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91a3ec6... by Zoltan Balogh on 2015-09-08

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1627+15.10.20150908-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d25b5f242379b6b0c78006658426ca43f910466d

New changelog entries:
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Implement list item expansion.
  * Turn AdaptivePageLayout page creation to be asynchronous.
  * Fix ListItem swipe handling when gesture is initiated over an overlay
    MouseArea which does not accept pressed event. Fixes LP: #1484545
  * AbstractButton to C++. Fixes LP: #1365471, LP: #1458028
  * Haptics singleton moved to C++.
  * ActionItem moved to C++.
  * Making columns resizable in an AdaptivePageLayout.
  * Introducing column configuration into AdaptivePageLayout.
  [ Benjamin Zeller ]
  * Fix build inside qt and shadowbuild.
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Remove old and unused header-related files, and update unit test filenames.
  * Don't unset the subheader style when Page.head changes because that unsets
    the parent of Page.head.contents. Fixes LP: #1488922
  * Fix the theming of the MainView.
  * Fix the background color of the overflow panel.
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Include change signals with arguments in .api.
  * A public QML type with no version is an error. Rather than silently breaking
    as QML does normally at least apicheck can make this fatal.
  * UbuntuShape shouldn't emit redundant deprecation warnings. Fixes LP: #1481791
  * Update .bzrignore to new upstream style layout. Fixes LP: #1433308
  * Revert unnecessary change of Popover minimumWidth. Fixes LP: #1483708
  [ Ken VanDine ]
  * Fixed a few typos in the api docs for StateSaver.
  [ Olivier Tilloy ]
  * Take custom key indexes into account to allow sorting on custom roles.
    Fixes LP: #1485674
  [ Albert Astals Cid ]
  * Properly free shapeTextures[index] The old code assumes that the UbuntuShape
    will still be around when the opengl context is destroyed, but that seldom
    happens so connect the signal to a lambda that will be there and does the
    cleanup properly. Without this patch testDirectionalDragArea from unity8 was
    hitting the qFatal because it ran out of space in shapeTextures.
  [ Richard Huddie ]
  * Remove all usage of the autopilot simulated keyboard when the OSK is being
    used. Fixes LP: 31483668
  [ Gerry Boland ]
  * Compensate for Qt's device pixel ratio multiplier.
    Fixes: LP: #1207270, LP: #1275748, LP: #1468402
  [ Nick Dedekind ]
  * Added relative date time i18n.
  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * Resync trunk.

d25b5f2... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-08-24

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1603+15.10.20150824.1-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 53b9c5f34b073ea5d50aba3ca861c1236c9debf3

New changelog entries:
  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * Resync trunk. added: po/eo.po
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Make deprecation warnings from C++ opt-in (LP: #1467851)

53b9c5f... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-08-19

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1603+15.10.20150819.2-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 705d46090ac3119814db9cfca1a764bdc9c976f0

New changelog entries:
  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * Resync trunk.
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Do not use the GL_OES_standard_derivatives extension in the emulator
    (and other possible unsupported platforms). (LP: #1458694)

705d460... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-08-12

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1603+15.10.20150812-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2ae6b0d4640b7f0842a04431b1c3bd9c00a50dcb

New changelog entries:
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Use grid units in Icons in the showcase gallery. Fixes LP: #1481489
  * Disable header buttons when the header is animating. Fixes LP: #1478147
  * Add ActionBar examples to the gallery.
  * Make the default MainView background plain white. Fixes LP: #1481834
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Fixing swiping over active components. Fixes LP: #1479688.
  * Fixing broken BottomEdgeHint gallery page.
  [ Zoltán Balogh ]
  * Fix packaging question marks / issues. Fixes LP: #1481584
  [ Loïc Molinari ]
  * UbuntuShape - Added support drop shadow aspect support to UbuntuShapeOverlay
    Fixes LP: #1480197.
  * UbuntuShape - Removed content orientation work around.
    The shape was using a workaround to make it render correctly when the
    content orientation was not the native one. This was perfect for the
    OrientationHelper shipped with the toolkit but now that the Shell
    implements the rotation, this is not needed anymore and causes some
    rendering issues. Note that the shape will still needs to support
    correct rendering when rotated using the rotation property of the Item,
    but that is a different issue. Fixes LP: #1466656.
  * UbuntuShape - Added a DropShadow aspect. Fixes LP: #1478129.
  * Renamed ShellIcon to ProportionalShape.
  * UbuntuShape - Added an ShellIcon item. Fixes LP: #1478130
  [ Nick Dedekind ]
  * Added LiveTimer.
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Grab focus when Dialog is shown.
  * Set Qt.IBeamCursor on text component MouseArea's. Fixes LP: #1483823
  * Make automaticOrientation on MainView a no-op. Fixes LP: #1470258
  * Fix warnings on undefine theme.name in gallery
      TypeError: Cannot read property of null.
  [ Ken VanDine ]
  * Don't fail if MainView doesn't have a useDeprecatedToolbar property
    Fixes LP: #1451243
  [ CI Train Bot ]
  * Resync trunk. added: examples/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery/po/uk.po

