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9a44f7e... by Vagrant Cascadian

Upload libpam-sshauth 0.4.1-2 to unstable.

01b572f... by Vagrant Cascadian

Add patch to fix security issue with allowing local users
unauthenticated access.

70946a9... by Vagrant Cascadian

Upload libpam-sshauth 0.4.1-1 to Debian.

03cfb92... by Vagrant Cascadian

Updated debian/copyright years.

4737b64... by Scott Balneaves

Check the result to write()

4d57a0b... by Scott Balneaves

added auth_methods.c

55f197b... by Scott Balneaves

Leadup to 0.4 release

d6af19e... by Scott Balneaves

Merged in patches from BenoƮt Guyard and updated AUTHORS

a522e1b... by Benoit Guyard

Added back support for publickey authentication

3f4991f... by Vagrant Cascadian

debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6, no changes needed.