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5cb1309... by Frank Küster on 2007-06-19

Import patches-unapplied version 1.9 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ebfacb2857967a377ce7fecebd46c6a22aa14d2d

New changelog entries:
  * Make sure that update-fontlang detects TEXMFVAR properly even if the
    directory does not yet exist (closes: #428448) [fk].
  * let update-fontlang and debianize-updmap create TEXMFCONFIG if it
    doesn't exist yet (at least when there's only one directory in that
    variable) [fk].

ebfacb2... by Frank Küster on 2007-06-11

Import patches-unapplied version 1.8 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d3a3dd95add669b8ad7e089e777229786ba455b6

New changelog entries:
  * Bump urgency since this fixes a RC bug which hits anyone upgrading
    from lenny to sid and triggers a forkbomb. Urgency only medium
    because of the long list of unrelated other changes. [fk]
  * Add a workaround for the fork bomb problem in format generation:
    Ignore jadetex and xmltex if latex is not present (closes: #427562) [fk]
  * make proper ucfr checking in maintainer scripts (Closes: #409897) [np]
  * rework the code generated by dh_installtex in the postinst script.
    Now at postinst/configure time fmtutil-sys is called with
      --all --cnffile <file>
    where <file> are the fmt.d config files installed by the package. This
    way a dpkg-reconfigure will create *all* formats defined in the config
    file, even if the sysadm has defined additional formats.
    (Closes: #418983) [np]
  * Update snippets in texmf.d according to a reordering patch accepted
    upstream [fk]
  * (first) rework of Debian-on-TeX document for TeX Live only [np]
  * add a list of old files from teTeX which can be removed
  * Do not install unused 01tetex.cnf and its md5sum file [fk]
  * dh_installtex: rewrite $engine to metafont if $engine = mf|mf-nowin
  * Install a copy of mktex.cnf in /usr/share/tex-common, and advice in
    NEWS.Debian to reinstall it. [fk]
  * Debconf translations: Added Vietnamese translation, thanks to Clytie
    Siddall <email address hidden> (closes: #426881)
  * implement an opion --nosourcefiles for tpm2licenses to not check
    source files
  * Add symlinks "README.Debian.$ext" to the respective "TeX-on-Debian"
    formats. [fk]

d3a3dd9... by Norbert Preining on 2007-04-14

Import patches-unapplied version 1.7 to ubuntu/gutsy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5b7217df4d47319260d182ff98b837309881378b

