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fdfd67c... by Andreas Hasenack on 2020-10-19

Add libtpms to import list

1f15a36... by Robie Basak on 2020-10-15

prometheus-alertmanager changelog date override

5eeffa9... by Bryce Harrington on 2020-09-30

whitelist: Add php7.4 and recently touched php-* packages

It is likely of limited benefit to pull the entire php-* stack in at
present, however these are packages that have required bug work
recently. Most of these are also either common dependencies or tend to
crop up in migration problems, so may well require further attention in
the future.

cea6dd8... by Bryce Harrington on 2020-09-30

whitelist: Drop php-horde-*

Horde has been dropped from the archive (c.f. LP 1868281), and we've no
intent to do maintenance work on it for LTS releases.

2dd0502... by Andreas Hasenack on 2020-09-30

Import redis, requested by sergiodj

acf43d7... by Robie Basak on 2020-09-28

Update release process to also close fixed bugs

e03958e... by Robie Basak on 2020-09-24

version: bump to 1.0

74fbdaa... by Robie Basak on 2020-09-22

Add more kernel packages to blacklist

7afdac0... by Robie Basak on 2020-09-16

Retry database reads on lock timeouts

The broker has been crashing when the system is under heavy I/O load.
This happens when we get a sqlite3 timeout ("Database is locked") when
executing a "SELECT", as opposed to the earlier "BEGIN DEFERRED".
Reading the docs, this is expected behaviour, and we need to be retrying
the "SELECT" itself rather than the "BEGIN DEFERRED".

A retry is appropriate because there is no appropriate amount of time
after which we should time out. We want to block until the system is
able to process our database query, just like any other command.
Deadlocks are prevented by use of the complemetary _write_lock()

I've not added a matching test for this change. The likely area where
this could go wrong is in my understanding of sqlite3's behaviour in
various edge cases, but I can only test that my code meets my
expectation of sqlite3's behaviour rather than what it actually does.

e20be17... by Robie Basak on 2020-09-14

Add pkgbinarymangler to blacklist

This package is affected by LP: #1858653, a workaround for which is
deferred for now.