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Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

5.1.7 upstream introduces a somewhat big change: a new shared library. Are we sure this doesn't need an FFe?

The changelog also has many other changes that would need to be analyzed, like:
- update ldap READMEs and schema definitions.
- remove intr hosts map mount option.
- add support for new sss autofs proto version call.
- (many refactors)
- add hashtable implementation.
- make autofs.a a shared library.

How debian dealt with the shread library:
  * debian/autofs.install:
    + Install into bin:pkg autofs (for now).
  * debian/autofs.lintian-overrides:
    + Ignore (share lib) for now.
    + Ignore lintian complain about autofs.8 man page.

The discussion about the, then upcoming, 5.1.7 release:

I am going to include them in 5.1.7.

The the final rounds of testing are being done with the two patches
I mentioned.

The change is purely building my static library as a shared library,
nothing more, so it shouldn't impact existing code. In theory it
should be more economical from a RSS size and possibly WSS size too.
And being a change to the underlying autofs library it will be being
used during all the testing. I haven't seen any problems so far.

I'll announce the release and the 5.1.6 patches will be present on at that time, same as usual.

I'm not sure people will want to update straight away, there are
quite a few changes and a number of them aren't trivial, so people
may choose to select patches they need while waiting for the dust
to settle.

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