Merge lp:~vanvugt/mir/fix-1261637 into lp:mir

Proposed by Daniel van Vugt
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 1286
Proposed branch: lp:~vanvugt/mir/fix-1261637
Merge into: lp:mir
Diff against target: 11 lines (+0/-1)
1 file modified
tools/setup-partial-armhf-chroot.sh (+0/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~vanvugt/mir/fix-1261637
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Alexandros Frantzis (community) Approve
PS Jenkins bot (community) continuous-integration Needs Fixing
Andreas Pokorny (community) Approve
Review via email: mp+199226@code.launchpad.net

Commit message

Don't try getting non-existent package 'android-platform-headers'. It
was dropped from the archive yesterday since:
   libhybris (0.1.0+git20131207+e452e83-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low
This fixes Mir build failures (LP: #1261637)

Description of the change

Unblock CI! (mostly)

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Andreas Pokorny (andreas-pokorny) wrote :

the change worked for me

review: Approve
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PS Jenkins bot (ps-jenkins) wrote :
review: Needs Fixing (continuous-integration)
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Alexandros Frantzis (afrantzis) wrote :

Looks good, the remaining (mediumtests-runner-mako) failures are unrelated to this. I am going to merge manually.

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'tools/setup-partial-armhf-chroot.sh'
2--- tools/setup-partial-armhf-chroot.sh 2013-12-13 03:23:51 +0000
3+++ tools/setup-partial-armhf-chroot.sh 2013-12-17 07:58:47 +0000
4@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@
5 libumockdev-dev,\
6 liblttng-ust-dev,\
7 systemtap-sdt-dev,\
9 libglm-dev
11 fakeroot debootstrap --include=$BUILD_DEPENDS --arch=armhf --download-only --variant=buildd trusty .


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