New changelog entries:
  * Undo the changes of the autoscripts snippets ordering, debhelper has
    changed back to the former method.
  * Document in NEWS.Debian that support for ls-R in TEXMFHOME has been
    dropped [fk]
  * Policy: Add a chapter on meta-packages and document that they are
    usually not acceptable as dependencies
  * reverse the order of autoscripts snippets in postrm (Closes: #418984)
  * change alternative dep on cdebconf to (>= 0.39), lintian error.
  * fix missing tetex component of TEXMFDIST (Closes: #418674)
  * Change main_memory to 1500000 to go with the main_memory of mpost
    and TeX Live's texmf.cnf. This change is needed to make mpost work
    under all circumstances [np].
  * Update settings and comments in the texmf.cnf snippets to match
    upstream's as close as possible [fk]
  * Drop backwards compatibility hacks for paths (see NEWS.Debian) [fk]
  * Enable parse-first-line feature, except for Knuth's "tex". [fk]
  * Update Tpm.pm and FileUtils.pm from TeXLive 2007 [fk]
  * Fix typography in Debian-on-TeX, thanks to Miguel de Val Borro
    <email address hidden> (closes: #413449) [frank]
  * In the source package, replace 'tex-sed' with a Python script named
    'texify-tex-output' to do a better job (handling all known cases so
    far, some of which seemed rather difficult to implement in sed).
    We don't need to Build-Depend on Python, because this script is only
    used when we generate PDF output from the DebianDoc documents
    (Debian-TeX-Policy, TeX-on-Debian), which we don't do at build time
    in order to avoid chicken-and-egg problems. [florent]
  * Add engine subdirectories to the search paths for MetaFont and
    MetaPost, too. Thanks to Jörg Sommer <email address hidden>
  * Change the dh_installtex removal logic since format dumps are placed
    into engine subdirectories. We now remove all format dumps and log files
    in /v/l/t/web2c and /v/l/t/web2c/$engine/
  * rename flavor format:no_format_links to format:no_links (nobody is using
    it already), and document it [NP]
  * increase trie_size to 400000 to allow the loading of all texlive
    hyphenation patterns [NP]
  * Make sure that dh_installtex's postrm snippets won't try to run
    fmtutil-sys when it might be already uninstalled.
  * Upload to experimental. This version is needed to build TeXLive
  * Increase trie_size to the value in TeXLive 2007, and update the
    comment from their texmf.in file, too.
  * Only strip comments with '^[ \t]*# ' from the auto files to preserve
    comments starting with ## [NP]
  * small fix to dh_installtex for useless inclusion of postinst-tex
    (move the definition of $dothefullstuff into the package loop)
  * implement flavors format:build_all and format:add_one:formatname
  * let dh_installtex automatically create links for formats installed
    and add flavor to disable this behaviour.
  * fix a bug in dh_installtex which prohibits --priority to work
    correctly for command line config files. [NP]
  * add Norbert Preining <email address hidden> to the uploaders
  * add lintian overrides for wrongly detected bashism
  * Release as version 1.0, tex-common has been stable for months and
    deserves a non-zero version number
  * Debconf translations: [frank]
    - New Romanian translation, thanks to Eddy Petrișor
      <email address hidden> (closes: #409267)
    - New Portuguese Brazilian translation, thanks to the Traduz
      MailingList <email address hidden> (closes: #408866)
    - Updated Catalan translation, thanks to Guillem Jover
      <email address hidden> (closes: #409162)
  * Use full pathname when registering files with ucf (closes: #408263)
  * New and updated debconf translations:
    - Galician by Jacobo Tarrio <email address hidden> (closes: #408122)
  * Register documentation in section TeX instead of Text (closes:
    #403086) [frank]
  * Debconf translations:
    - add Russian translation, thanks to Yuri Kozlov <email address hidden>
      (closes: #406872)

5b7217d... by Frank Küster on 2006-12-11

Import patches-unapplied version 0.42 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: fbefaa126649335701a51107bd8cf9c851ca7a5d

New changelog entries:
  * Documentation fixes to update-fontlang.1:
      - the .TH line was broken, causing an ugly footer in the formatted
      - the SYNOPSIS had an incorrect syntax ('-language', '-updmap', and
        '-fmtutil' aren't optional) and the new way is much easier to read
        anyway IMO;
      - always mention the programs in that order: update-updmap,
        update-language and update-fmtutil (reason is, I think the average
        user is more likely to need update-updmap than any of the two
      - the arguments to some options were forgotten, as in the
        update-fontlang usage message ('--help');
      - better option formatting (for those with a short and a long form;
         copied from /usr/share/man/man1/man.1.gz);
      - the default values for TEXMFCONFIG and TEXMFVAR do *not* end with
        a slash;
      - the path to TeX-on-Debian.txt.gz was wrong;
      - s/updmap.sys/updmap.cfg/;
      - s/TEMXF/TEXMF/ in a few places;
      - a package may install *several* files in each /etc/texmf/*.d
        directory (and list them in the .list files under
      - a bit more details here and there;
      - more formatting to ease reading (such as italics), punctuation,
        typographical fixes. [florent]
  * Fix to update-fontlang: don't forget the arguments to '-c' and '-o' in
    the usage message ('--help'). [florent]

  * Minor fixes to postrm-texlsr to avoid having too long lines (greater
    than 80 characters). [florent]
  * remove the left-over definition of dhit_check_run_without_errors in
    postrm-tex, it is included in postrm-texlsr (Closes: #402068). [NP]

fbefaa1... by Frank Küster on 2006-12-06

Import patches-unapplied version 0.41 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8fb71fc7db1ed98970d28d6fc00ef7f40880950e

New changelog entries:
  * Install the TDS specification along with the Debian TeX Policy
    (closes: #401196) [frank]
  * Register ucf files with ucfr (closes: #395018) [frank]
  * Refined wording and typography of the documentation documents
  * Register TeX-on-Debian and the policy with doc-base
  * Change the wording of Policy to indicate more clearly that everything
    can (and should) be done using dh_installtex.

