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12ea334... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

Import patches-applied version 4.8.5.final+shim4.10.4-1+deb9u12 to applied/debian/stretch

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 00fae7290df72c3821c25f77c2051e80975af466
Unapplied parent: addb67f070c283ae2042c4e5c63fa26fe73035b2

New changelog entries:
  * *NOTE* this will probably be the *LAST UPDATE* for Xen in Debian 9.x
    (stretch), since this is the last batch of security patches from
    upstream, where Xen 4.8 is out of security support.
  * Update to new upstream final tip of 4.8 stable branch, which I have
    dubbed upstream/stable-4.8.5.final. And shim 4.10.4.
  * This includes fixes to:
       XSA-311 CVE-2019-19577
       XSA-310 CVE-2019-19580
       XSA-309 CVE-2019-19578
       XSA-308 CVE-2019-19583
       XSA-307 CVE-2019-19581 CVE-2019-19582
       XSA-306 CVE-2019-19579
       XSA-305 CVE-2019-11135
       XSA-304 CVE-2018-12207
       XSA-303 CVE-2019-18422
       XSA-302 CVE-2019-18424
       XSA-301 CVE-2019-18423
       XSA-299 CVE-2019-18421
       XSA-298 CVE-2019-18425
       XSA-297 CVE-2018-12126 CVE-2018-12127 CVE-2018-12130 CVE-2019-11091
       XSA-296 CVE-2019-18420
       XSA-295 CVE-2019-17349 CVE-2019-17350
       XSA-294 CVE-2019-17348
       XSA-293 CVE-2019-17347
       XSA-292 CVE-2019-17346
       XSA-291 CVE-2019-17345
       XSA-290 CVE-2019-17344
       XSA-288 CVE-2019-17343
       XSA-287 CVE-2019-17342
       XSA-285 CVE-2019-17341
       XSA-284 CVE-2019-17340
  * For completeness, the following are not applicable:
       XSA-300 CVE-2019-17351 Bug is in Linux
       XSA-289 Spectre V1 + L1TF combo; no new fixes
       XSA-283 Withdrawn XSA number
       XSA-281 Withdrawn XSA number
  * The following is *not* fixed at this time:
       XSA-286 Still embargoed.
  * README.comet: remove line about PVH support.
    [Hans van Kranenburg] Closes:#908453.

addb67f... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

xenstore: Increase stack size for xs reader thread

Gbp-Pq: 0033-xenstore-Increase-stack-size-for-xs-reader-thread.patch.

d860c07... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

README.comet: remove alinea about PVH support

Gbp-Pq: 0032-README.comet-remove-alinea-about-PVH-support.patch.

71f8e2c... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

gitignore: add tools/misc/xen-diag to .gitignore

Gbp-Pq: 0031-gitignore-add-tools-misc-xen-diag-to-.gitignore.patch.

ca9cdfd... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

tools: utility to dump guest grant table info

Gbp-Pq: 0030-tools-utility-to-dump-guest-grant-table-info.patch.

167eccd... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

Copy README.pti and README.comet from the XSA-254 advisory

Gbp-Pq: 0029-Copy-README.pti-and-README.comet-from-the-XSA-254-ad.patch.

88a6cd5... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10

tools/tests/x86_emulator: Pass -no-pie -fno-pic to gcc on x86_32

Gbp-Pq: 0028-tools-tests-x86_emulator-Pass-no-pie-fno-pic-to-gcc-.patch.

5e6eb50... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10


Gbp-Pq: ubuntu-tools-libs-abiname.diff.

9d935b4... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10


Gbp-Pq: tools-xenstore-compatibility.diff.

4af5dfb... by Ian Jackson on 2020-01-10


Gbp-Pq: tools-xenmon-install.diff.