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50f6f4f... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2017-04-24

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2190+17.04.20170327ubuntu1 to ubuntu/artful-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3822c88e020f1f5f7cb454bd55b18f2e254cf13e

New changelog entries:
  * Drop upstart dependency from ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot, as it is
    going away.

3822c88... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2017-03-27

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2190+17.04.20170327 to ubuntu/zesty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3f49b5529da6338f9bd1f86b2b6bee54a3d88cc2

New changelog entries:
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Make AdaptivePageLayout handle layoutDirection out of the box.
  * Change layoutDirection from gallery (via UCApplication). Fixes LP: #1666869
  * Use layoutDirection to select icon for Back button. Fixes LP: #1665938
  * Ellipsize subtitle in the PageHeader. Fixes LP: #1660390
  [ Albert Astals Cid ]
  * Fix regression that broke BorderImage. Fixes LP: #1671449

3f49b55... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2017-03-06

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2184+17.04.20170306 to ubuntu/zesty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c635154cb52b412e5501463b61174853c43428a9

New changelog entries:
  [ Adnane Belmadiaf ]
  * Add support for CheckBox label when set
  * Add more tests for checkbox. Fixes LP: #1333228, LP: #1442851.
  * Make sure we resets partial text input from the input method.
    Fixes LP: #1630872.
  * Fix ListItem title/subtitle alignment & elide in RTL mode.
    Fixes LP: #1665944.
  * Fix PageHeader title alignment & elide in RTL mode. Fixes LP: #1665942.
  * Fix UbuntuListView docs. Fixes LP: #1486940.
  * Add count prop to OptionSelector. Fixes LP: #1341559.
  * Replace the hardcoded color with a theme color. Fixes LP: #1664758.
  * Fix the import statement for Menu, MenuBar and MenuGroup.
    Fixes LP: #1660604.
  [ Albert Astals Cid ]
  * Fix memory leak in UCStyleHints
  * ThinDivider: Anchors can't be null, set to undefined
  * No need to call UCUnits::resolveResource to learn we just need to load it
    normally because the fact that we already loaded it normally means we need
    to load it normally. Fixes LP: #1558663.
  * Fix conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Initialize UCApplication with no side effects. Fixes LP: #1662868.
  * Unit test case insensitive FilterBehavior.pattern. Fixes LP: #1663924.
  * ListItemPopover delegate should (in)visible as per action Bug 1662220:
    [ListItem] Popupmenu shows traces of disabled actions
  [ Olivier Tilloy ]
  * Check that window is not null before accessing its activeFocusItem property.
    Fixes LP: #1664620.
  [ Lukáš Tinkl ]
  * Unbreak the startup race between unity8/qtmir and UITK trying talk to
    content-hub. Fixes LP: #1663106.

c635154... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2017-01-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2166+17.04.20170130 to ubuntu/zesty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 333eb136aaecd409a8958d518a276aafc3913807

New changelog entries:
  [ Andrea Bernabei ]
  * ListItemLayout documentation: fix typo in color usage of a code example.
    Fixes LP: #1561861
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Get tst_listitem_focus_13 back alive. Fixes LP: #1624331.
  [ Arthur Mello ]
  * Add support for interacting with Content Hub Clipboard UI via DBus calls.
    Fixes LP: #1563440.
  [ Daniel d'Andrada ]
  * If GRID_UNIT_PX set, always use it. It should override scaling information
    from the QPA.
  [ Adnane Belmadiaf ]
  * Expose append method in TextArea. Fixes LP: #1658121.
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Toolbar visual refresh to scroll the icons instead of using an overflow
    panel. Fixes LP: #1558018.
  * Add missing dependency for the UITK gallery. Fixes lLP: #1640135
  [ Sergio Cazzolato ]
  * This change is done to remove the dependencies with upstart in the tests.
    To start apps with env vars is gonna be used the launch_test_application
    method provided by autopilot in its test base class which is a wrapper for
    the ubuntu-app-launch tools (API). This change removes all the dependencies
    with upstart, so all the projects which are using the initctl api and
    fixtures will be impacted. An update in the documentation or in the blog is
    gonna be done also to communicate this change to the developers.
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Add visualRoot property to MainWindow. Fixes LP: #1504551, LP: #1656857.
  * Add python3-debian to control.gles and harden package-sorting.sh.
  * Add organizationName property to MainWindow
  * Add MainWindow to Ubuntu.Components.Labs.
    Fixes LP: #1573118, LP: #1587431, LP: #1647415
  [ Albert Astals Cid ]
  * Labs is at 1.0.
  * You can't save the focus after the popup/dialog has been created, at that
    stage the dialog has focus already, you need to do it before creating it.

