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14f7c8d... by Adam Conrad on 2005-08-22

Import patches-unapplied version 1:6.3-078+1ubuntu3 to ubuntu/breezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: af2bb02d924ca8039726762992c4d31958b612e5

New changelog entries:
  * Rebuild for the cairo1 -> cairo2 transition.
  * SECURITY UPDATE: Fix code execution.
  * Add debian/patches/990_modeline_codeexec.diff:
    - Do not execute code in glob() and expand() statements when we read them
      from a modeline.
    - Combined upstream patches 6.3.081 and 6.3.082.
    - References:
  * debian/patches/124_errorformat.vim.diff: Remove obsolete hunk that doesn't
    apply any more.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * debian/control:
    - Build-Depends on libxt-dev (Ubuntu: #11113).
  * Drop vim-lesstif package.
  * Add 'breezy' to the list of accepted distribution keywords.
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + Removed all kvim related packages, the code is no longer maintained.
      Sorry. (closes: #234455, #237385, #283765, #293110, #194449, #205586,
      #266431, #272621, #294848, #245006, #194964)
    + Removed patch 401_gcc4.diff, it modified kvim code which is no longer
    + Added NEWS file, so people upgrading to this version getting informed
      about the kvim removal.
  * Matthijs Mohlmann <email address hidden>:
    + Fixed up a patch for xml.vim.
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + Add a replaces: vim (<= 1:6.3-068+1) to every (k)vim-* package, required
      for menu-icon-missing fix from 1:6.3-068+2. (closes: #301866)
    + Urgency medium because above modification fixes regular upgrade with
    + Fixed broken rgvim manpage. (closes: #301881)
  * Pierre Habouzit <email address hidden>:
    + Enhance the es.po. (closes: #206782)
  * Matthijs Mohlmann <email address hidden>:
    + Modified patch 113_xml.vim.diff that fixes #196001 has introduced
      another syntax error. (closes: #301736)
    + Fixed menu-icon-missing on vim-* packages.
  * New upstream patch (068), see README.gz for details.
    + 6.3.068: When editing a compressed file xxx.gz which is a symbolic link
      to the actual file a ":write" no longer renames the link (patch by James
      Vega). (closes: #281630)
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + Added James Vega <email address hidden> to uploaders.
    + Fixed wrong executable registration in /usr/lib/mime/packages/kvim,
      thanks to Robin Verduijn for the patch. (closes: #295471)
    + Fixed synchronisation of syntax highlighting in fortran 90 programs.
      (closes: #301452)
    + Removed vim-doc's dependency on vim, so it's possible to install vim-doc
      without also installing vim.
  * Pierre Habouzit <email address hidden>:
    + Fix php indent plugin, thanks to the ITLab at MUSC. (closes: #282135)
    + Fix prolog syntax file. (closes: #269692)
    + Fix xml syntax ('\' has no special meaning for xml). (closes: #196001)
    + Fix texinfo syntax file warning. (closes: #286763)
  * Matthijs Mohlmann <email address hidden>:
    + Fix lintian warning packages-installs-file-to-usr-x11r6:
      - Moving xpm files to /usr/share/pixmaps.
      - Edited the menu files.
    + Removed prerm-does-not-call-installdocs from lintian/vim.
    + Added patch 111_fstab.vim.diff to fix highlighting in fstab.
      (closes: #300108)
    + Removed Suggests: vim from vim-doc in debian/control.
    + Fixed binary-without-manpage for several packages.
    + Fixed pkg-not-in-package-test in kvim-tcl, kvim-ruby, kvim-python and
    + Fixed the errors postinst-does-not-call-updatemenus and
  * James Vega <email address hidden>:
    + Fixed wrong highlighting of comments in syntax/sh.vim when comments
      occur between switches of case. (closes: #269325)
  * Stefano Zacchiroli <email address hidden>:
    + Added patch 302_message.c.diff to fix CTRL-C quit loops in range commands.
      (closes: #295639)
    + Added patch 118_ocaml.vim.diff to ship latest version of ocaml runtime
      support files: {syntax,ftplugin,ident}/ocaml.vim.
    + Modifications on debian/rules:
      - Uses debian/compat in place of debian/rules' DH_COMPAT.
      - Ignores diff error in "make_patch" target since diff usually returns 1.
      - Added support for command line VARIANT variable to override VARIANTS.
  * Pepijn de Langen <email address hidden>:
    + Added patch 119_php.vim.diff to php syntax highlighting backticks.
      (closes: #144754)
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + Disabled dh_installchangelogs and dh_installdocs for vim-doc.
    + Raised urgency to medium because of upstream patch 6.3.066.
  * New upstream patches (065 to 067), see README.gz for details.
    + 6.3.065: Entering Euro char via digraph doesn't always work.
      (closes: #298162)
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + Added Pierre Habouzit, Torsten Landschoff, Matthijs Mohlmann, Stefano
      Zacchiroli, Alexis Sukrieh and Pepijn de Langen to uploaders.
      (closes: #299446)
    + Added a new patch from Christian Hammers which adds additional keywords
      to /etc/fstab syntax hilighting. (closes: #299704)
    + Modified --with-compiledby value to use $DEBFULLNAME and $DEBEMAIL.
    + Updated tpp syntax file, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs.
    + Changed priority of vim-common package from extra to optional.
  * Pierre Habouzit <email address hidden>:
    + Documented the /etc/vim/{g,}vimrc.local files in README.Debian.
    + Fixed some debcontrol.vim issues:
      - Don't search emails in fields that have not one. (closes: #114508)
      - Fix debcontrolName according to Policy. (closes: #148144)
    + Fixed tutor.vim to use usual locale envvars semantics. (closes: #289113)
    + Added a 16px icon for menu entries too
      (taken from http://www.vim.org/images/vim16x16.xpm). (closes: #39250)
    + Fixed changelog.Debian.gz detection. (closes: #263740)
    + Manpages various fixes:
      - Escape some dashes in vim(1). (closes: #279606)
      - Various fixes for xxd(1). (closes: #281124)
    + Fixed french translation. (closes: #277502)
  * Matthijs Mohlmann <email address hidden>:
    + Add syntax highlighting for xmodmap. (closes: #296759)
    + Fixed lintian warning unquoted-string-in-menu-item in kvim.menu.
    + Fixed lintian warning spelling-error-in-readme-debian (adviced should
      be advised).
    + Changed current maintainer in copyright file.
    + Fixed lintian warning package-relation-with-self in kvim.
    + Fixed lintian warning binary-has-unneeded-section in vim (added
    + Added depends on vim in vim-doc.
  * Alexis Sukrieh <email address hidden>:
    + Added a note about UTF-8 related issues in README.Debian.
    + Added debian/patches/108_automake.vim.diff (thanks to Alexander Kogan)
      which enables highlighting of _CPPFLAGS in automake files.
      (closes: #196212)
    + Added debian/patches/109_xdefaults.vim.diff (thanks to Peter De Wachter)
      which fixes bad highlighting when putting a FONT directive in xdefaults.
      (closes: #264284)
  * Stefano Zacchiroli <email address hidden>:
    + Added #DEBHELPER# tag to debian/vim-{doc,common}.preinst.
    + Minor cleanup of debian/rules so vim-{doc,common} uses dh_install
      instead of dh_movefiles ("binary" target could now be invoked twice
      after a single "install" invocation), let dh_compress compress README.
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + New upstream patches (062 to 064), see README.gz for details.
    + Set maintainer address to project mailinglist on alioth and added myself to
    + Added a new patch which sets automake syntax recognition for files named
      GNUmakefile.am. (closes: #277596)
    + Added a new patch which adds testing-proposed-updates to debchangelog
      syntax hilighting.
  * New upstream patches (059 to 061), see README.gz for details.
  * Kudos to Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pena, he discovered the usage of
    insecure $$ constructs in vimspell.sh and tcltags.sh which have been
    fixed with the last upload.
  * Removed vimspell.sh and tcltags.sh, these scripts are no longer supported
  * Removed patch which was added in 1:6.3-058+1, it's no longer required.
  * New upstream patches (055 to 058), see README.gz for details.
  * Added a new patch (stolen from Ubuntu) which modifies vimspell.sh and
    tcltags.sh so they use mktemp instead of insecure $$ construction to
    create temporary files. (CAN-2005-0069) (closes: #289560)
  * New upstream patches (047 to 054), see README.gz for details.
  * Source /etc/vim/gvimrc.local if available. (closes: #272001)
  * Added a new patch which fixes ftbfs on amd64 with gcc-4.0, thanks to
    Andreas Jochens. (closes: #288731)

