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cf563c6... by Andreas Hasenack on 2019-05-08

Add more pmdk related packages to the whitelist

a7ac2f2... by Robie Basak on 2019-04-25

Blacklist wheezy as an active series

77f0186... by Robie Basak on 2019-04-23

Cache some Launchpad object fetches

As we iterate through Launchpad's source_package_publication_history
records, we keep looking up their distro_series objects via and suchlike. This
results in a very large number of API calls to fetch the same
distro_series object from Launchpad every time, causing a severe
degradation in performance.

Since distribution_link is the same every time, we can instead key a
cache on this, eliminating the excessive number of API calls. The same
applies to some other similar calls.

As far as I can tell we've always made this excessive number of calls
here, but in practice something recently changed in the amount of time
these calls are taking, causing import performance to drop virtually to
a standstill. This optimisation restores reasonable performance again.

This introduces a new dependency on cachetools, which seems to be the
cleanest caching solution without having to reimplement it inside
git-ubuntu. python3-cachetools is available in Xenial and the module
seems to be stable upstream, so I hope this addition will not cause us
too much trouble.

f372e77... by Karl Stenerud on 2019-03-28

Author: Karl Stenerud <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Mar 29 10:09:05 2019 +0100

    Changed --deconstruct to --split

    "deconstruct" was being confused as the opposite of "reconstruct",
    even though they are different things. "split" makes for an
    easier to remember mnemonic.

60fc847... by Claudio Matsuoka on 2019-02-27

Fix snap package build

Changes in external packages broke the snap package build. Fix it by
adding necessary build packages and removing duplicate libraries from

Signed-off-by: Claudio Matsuoka <email address hidden>

a834055... by Christian Ehrhardt  on 2019-02-22

add ua-client related packges to whitelist

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden>

10c30c8... by Robie Basak on 2019-02-01

Complete Certbot-related whitelist packages

01408c6... by Andreas Hasenack on 2019-01-07

Add package cabextract to whitelist

21bccda... by Robie Basak on 2019-01-07

Add php7.3 to import whitelist

3b920e7... by Robie Basak on 2018-12-11

Add bind-dyndb-ldap to whitelist