Last commit made on 2010-11-28
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48e595f... by Micha Lenk

0.6.10-2.1 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

df81318... by Micha Lenk

Fix fallback from failed PMKSA caching into full EAP authentication

Gbp-Pq: 31_fallback_to_full_EAP_authentication.patch.

d6f0be0... by Micha Lenk


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: 30_cfg80211_association_optimisation.patch.

a8b3910... by Micha Lenk

Fix FTBFS on kfreebsd-*

Gbp-Pq: 21_kfreebsd.patch.

3d482da... by Micha Lenk

Use wpa_msg_ctrl() for WPS AP available events

Gbp-Pq: 20_wpa_msg_ctrl_wps.patch.

307ab64... by Micha Lenk

Do not show WPS events in a tray message, it is shown too

Gbp-Pq: 18_wpa_gui_wps_ap_avail_annoyance.patch.

7060476... by Micha Lenk

Add support for wpa_supplicant syslog output

Gbp-Pq: 11_syslog.patch.

bb5306f... by Micha Lenk


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: 07_dbus_service_syslog.patch.

9f0975e... by Micha Lenk


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: 06_wpa_gui_menu_exec_path.patch.

01af91d... by Micha Lenk

Debian does not use pam_console but uses group membership

Gbp-Pq: 02_dbus_group_policy.patch.