af2bb02... by Jonathan Riddell on 2005-04-03

Import patches-unapplied version 1:6.3-046+1ubuntu7 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ee418f37425ff5d205b2a1534e7960aa9aee66e4

New changelog entries:
  * Ensure kubuntu_01_xdg_menus.diff is not applied before uploading.
  * Add kubuntu_01_xdg_menus.diff to make kvim menu entry XDG compliant.
  * Revert KDE removal, thus making the kvim package actually have useful
    content rather than just a broken diversion of vim. kvim-ruby is still
  * Drop editor alternative priority to 35, since Ubuntu installs vim by
    default (closes: Ubuntu #4710).
  * Don't autoindent by default (Ubuntu: #5602)
  * SECURITY UPDATE: fix insecure temporary files
  * Added patch 104_secure_tempfiles.diff: use mktemp instead of insecure $$
    construction to create temporary files in vimspell.sh and tcltags.sh
  * References:
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * debian/vim-variant.desktop: Disable menu item again.
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + new upstream patches (032 to 046), see README.gz for details
    + added a desktop entry under /usr/share/applications/ for all variants
      (closes: #285065)
    + added farsi fonts to vim-common package (closes: #258773)
  * Rebuild with python2.4.
  * 900_debcontrol.vim.diff: Add restricted, universe, and multiverse to
  * debian/rules (make_patch): Ignore error code from diff, since it'll
    normally be non-zero.
  * 900_debcontrol.vim.diff: Add amd64 to debcontrolArchitecture.
  * 901_debchangelog.vim.diff: Add warty and hoary to debchangelogTarget.
  * Fix changelog ordering.
  * Resynchronise with Debian.
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + really add Brandens patch which adds XXX and FIXME comment hilighting
      to sh.vim (closes: #280471)
    + updated debcontrol.vim syntax file, which adds debcontrolArchitecture
      for s390, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs (closes: #281127)
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + fixed broken vim-doc.preinst (closes: #280824, #280825)
  * Norbert Tretkowski <email address hidden>:
    + new upstream patches (026 to 031), see README.gz for details
    + add symlink replacing from vim-common also to vim-doc (closes: #279058)
    + added a new patch which adds XXX and FIXME comment hilighting to sh.vim,
      thanks to Branden Robinson (closes: #280471)
    + added a new patch which allows multiple spaces as arguments for xxd,
      thanks to Glyn Kennington (closes: #279709)
    + updated tpp and debcontrol syntax files, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs

ee418f3... by Jeff Waugh <email address hidden> on 2004-10-08

Import patches-unapplied version 1:6.3-025+1ubuntu2 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.