8fb71fc... by Frank Küster on 2006-11-21

Import patches-unapplied version 0.39 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6193cf3ee0d382518e8fdbc58272c8fba417c415

New changelog entries:
  * changelog editing: fix wrong bugnumber in last upload [frank]
  * Add a more verbose explanation to the warning when updmap-sys failed
    (closes: #397717), and echo errors to stderr. [frank]
  * Change default priority for dh_installtex to 20, and document in the
    TeX Policy that 10 is reserved for Basic TeX packages. This would
    have avoided bug #399447. [frank]

6193cf3... by Frank Küster on 2006-11-03

Import patches-unapplied version 0.38 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 86e5d1bbf095c945c494f6c78d253b6dfbf5df6d

New changelog entries:
  * install update-fontlang and the three links all into /usr/bin
    and keep symlinks in /usr/sbin for old packages. Update the man page
    of update-fontlang. (Closes: #396822) [preining]
  * Clear up the description about user-specific configuration in
    TeX-on-Debian, many thanks to Géraud Meyer <email address hidden>
    (closes: #396823) [preining,frank]
  * Debconf translation updates: [frank]
    - French, thanks to Christian Perrier (closes: #395844)
    - Italian, thanks to Luca Monducci <email address hidden> (closes:
    - German, thanks to Helge Kreutzmann <email address hidden> (closes:
    - All others except the heavily outdated ca.po where unfuzzied by me,
      even in Japanese I can change "dpkg-dist" to "ucf-dist" [frank]
  * Fix bashism in postinst, thanks to Michael Biebl <email address hidden>
    (closes: #395274) [frank]
  * Depend on debconf (>= 1.4.69), which introduced the error template
    type (closes: #395032). This broke upgrades, hence the urgency
  * Fix format extraction regexp in dh_installtex, the format name must
    now be at the beginning of the line, without any leading whitespace,
    but hyphens are allowed in the name. Thanks Ralf. [preining]
  * dh_installtex: Include only the minimal mktexlsr code in case no other
    installation is done (ie no maps, formats, languages). Also add the
    ability to specify texmf trees on the command line, and only recreate
    the ls-R DB for /usr/share/texmf and /var/lib/texmf [preining]
    (Closes: #392359)
  * Add engine-specific paths to the TEXFORMATS and TEXFONTMAPS variables,
    and avoid triple slashes. This is completely backwards-compatible (it
    only adds path components), and is needed for the planned separate
    context package. Thanks to Ralf Stubner for the details!
  * Use local variables in debianize-updmap, so that the right file for
    enabling font maps will be found (closes: #393920) [frank]
  * Handle non-writable /usr/local gracefully upon removal, thanks to Sam
    Hocevar <email address hidden> (closes: #392518) [frank]
  * Change debianize-updmap so that the --syncwithtrees and --edit options
    do something sensible, and won't break the system. Together with the
    upload of tetex-bin 3.0-22, this will close #392573 and #334747.
  * Add a check for shadowed config files to update-fontlang [preining]
  * Move and extend the teTeX README.Debian to TeX-on-Debian Documentation
    [frank, preining]
  * Move po-debconf from Build-Depends-Indep to Build-Depends, since it's
    used in the clean target of debian/rules. [florent]
  * Adjust the TEXMFCNF setting in conf/texmf.d/85Misc.cnf to reflect the
    change in tetex-bin 3.0-22. [frank, florent]
  * Fix syntax error in debianize-updmap (closes: #391976). Also, the
    logic in the script has been fixed, so that it actually works [frank]
  * Add an additional check to update-* scripts in case users shadow their
    generated files with files in TEXMFCONFIG. [preining]
  * adapted sanity check in update-fontlang to TEXMFSYSCONFIG = /etc/texmf
    (closes: #391348) [ralf]
  * Provide a tetex-bin-update script. This allows also texlive to
    properly rename an old tetex-bin conffile, and add the magic comment,
    and is therefore needed for a transition from teTeX to TeXlive without
    upgrading teTeX to the etch version first [frank]
  * Install debianize-updmap into the scripts dir [frank]
  * Provide the debianize-updmap functions in /usr/share/tex-common, for
    usage by all TeX systems in Debian [frank]
  * Changed the order of trees in TEXMFDIST. If TeXlive and teTeX
    packages are installed together, files from TeXlive now take
    precedence. This makes sense because those files are usually
    newer. [frank]
  * Document in policy that font cache data have to be cleaned by packages
    that Build-Depend on TeX, and how to do that (closes: #388399) [frank]
  * On systems upgraded from woody to sarge, tetex-bin generated a bogus
    local configuration file with entries that were erroneously detected
    as locally changed. These entries are now harmful and break texlive,
    and the file is therefore renamed if it meets our expectations
    (closes: #391355) [frank]
  * In 95NonPath.cnf, add a comment about how to redump the format file
    (closes: #380323) [frank]
  * update-fontlang: If a conffile has a corresponding dpkg-new file,
    that is, it is from a yet-unconfigured package, drop it any case.
    Previously, the check was only done when the file had a magic comment,
    but conffiles in sarge generally do not have this magic. Therefore,
    upgrades from sarge would have failed if the conffile change is needed for
    proper configuration (closes: #389550) [frank]
  * Remove the medium-priority debconf note without replacement; anybody
    who really runs into the problem will be able to find the information
    in tetex-bin's README.Debian (closes: #388973) [frank]
  * Add missing function and variable declarations to preinst, thanks to
    Hilmar (closes: #385532) [frank]
  * Do not load debconf manually in postrm, it isn't needed at all, thanks
    to Bill Allombert <email address hidden> (closes: #388156) [frank]
  * Fix spelling of "medium" in the last upload
  * Remove jadetex settings from texmf.d (closes: #384333) [frank]
  * Add a paragraph to the Policy how to handle format creation when
    latex.fmt or other basic formats are needed [frank]
  * Policy Change: Treat configuration files properly as Debian Policy
    mandates. The only TeX-specific addition is that we remind
    maintainers to only treat files for site-wide changes as configuration
    files, not files intended to change the typeset output on a
    per-document or per-project basis. Consequently, mktex.cnf is now
    installed as /etc/texmf/web2c/mktex.cnf. Thanks to Manoj Srivastava!
    This closes: #379089, a RC bug, hence the medium urgency [frank]
  * Really install NEWS.Debian about the font cache changes in the last
    upload [frank]
  * Update changelog for 0.16. We forgot to close two bugs. [hilmar-guest]
  * Debconf Translations: [frank]
    - Update Dutch translation, thanks to Vincent Zweije
      <email address hidden> (closes: #379234)
    - Update Spanish translation, thanks to Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
      <email address hidden> (closes: #382967)
  * Font data are now cached separately for each user, or in /tmp/texfonts
    when there is no writable home directory. Thus we could get rid of
    the complicated debconf questions related to that issue (there's still
    one note left) (closes: #376050, #366805, #368411). Many thanks to
    Ralf Stubner for his "braindump".

