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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Ha I found one very minor thing
(gladly, I guess I'm supposed to find sometinhg - am I?)
One of the changelog lines is >80 chars

Fixed on upload.

To ssh://
 * [new tag] upload/2.1.73-1ubuntu4.1 -> upload/2.1.73-1ubuntu4.1

Uploading to ubuntu (via ftp to
  Uploading python-rtslib-fb_2.1.73-1ubuntu4.1.dsc: done.
  Uploading python-rtslib-fb_2.1.73-1ubuntu4.1.debian.tar.xz: done.
  Uploading python-rtslib-fb_2.1.73-1ubuntu4.1_source.buildinfo: done.
  Uploading python-rtslib-fb_2.1.73-1ubuntu4.1_source.changes: done.
Successfully uploaded packages.

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