Code review comment for lp:~vanvugt/compiz/untest

Daniel van Vugt (vanvugt) wrote :

1. Yes, it's intentional to not talk to compiz directly. It's cleaner that way. I was told already by Martin/Thomi that I can expect to have compiz running already in QA. And soon that will include unredirection enabled by default. I've already got Martin started trying to get performance testing automated using some benchmarks and games in the lab. This will be an addition to that.

2. Yes it belongs in the compiz source tree because it's testing for a bug that only happens with compiz (as far as we care/know), and its behaviour is directly linked to the expected behaviour of compiz. Even if the bugs occurred with other compositing window managers that did unredirection, the design of untest is specifically focussed on compiz.

3. Nice idea to Redirect/Unredirect from the test itself. But it's an enhancement for later and doesn't invalidate this proposal.

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