    This change requires installation of a file in a TEXMF tree; we
    therefore run mktexlsr if it is available. [frank]
  * Debconf Translations: [frank]
    - Updated Czech translation, thanks to Miroslav Kure
      <email address hidden>
    - Updated Japanese translation, thank to Kenshi Muto
      <email address hidden> (closes: #376632, #377945)
    - Updated brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Felipe Augusto
      van de Wiel (faw) <email address hidden>
    - Updated Danish translation, thanks to Claus Hindsgaul
      <email address hidden> (closes: #377664)
    - Updated German translation, thanks to Helge Kreutzmann
      <email address hidden>
    - Updated italian translation, thanks to Luca Monducci
      <email address hidden> (closes: #377378).
    - Updated french translation, thanks to Jean-Baka Domelevo-Entfellner
      <email address hidden> (closes: #377388)
    - Updated Swedish translation, thanks to Daniel Nylander
      <email address hidden>
    - Updated Lithuanian translation, thanks to Kęstutis Biliūnas
      <email address hidden>

  * common.functions.in: [florent]
      + change create_tetex_formats() so that fmtutil-sys is run in a
        temporary directory; otherwise, it may use files lying in the
        current directory, which can cause bad surprises. This will close
        #377581 when propagated to the various packages using this function
        in their maintainer scripts.
      + replace `command args ...` with $(command args ...) everywhere in
        the file.
  * Updated Maintainer field to use new mailing list [jdg]