2ae6b0d... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-07-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1584+15.10.20150730-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ce785dcb9da48780d97fb2ada1d113cf73cfc81d

New changelog entries:
  [ Florian Boucault ]
  * New BottomEdgeHint component to represent extra features available from the
    bottom edge of an application.
  [ Loïc Molinari ]
  * [UbuntuShape] Added a big radius.
  * [UbuntuShape] Added relative radius support. Fixes LP: #1478124.
  * Ensured components, styles, examples and tests use the new UbuntuShape
    properties (not deprecated). Fixes LP: #1437412.
  [ Benjamin Zeller ]
  * Make use of the official qt build macros to blend into the Qt buildprocess.
  * Fix debug builds, optimization is always enabled by the system qt build.
  [ Richard Huddie ]
  * Fix for autopilot bug lp:1476715. Don't throw an exception if maliit-server
    is not found. Fixes LP: #1476715.
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Clean up the MainView docs.
  * Set theme version for Sections component.
  * Implement AdaptivePageLayout.
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Fix width for trailing and leading actions of a ListItem. Fixes LP: #1465582.
  * Button and Haptics import wrong toolkit versions, thus they break style
    versioning. Moving Icon and ProgressBar to 1.0 and 1.1 version source folder.
  * SuruDark theme for ListItem style. Fixes LP: #1451225.
  * Swiping ListItem when no actions are defined for the gesture breaks
    selectMode. Fixes LP: #1468100.
  * Fixing selected connection with the ListItem's select mode checkbox state.
    Fixes LP: #1461501, LP: #1469471.
  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * Fix ucstylehints.cpp compilation with Qt 5.5. Fixes LP: #1473873.
  * Add PageHeadStyle 1.3 reference to fix install_plugins_qmltypes failure with
    Qt 5.5. Fixes LP: #1466484.
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Avoid hard-coded skipping of members by name "type" can be a property name
    regardless of also being a field in the JSON description of a property.
  * Add apicheck unit test for QML and Javascript.
  * Remove "do cleanup" comments. Fixes LP: #1369874.
  * Initialize defaultTypes later to avoid bogus types.
  * Implement Action.shortcut property. Fixes LP: #1202464.
  * Update text handler to 3gu assert.
  * Add a deprecated note to ListItems.ThinDivider. Fixes LP: #1470951.
  * Don't include overridden properties in API.
  * Clean-up API check wrapper scripts.
  * Track version members were introduced.
  * Implement ListItemPopover on right-click. Fixes LP: #1452676.
  * Move delegate's chevron into the row and size it explicitly.
    Fixes LP: #1474418.
  * Enable (Shift)Tab via activeFocusOnTab. Fixes LP: #1276797.
  * Only swipe with left button and block timer otherwise.
    Fixes LP: #1476300, LP: #1476310.
  * Include Javascript libraries in QML documentation. Fixes LP: #1466058.
  [ Albert Astals Cid ]
  * Fix warning if there's no __propagated
  * TypeError: Cannot call method 'hasOwnProperty' of null.

ce785dc... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-07-10

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1549+15.10.20150710.1-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5853c01ab6cd81dc973d6f890c699b15f9748ee1

New changelog entries:
  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * arch specific deps (LP: #1473035) (LP: #1473035)

5853c01... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-07-06

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1549+15.10.20150706-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 51d21ea20fb4d9321ae46238d89cf7314b016782

