir build/tests fail with gcc-6 and LTO (LP: #1610215)
    . Cross compiling on xenial fails (LP: #1609329)
    . Building with -DMIR_PLATFORM=anroid fails (LP: #1609916)
    . unity-system-compositor crashes on start-up with "Mir fatal error:
      Failed to schedule page flip" (LP: #1584894)
    . mir_connection_create_spec_for_tooltip doesn't meet requirements
      (LP: #1603922)
    . Updating surface size/location needs to update the pointer confinement
      (LP: #1604673)
    . ServerConfigurationOption is not ptest safe (LP: #1607351)
    . HWC's vsync_signal_on is never called when using HWC 1.0 (LP: #1613373)
    . mir_connection_create_spec_for_tooltip does not set aux_rect
      (LP: #1632335)
    . VMware virtual connector recognized by Mir as "unknown" (LP: #1248072)
    . Test timeout MesaDisplayConfigurationTests.* (LP: #1613352)
    . Tests fail when built against lp:mir (LP: #1621917)
    . CI failure PointerConfinement.* (LP: #1606418)
    . CI failure MultiThreadedCompositor (LP: #1595940)
    . CI failure in DisplayConfiguration (LP: #1563210)
    . CI failure NestedServer.given_client_set_display_configuration*
      (LP: #1617036)
    . CI failure on krillin in NestedServer.* testes (LP: #1628828)
    . CI failure: PosixRWMutex hangs (LP: #1633920)
    . CI failure in TestClientInput.* (LP: #1570698)

3809. By Brandon Schaefer on 2016-11-07

* Should be 0.25

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