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68. By Alex Valavanis on 2012-03-27

Fix maintainer field

67. By Alex Valavanis on 2012-03-27

* Merge from Debian Unstable (LP: #966221). Remaining changes:
  - debian/control:
    + Ubuntu maintainers
    + Build against lcms2 (LP: #885324)
    + Drop build-dependency on specific libwpd/libwpg version.
    + promote libgnomevfs2-extra to recommends (lp: #496223)
    + Demote pstoedit to Suggests (universe package).
    + Suggest transfig to allow import of xfig files (LP: #668300)
    + Drop unnecessary python and skencil suggestions (LP: #762541)
    + Promote python-lxml, python-numpy, python-uniconvertor to Recommends.
  - Handle translation tasks for Ubuntu main (LP: #726850):
    + debian/rules: Add dh_translations to binary-arch rule
    + debian/control: Build-Depends dh-translations
  - debian/patches/01_add_unity_quicklist_support.patch: add "New Drawing"
    to Unity quicklist (LP: #676886)
* [cb1a6e2] delete 01-libwpg0.2.dpatch since proper patch appied upstream
* [041bdd7] delete 02-add-shebangs-and-fix-permissions.dpatch (applied
* [518e31b] delete 03-add-missing-mimetypes.dpatch (applied upstream)
* [df995c3] add datamatrix patch from ubuntu (closes: #618835)
* [169ca97] Imported Upstream version, this handles the following
  debian bugs:
  - closes: #665560: inkscape: Including individual glib headers no longer
  - closes: #627637: JessyInk: Embedded Javascript Broken
  - closes: #559332: inkscape: Cairo rendering broken for "use" elements
                     with scaling or a viewBox
  - closes: #596836: clipart search spews messages in console
  - closes: #628035: inkscape: in the pdf export dialog a wrong pdf version
                     is reported
  - closes: #651196: French manpage has accents replaced by some garbage
  - closes: #633150: inkscape: New upstream version 0.48.3 is available
* [3f6e27a] use quilt instead of dpatch for patch handling
* [dd10775] Acknowledge NMU, inkscape doesn't register for handling of pdf
  and ps anymore (closes: #613752)
* upload sponsored by Guido Guenther <email address hidden>
  Thank you very much!

66. By Felix Geyer on 2012-03-06

promote libgnomevfs2-extra to recommends (lp: #496223)

65. By Alex Valavanis <email address hidden> on 2012-03-01

* New upstream release (LP: #943984)
  - Fixes build errors with glibmm < 2.28
* Build against lcms2 (LP: #885324)

64. By Bryce Harrington on 2012-02-23

Merge 0.48.3

* New upstream release (LP: #933188). Fixes several Ubuntu bugs:
  - inkscape fails to build with glib 2.31 (LP: #898538)
  - ctrl c ctrl v of text in edit mode crashes inkscape (LP: #496793)
  - Completely replace lcms1 by lcms2 in Ubuntu (LP: #885324)
  - parameters ending with '\' causes python to bomb (LP: #168417)
  - Extensions with <check> tags fail to load (LP: #668895)
  - ESC doesn't cancel move when using the Node Tool (LP: #788560)
  - unable to edit attributes in Inkscape XML Editor (LP: #884368)
  - Some layers should be visible by default in Layers dialog (LP: #902054)
  - Path Effect List is hidden (LP: #909958)
  - Input Devices > Hardware > Tree of devices is hidden (LP: #910467)
  - Glyphs Font styles are hidden (LP: #911079)
  - Error messages from Extensions hidden (LP: #911079)
  - Messages dialog doesn't work (LP: #911123)
* Drop 02-add-shebangs-and-fix-permissions.dpatch: Applied upstream.
* Drop build-dependency on specific libwpd/libwpg version.

63. By Martin Pitt on 2011-12-06

releasing version 0.48.2-0ubuntu4

62. By Martin Pitt on 2011-12-06

No-change rebuild against libpoppler19.

61. By Adam Conrad on 2011-12-02

No-change rebuild to drop spurious libsfgcc1 dependency on armhf.

60. By Michael Terry on 2011-11-18

No change rebuild for imagemagick4 transition

59. By Alex Valavanis on 2011-07-10

* New upstream release (LP: #807912). Fixes several Ubuntu bugs:
  - [SVG Font Editor] Crash when kerning an empty pair (LP: #706506)
  - Connector tool crash Inkscake (orthogonal mode) (LP: #771738)
  - Errors printed to console if openclipart search fails (LP: #638844)
  - pdf export with cairo 1.10 defaults to version PDF-1.5 (LP: #664335)
  - Cairo rendering broken for "use" elements when scaling or a viewBox
    (LP: #705345)
  - gimp_xcf.py crashed with TypeError in effect() (LP: #565296)
  - Enable build against libwpg-0.2 (LP: #778951)
  - Please add supported filetypes into MimeType line of inkscape.desktop
    (LP: #278307)
  - Inkscape fails to build with gcc 4.6 (LP: #707205)
* Drop 01-libwpg0.2.dpatch - Applied upstream
* Drop 03-add-missing-mimetypes.dpatch - Applied upstream
* Drop 04-fix-build-with-gcc4.6.dpatch - Applied upstream
* Drop 05-add-missing-includes.dpatch - Applied upstream
* Drop fix-fontforge-glyph-template.dpatch - Applied upstream

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