Code review comment for lp:~vanvugt/compiz-core/lastMotionTime

Sam Spilsbury (smspillaz) wrote :

I don't really like the idea the idea of what this branch is doing for two reasons

1) It shouldn't be a user option to control the internals of core, sampling of motion events is definitely one of those
2) When we are processing events we need to have a correct idea of server side state at the time the event was emitted. For example, it is theoretically possible that we need to know the cursor position at the time a window geometry changes or at the time a window is mapped (this is relevant for the focus code). Its also relevant to things like, eg, edge detection.

Throttling processing of motion events is a good idea, however it shouldn't be done globally and really should be done on a plugin-by-plugin basis. Releasable queues are one way to do it. Throttling events like this takes away that information where it might otherwise be necessary and could result in very difficult to debug issues.

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