333eb13... by Timo Jyrinki on 2017-01-04

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2151+17.04.20161223build1~3 to ubuntu/zesty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d4a0eb9a45e89238d4467c7e6e908a1f202dec28

New changelog entries:
  * No change rebuild

d4a0eb9... by Marco Trevisan (Treviño) on 2016-12-23

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2151+17.04.20161223 to ubuntu/zesty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 900d2f9505300497fd97aab8811b32648bdbf4eb

New changelog entries:
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Enable mouse, touchpad and keyboard detection in UITK. Fixes LP: #1536669
  * Colors revisited.
  * Qt5.7 related fix for theming - by Glen Whitney.
  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * parent = Q_NULLPTR instead of 0. Fixes LP: #1642617
  * More blank lines. Fixes LP: #1642622
  * Drop tst_pickerpanel.11.qml (deprecated).
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Include OSK input in TextArea.displayText. Fixes LP: #1595910
  * Drop questionable color tests from tst_textarea.11.qml. Fixes LP: #1624342
  [ Lukáš Tinkl ]
  * Fix slider progress rect with RTL languages.

900d2f9... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2016-10-13

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2141+16.10.20161013.5 to ubuntu/zesty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6ccb5b636b315556a50b5a99bcbb847768e193b3

New changelog entries:
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Do not show focus frame on ListItem when clicked. Fixes LP: #1628855
  * Fix color used to test ListItem.highlighted. Fixes LP: #1624328
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Don't skip the entirety of tst_textfield.11.qml. Fixes LP: #1624340
  [ Andrea Bernabei ]
  * SlotsLayout: do not set mainSlot's implicitSize, set its real size instead
    Fixes LP: #1630167.
  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Enable proper focus handling in the scrolling ActionBar. Fixes LP: #1575893

6ccb5b6... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2016-10-03

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2135+16.10.20161003.1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7fce5c055981a8a1ec610257300b80a69b817fa2

New changelog entries:
  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * Fix warning about using implicit char* to QString conversion.
  * __styleInstance may be null, when doesn't handle that. Fixes LP: #1586013
  * Focus ring, arrow keys and space to expand OptionSelector.
    Fixes LP: #1514860
  * Use QStringLiteral with QString.replace. Fixes LP: #1625507
  * Use displayText to determine if the clear button should show.
    Fixes LP: #1461571
  * && escapes an ampersand used in a mnemonic label. Fixes LP: #1587580
  * Try harder to pass an item to QuickUtils.rootItem. Fixes LP: #1586013

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * Enable arm64 unit tests on xenial and newer. Fixes LP: #1580172.
  * Add initial snapcraft.yaml

  [ Marco Trevisan ]
  * UCSlotsLayout: update the size of the element when top/bottom paddings change.
    Fixes LP: #1628161

  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Ensure that the model in TabBarStyle is a list and not null.
    Fixes LP: #1622577.
  * Initialize the 'window' context property with null and add MainView 1.3 unit
    tests. Fixes LP: #1610231, LP: #1621509, LP: #1625993.
  * Fix libpng sRGB profile warnings on Yakkety. Fixes LP: #1625137.
  * Disable layouts unit test to work around bug 1625137 on Yakkety.

  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Fix AdaptivePageLayout behavior on Qt5.6. Fixes LP: #1585996.
  * Fix property binding restore on theme palette values. Fixes LP: #1570478.
  * Move activeFocusOnTab from style into components. Fixes LP: #1590005.
  [ Loïc Molinari ]
  * Added public headers extra robustness checks. Made use of the qmake
    headersclean feature to check the robustness of our public headers.
  * Excluded LTTng features from non-Linux builds.
  * Moved common C++ configs to ubuntu_common.prf. The common config file
    doesn't add -Werror directly to QMAKE_CXXFLAGS anymore, it sets the
    warnings_are_errors variable so that it is correctly handled by different
    compilers (not just GCC). That allows to remove the
    -Werror=deprecated-declarations flag since warnings_are_errors defines it
    for us. Removed the DEFINES += QT_USE_QSTRINGBUILDER lines since it's
    already handled by qt_module.prf. Set the -Wsuggest-override warning to
  * Cleaned up qmake Ubuntu packaging variables. The qtbase packaging for Ubuntu
    exports the CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LFLAGS variables in the environment before
    running configure so that the qtbase shared libraries can be compiled with
    the required distribution defined compiler flags. That is fine (though I
    guess that could be handled better at the qtbase packaging level with maybe
    a dedicated prf) but it results in qt_build_config.prf defining the
    QMAKE_CFLAGS, QMAKE_CXXFLAGS and QMAKE_LFLAGS variables with these
    distribution specific flags. Since we load this prf, these variables end up
    being defined when building the toolkit for development purpose. This is
    problematic because -O2 and -g are always defined (whatever the debug or
    release config chosen by the developer), also these are GCC specific flags
    which makes our build break with other compilers. This is also ugly because
    preprocessor defines are directly set in the QMAKE_C*FLAGS. In order to
    workaround these issues, we unset these variables and set the different
    flags apart from -g and -O2 in the right qmake variables. This allows to
    keep compiling with the Debian flags but in a more flexible way. For the
    Debian packaging, we keep the former behaviour by simply passing the
    debian_build config.
  * Optimised QString code gen for ASCII strings known at compile-time. That
    allows the compiler to optimise our code better by putting all these
    QStrings known at compile time in the .rodata section of the binary as well
    as preventing a bunch of useless processing on them. That also allows us to
    remove "DEFINES -= QT_ASCII_CAST_WARNINGS" from the UbuntuToolkit pro file.

