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46d2647... by Marc Deslauriers on 2016-05-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13.4-2ubuntu1.3 to ubuntu/precise-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3e6a2931790516067f5a3f24b4d7b8e71a05b58d

New changelog entries:
  * debian/patches/sni_support.patch: Add support for TLS SNI.
    (LP: #1580700)

3e6a293... by Marc Deslauriers on 2014-10-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13.4-2ubuntu1.2 to ubuntu/precise-security

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 972514b461069f49ba9ea05617cc4928799f68fa

New changelog entries:
  * SECURITY UPDATE: remote code execution via absolute path traversal
    vulnerability in FTP
    - debian/patches/CVE-2014-4877.patch: don't create local symlinks in
      src/init.c, check for duplicate file nodes in src/ftp.c, updated
      documentation in doc/wget.texi.
    - CVE-2014-4877

972514b... by Colin Watson on 2014-06-23

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13.4-2ubuntu1.1 to ubuntu/precise-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 60dbb6b4b1c80a3f489359e559b216557fe35f71

New changelog entries:
  [ Mark Russell ]
  * debian/rules: build wget-udeb to install its binary as /usr/bin/wget
    instead of /usr/bin/wget.gnu (LP: #1172101).

60dbb6b... by Clint Byrum on 2012-02-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13.4-2ubuntu1 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d992210f013edeaca80d55c39bb85c141de8facb

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from Debian unstable, Remaining Changes:
    - Add wget-udeb to ship wget.gnu as alternative to busybox wget
    - Depend on libssl-dev 0.9.8k-7ubuntu4
    - Pass --with-ssl=openssl; we don't want to use gnutls, there's no udeb
      for it.
    - Add a second build pass for the udeb, so we can build without libidn.
    - d/rules: Compile with -Os and disabling NLS/DEBUGin udeb to reduce
      code size.
  * d/rules: change backticks to $(shell ...) to fix FTBFS in sbuild

d992210... by Noël Köthe on 2012-01-13

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13.4-2 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2e94de53ed78e690a7e667cfaaa3869ddb980865

New changelog entries:
  * added hardened build flag. thx Moritz for the patch
    closes: Bug#654908

2e94de5... by Noël Köthe on 2011-10-21

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13.4-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d338549634eb9a2776aabb322c0de0e7fb37d588

New changelog entries:
  * new upstream release 1.13.4 from 2011-09-17

d338549... by Noël Köthe on 2011-08-12

Import patches-unapplied version 1.13-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d39d19e18b844ee4075c975de90015479b42a586

New changelog entries:
  * new upstream release 1.13 from 2011-08-09
    - updated wget-doc-remove-usr-local-in-wget.texi,
    - removed wget-de.po-remove-double-quote-signs (latest de.po),
      CVE-2010-2252 (included upstream), wget-zh_CN.po-translation-correction,
      fix-paramter-spelling-error-in-wget.texi, refresh-pofiles
    - disabled disable-SSLv2 for the first upload
      see https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?33840
    - includes latest po files. closes: Bug#607198
    - bugs fixed with this release by upstream:
    -- IDN support: wget www.köln.de works:) closes: Bug#542145
    -- wildcard documentation of -X
       closes: Bug#215128
    -- wget -O - $URL says `-' saved but there is no file -
       closes: Bug#353326
    -- 'wget -c -N' ignores timestamps
       closes: Bug#402001
    -- missing a check for Subject Alternative Name (TLS cert.)
       closes: Bug#409938
    -- wget segfaults when server returns empty HTTP response code
       closes: Bug#563872
    -- wget: -A/-R vs. -O
       closes: Bug#565942
    -- Unterminated C string in http_atotm()
       closes: Bug#581817
    -- don't use PATH_MAX (FTBFS on hurd)
       closes: Bug#595538
    -- info page points to not documented --cookies option
       closes: Bug#597468
    -- SIGPIPE signal: wget over ssh orphans itself on ctrl+c
       closes: Bug#598731
    -- wget --backup-converted does not work
       closes: Bug#624675
    -- --adjust-extension renames .htm files
       closes: Bug#626438
    -- wget: Invalid russian translation
       closes: Bug#502218
    -- wget: shows only first 3 IP addresses of hostname
       closes: Bug#612450
  * debian/control correct spelling in description. closes: Bug#635241
  * debian/control replace libssl-dev by libgnutls-dev in build dependency

d39d19e... by Noël Köthe on 2011-07-23

Import patches-unapplied version 1.12-5 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 48c37a1180b3343a883eed0845958db3a109e148

New changelog entries:
  * minor update on patch CVE-2010-2252 to mention former option
    name --use-server-file-name. closes: #602008
  * debian/control minor name change Noèl -> Noël ;)

48c37a1... by Noël Köthe on 2011-07-22

Import patches-unapplied version 1.12-4 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 924cfa034a504a4004394b52b83071bc7be9f6ea

New changelog entries:
  * acknowledge NMUs. Thanks for your work Thorsten and Filippo
    closes: #622032 #614373
  * updated Standards-Version: to 3.9.2 without changes
  * fixed lintian warning:
    - debian-rules-missing-recommended-target
  * debian/control add Multi-Arch: foreign
    closes: #614203
  * removing wget-infopod_generated_manpage to get the old/upstream
    provided manpage and no the infopage as manpage. See 1.11.4-4
    where it were changed. This will return some errors (incomplete
    sentences, some missing parts) which are caused by texi2pod.
    closes: #633702 #627468 #589993
  * debian/control added libidn11-dev Build-Dep to get IDN support
    closes: #536692
  * debian/control changed FTP and HTTP to uppercase in the description
    closes: #596358

924cfa0... by Thorsten Glaser on 2011-04-25

Import patches-unapplied version 1.12-3.1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2d9d8193ce0417e96ceb09b8aeb009353cb928fa

New changelog entries:
  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * debian/rules: move updating config.{guess,sub} from the clean
    target to the config.status target to avoid unnecessarily
    generating patch files with their content (these files are
    now simply removed by the clean target)
  * debian/patches/debian-changes-1.12-2: drop accordingly
  * debian/patches/disable-SSLv2: new; debian/rules: pass the
    new flag -DNO_SSLv2 to configure (Closes: #622032)
  * debian/rules: clean away _all_ files changed during build;
    debian/patches/refresh-pofiles: regenerate all pofiles, which
    will also be done during package build (these changes are made
    to keep the package buildable twice in a row)
  * Add missing B-D on autotools-dev