New changelog entries:
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Disable header animations to avoid bugs when popping a PageStack in a loop.
    Fixes LP: #1461729
  * New header visuals, using the ActionBar and Sections components.
  * Introduce the new Sections component.
  * Fix initialization for hidden and locked header.
  [ Benjamin Zeller ]
  * Fixes LP: #1461042 Qthelp documentation (pressing in F1) has no style in

  [ Richard Huddie ]
  * Use the real OSK for keyboard input.
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Fix AlamrModel segfault when updating elements. Fixes LP: #1463430
  [ Vincent Ladeuil ]
  * In the initctl test fixture,add the option to unset an environment variable

  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * QQmlContextData.url is a method in 5.5.0. Fixes LP: #1461897.
  * OrientationHelper shouldn't move depending on availableHeight. The
    parentChanged/availableHeight change in OrientationHelper is the bug fix
    itself. The new property UbuntuApplication.inputMethod defaults to
    Qt.inputMethod and the unit test overrides it to reproduce the bug (fix)
    regardless of device and input method setup - the mock keyboard is NOT
    expected to be fully functional, buttons are but a placeholder irrelevant
    for the test case.
    I removed hideInputPanel() as it's not being used anywhere, not essential
    to the bug, but mainly unconfusing anyone working with the code as to what
    actually affects inputMethod visibility.
    Fixes LP: #1428206, LP: #1455406, LP: #1466222.
  * Use a custom sort function for type names.
  * Popover sizing should depend on whether it has a target.
  * Replace Styles page with a header action.
  [ Leo Arias ]
  * Updated the documentation of the autopilot click_element helpers.
    Fixes LP: #1451945

51d21ea... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-06-25

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1534+15.10.20150625-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8cc76966fa613c261d25193a14d41afaeb46c827

New changelog entries:
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Use TextField.write rather than keyboard.type.
  * Update normal.backgroundText in SuruDark to #5D5D5D. Fixes LP: #1413801.
  * Fix "runtest.sh: line 78: [: -eq: unary operator expected]".
  * Consider caret visibility to decide text menu anchor. Fixes LP: #1462419.
  * Remove text from header textinput AP test QML. Fixes LP: #1459632.
  * No deprecation notes for our own components. Fixes LP: #1457528.
  [ Leonardo Arias Fonseca ]
  * Add url protocols to the fake application.
  * Adds a dependency to url-dispatcher-tools in ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot.
  * Use the test launcher for all the toolkit autopilot tests.
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Remove property bindings before property write does it. Fixes LP: #1462738.
  * Introducing StyleHints to provide style specific property changes.
  * Remove ThemeSettings.createStyleComponent() and add styleName to StyledItem.
    Fixes LP: #1458845.
  [ Loïc Molinari ]
  * [UbuntuShape] Computed dfdt factors based on window content orientation.
  * Previous logic was based on screen orientation which is not in sync with
    OrientationHelper.qml. Fixes LP: #1455567.
  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * Change -html documentation runtime dependencies into Suggests only to limit
    ubuntu-sdk download size. We're switching to offering only .qch offline
    documentation in SDK (inside of it), and they're being added to the seed.
    Fixes LP: #1461034.
  * Licensecheck started complaining about a person name, change to Canonical.
    Fixes LP: #1464549
  [ Andrea Bernabei ]
  * Modify ListItem.Caption label margins. Fixes LP: #1314672.
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Introduce IconButtonStyle.

8cc7696... by Timo Jyrinki on 2015-06-12

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1517+15.10.20150523-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 895cf8564c0f7982aafac895966acf8ff36b630a

New changelog entries:
  * Rebuild against Qt 5.4.2
  * debian/patches/fix_copyright.patch:
    - licensecheck started complaining about a person name, change to Canonical

895cf85... by CI Train Bot Account on 2015-05-23

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.1517+15.10.20150523-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/wily-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c60eb2c5aebabf40d91f79498712026f166b92a7

New changelog entries:
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Expose textDocument of TextField. Fixes LP: #1392276
  * Unset GRID_UNIT_PX before checking default value. Fixes LP: #1457421
  * No cutting and copying of passwords. Fixes LP: #1438976
  * Implement new API tool based on qmlplugindump producing JSON.
    Fixes LP: #1187010
  [ Leo Arias ]
  * Make explicit the dependency on upstart for the autopilot helpers.

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * uitk_test_plan.sh: Switch to vivid-overlay & wily instead of rtm-14.09 &
    vivid. Fixes LP: #1457015.