86e5d1b... by Florent Rougon <email address hidden> on 2006-06-26

Import patches-unapplied version 0.25 to ubuntu/edgy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e04a9391fd503d10a249cebc1aa91a20e60283db

New changelog entries:
  * Translations:
    - Fix typos in french debconf translation, thanks to Florentin Duneau
      <email address hidden> (closes: #374632) [frank]
    - Update brazilian Portuguese debconf translation, thanks to Andre
      Luis Lopes <email address hidden> and Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
      <email address hidden> [frank]
  * scripts/update-fontlang:
      - don't include ${conffile} in the generated file if
        ${conffile}.dpkg-new exists ($conffile may not be up-to-date in this
        see http://lists.debian.org/debian-tetex-maint/2006/06/msg00260.html
        for a discussion of this subject.
      - cosmetic fixes. [florent]

  * Update scripts/update-updmap.1 and doc/Debian-TeX-Policy.sgml
    accordingly. [florent]

e04a939... by Florent Rougon <email address hidden> on 2006-06-18

Import patches-unapplied version 0.24 to ubuntu/edgy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f4a285119e6dfb616ddca4720ec021ccea59bdc6

New changelog entries:
  * Updated debconf translations:
    - French, thanks to Steve <email address hidden> (closes: #369360)
  * dhit_check_run_without_errors() in postrm-tex was not completely silent
    even if called with -silent (outputing 3 ugly lines starting with a space
    followed by "done."). This is now fixed. [florent]

f4a2851... by Frank Küster on 2006-05-17

Import patches-unapplied version 0.23 to ubuntu/edgy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b8b188b210b35030c7bacfa0be45e44940c86cb1

