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5efa92e... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Import patches-applied version 1.1.0~rc1-2ubuntu7.1 to applied/ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b5e3282aa454820fceb8abf09ca3d205ab0f64bd
Unapplied parent: c8976ccd21d44ecd09dd75681c82392fd5254bf6

New changelog entries:
  * Add patch xfce-blanking.diff to prevent screenblanking in Xfce when
    XScreensaver isn't installed/used. (LP: #1309744)

c8976cc... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

xdg-screensaver should control X11's blanking in Xfce (BR80089)

Gbp-Pq: xfce-blanking.diff.

16bad69... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Use D-Bus API for GNOME screensaver (BR29860)

Gbp-Pq: xdg-screensaver-dbus.patch.

ffdff53... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

update for LXDE

Gbp-Pq: lp779156-lubuntu.diff.

65bd5c1... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Make the default mail client and browser settings work with the

Gbp-Pq: gnome-3.0.diff.

5b34b0c... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

[PATCH] Don't overwrite a /usr/share/applications/defaults.list symlink

Gbp-Pq: xdg-update-menu-caonicalize-defaults.list.diff.

6116bf2... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Use /usr/bin/printf if available when decoding URLs.

Gbp-Pq: xdg-open-printf.diff.

4cb2ee9... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Fix support for multi-word $BROWSER commands.

Gbp-Pq: xdg-open-browser-multiword.diff.

8c7e394... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Fix some bashisms.

Gbp-Pq: bashisms.diff.

2afd7bc... by Unit 193 on 2014-07-16

Try mimetype first as the generic method for xdg-mime.

Gbp-Pq: xdg-mime-generic-use-mimetype.diff.