  [ Zoltán Balogh ]
  * Explicit include of cstdio.

  [ Andrea Bernabei ]
  * Qt5.6: Fix expandablescolumn.11 and expandables.11 unit tests
  * Qt5.6 fixes QTBUG-41686 and requires x/y to be explicitly passed.
    Fixes LP: #1610230.
  * Qt5.6: fix Scrollbar unit tests
  * Qt5.6: fix ubuntulistview.10 unit test
  * Enable arm64 unit tests on xenial and newer. (LP: #1580172)

7fce5c0... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2016-09-19

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2104+16.10.20160919.3 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5a5b5c5ed923e0ed44730b049c72a38b1bdfa93e

New changelog entries:
  [ Andrea Bernabei ]
  * Scrollbar: more hover related bugfixes and unit tests.
    Fixes: LP: #1616868, LP: #1616926

  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * QuickUtils.rootObject() needs to handle QQuickWindow. Fixes: LP: #1617745
  * Correctly test and fix trigger override of ComboButton. Fixes: LP: #1614045

  [ Zoltan Balogh ]
  Increase the top marging when scrolling upwards. Fixes LP: 1618581

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * Temporarily skip unit tests on xenial while not all MPs to fix Qt 5.6 issues
    have landed yet.

  [ Michael Terry ]
  * Make ActivityIndicator spinner blue instead of orange. Fixes: LP: #1577828.

  [ Loïc Molinari ]
  * Changed src/ directory layout. Made the source directory layout consistent
    with Qt libs. The C++ libraries have been moved to src/ and the QML modules
    to src/imports/. That also makes it easier to differentiate between modules
    and libraries since we have a bunch of them now.
  * Moved internal tools meant to generate code for the toolkit lib from the QML
    module directory to the lib directory where it makes more sense.
  * Fixed the build as a Qt submodule.
  * Fixed, cleaned up and standardised header inclusions. Apart from the clean
    up and the readability improvements, this fixes a bunch of broken private
    header inclusions (#include "foo_p.h" in private headers instead of
    "private/foo_p.h" or better ), now all the private headers of the UITK can
    be included by the users withour compilation issues. It also removes a bunch
    of direct includes from sources and a few INCLUDEPATHs hacks.See the CODING
    file for more details.
  * Cleaned up ubuntu_qt_module.prf and the libs using it.
    1/ Moved the common config options from the pro files to the prf file to
       avoid duplications and simplify the files.
    2/ Removed the useless "TEMPLATE=lib" and "load(qt_build_config)" lines from
       the pro files since it's done for us by qt_module.prf.
    3/ Use QT= instead of QT*= since it's well defined that by default its
       content is "core gui".
    4/ Prefixed headers and sources by $$PWD/ and sorted the lines
    5/ Merged the SOURCES declarations in UbuntuToolkit.pro.
    6/ Removed the useless "DEFINES += QT_USE_QSTRINGBUILDER" line from
       UbuntuToolkit.pro since it's done for us by qt_module.prf.
    7/ Removed the useless "QMAKE_CXXFLAGS -= -Werror=deprecated-declarations"
       and "DEFINES -= QT_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS" lines from UbuntuToolkit.pro
       since it's already done in ubuntu_qt_module.prf.
    8/ Added a few comments.
  * Made use of Qt builtin to check GCC version.

  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Improve the initialization of Action when it gets both iconName and
    iconSource from an external component when iconSource is undefined. This
    fixes the some times missing overflow button in the ActionBar with Qt 5.6.
    I also removed action: modelData from the OverflowPanel because this is
    already set automatically in ActionSelectionPopover after everything is
    initialized. That fixes a ReferenceError in OverflowPanel with Qt 5.6.
    Fixes: LP: #1616858.
  * Use the new arrow icons from the suru-icon-theme in the scrolling ActionBar.
  * Do not skip Xenial and Yakkety series for running unit tests. Individual
    unit tests that fail with Qt 5.6 have been disabled, and bugs are reported
    here: http://goo.gl/stAe43

  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * New visuals for ProgressBar. Fixes: LP: #1587176.
  * Fix regression on ActionList API. Fixes: bugs 1623841.
  * Do not show focus frame on disabled items. Fixes: bugs 1611327.

5a5b5c5... by Zoltán Balogh <email address hidden> on 2016-09-15

Import patches-unapplied version 1.3.2085+16.10.20160915 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e3a52ab51755f88e7b3fe04af319e414d53ab73b

New changelog entries:
  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * Fix ActionList API break. (LP: #1623841)