New changelog entries:
  * After the groupname question has been renamed, make sure that the new
    questions are not shown again when the old one has already been seen,
    and unregister the old question (closes: #366812) [frank]
  * Fix bashism in config (closes: #366789) [frank]
  * Fix our check for a working configuration in texmf.d, and write short
    information messages to stderr for the noninteractive frontend or for
    people who don't have a pencil (closes: #366907), thanks Ralf [frank]
  * Make sure the font cache directory is always world-writeable - we
    previously missed the case where apt-utils are installed in a buildd
    chroot (again closes: #354113, #366858) [frank]
  * Updated debconf translations: [frank]
    - Czech by Miroslav Kure <email address hidden> (closes: #367162)
    - Danish by Claus Hindsgaul <email address hidden> (closes:
    - Italian by Luca Monducci <email address hidden> (closes: #367183)
  * Debian TeX Policy:
    Remove last occurrences of obsolete TEXMFSITE.
  * Also install FileUtils.pm which is needed by tpm2licenses [frank]
  * Make running of update-* commands silent in the debhelper postrm
    helper scripts (Closes: #365070) [preining]
  * Debconf translations:
    - updated wording of swedish template, thanks to Daniel Nylander
      <email address hidden> (closes: #365992) [frank]
  * Change the configuration scheme again a little: Before accepting a
    group name typed by the user, test whether it really exists.
    Furthermore, if there is only one user in the "normal user" range in
    /etc/passwd, suggest their group as the owner of the font cache. And
    finally, make the wording clearer everywhere. Many thanks to Anthony
    DeRobertis <email address hidden>, James R. Van Zandt"
    <email address hidden> and Helge Hafting <email address hidden>
    (closes: #366107, #366095, #365513) [frank]
  * Fix lintian warnings and errors: [frank]
    - Move eperl to Build-Depends-Indep
    - Fix my name in update-language(8)
    - Add overrides for the font cache permissions and our debconf note if
      the postinst script fails.
  * Bump standards version (no changes needed) [frank]
  * Syntax error: postinst script silently failed when it should have
    displayed a debconf warning [frank]
  * Improve readability of eperl scripts in debian/ as in tetex-bin [jdg]
  * Adjust priority of the groupname debconf question to be the same as
    the managecache question (closes: #360127) [frank]
  * Fix eperl open commands in maintainer scripts to work with -k [jdg]
  * Made preinst a /bin/sh script [jdg]
  * Install the tpm2licenses Perl script and the Tpm.pm module into
    /usr/share/tex-common for more convenient use [frank].
  * Add to the source package a ChangeLog file to keep track of the
    copyright/licensing verification work I'm doing [frank]
  * Update debconf translations:
    - Danish by Claus Hindsgaul <email address hidden> (closes:
    - Czech by Miroslav Kure <email address hidden> (closes: #360212)
    - Spanish by Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <email address hidden>
    - Swedish by Daniel Nylander <email address hidden>
    - Turkish by Osman Yuksel <email address hidden>
    - Lithuanian by Kęstutis Biliūnas <email address hidden> (closes:
    - Italian by Luca Monducci <email address hidden> (closes: #360645)
    - Japanese by Kenshi Muto <email address hidden> (closes: #360679)
    - German by Helge Kreutzmann <email address hidden>
    - French by steve <email address hidden> (closes: #362426)
    Many thanks to all contributors! [frank]
  * This version fixes a RC bug (#357983) - the version in testing was not
    affected. But taken together, 0.20 fixes lots of important and
    annoying bugs that also exist in testing that I'm increasing the
    urgency. [frank]
  * Change wording in debconf template and README.Debian to clearly
    indicate that per default users are not member of the "users" group,
    (closes: #356960, #357983) [frank]
  * Install reportbug control script to report with tetex and texlive
    packages [frank]
  * update-fontlang: Change the note that is displayed when the output
    file is a symlink to an error message (displayed also in quiet mode)
    (closes: #357289) [frank]
  * Fix typos in update-updmap.1 and update-language.8, thanks to Nicolas
    François (closes: #357763). [florent]
  * Translations:
    - Update french debconf translation, thanks to Steve
      <email address hidden> (does not closes bug #356840, since it is
      incomplete) [frank]
  * cater for groups without a name when setting the groupname debconf
    variable (Closes: #354401) [preining]
  * Use debconf for user interaction if the postinst script detects
    incompatible settings, thanks to John Goerzen <email address hidden>
    (closes: #353474) [frank]
  * add --check option to update-fontlang and to the man pages, but
    state that it should not be used in maintainer scripts
    (Closes: #354517) [preining]
  * Fix copying error in dh_installtex that created dvips config files
    with an additional comma [preining]
  * Translations:
    - Update Swedish debconf translation, thanks to Daniel Nylander
      <email address hidden> (closes: #354635) [frank]
    - Update Danish debconf translation, thanks to Claus Hindsgaul
      <email address hidden> [frank]
    - Update German debconf translation, thanks to Helge Kreutzmann
      <email address hidden> [frank]
    - Update Italian debconf translation, thanks to Luca Monducci
      <email address hidden> (closes: #355033) [frank]
    - Update Turkish debconf translation, thanks to Osman Yüksel
      <email address hidden> (closes: #355061) [frank]
    - Update Japanese debconf translation, thanks to Kenshi Muto
      <email address hidden> (closes: #355141) [frank]
    - Update Czech debconf translation, thanks to Miroslav Kure
      <email address hidden> [frank]
    - Update Lithuanian debconf translation, thanks to Kęstutis Biliūnas
      <email address hidden> (closes: #355453) [frank]
    - Update Spanish debconf translation, thanks to Javier
      Fernández-Sanguino Peña <email address hidden> [frank]

  * Perform all config checks in the postinst script instead of exiting
    after the first failure
  * Call debconf-updatepo in the clean and build targets, thanks to Thomas
    Huriaux <email address hidden> (closes: #354138) [frank]
  * Remove "set -x" from config.in, a leftover from debugging. Sorry.
    (closes: #354181) [frank]
  * Add many more md5sums for obsolete conffiles. And add a script in the
    source package to check whether we now catch all of them. Many thanks
    to Andreas Tille! [frank]
  * Fix the missing dhit_ prefix to the build_format call in
    postinst-tex autoscript [preining]
  * Fix spelling error in template, thanks to Matt Krai (closes: #354318)
  * Replace wrong mode 3755 with 3775 in templates. [florent]
  * Add myself to the Uploaders field. [florent]
  * Remove duplicate Build-Depends-Indep on debiandoc-sgml. [florent]
  * Restore the previous behavior by making the subdirectories of
    /var/cache/fonts world-writable by default. Since this is unsafe,
    advice the user in the debconf template, and increase the question's
    priority to medium. Thanks to Lars Wirzenius, closes: #354113.
    We do not fix existing systems, since this is mainly targeted at
    pbuilder environments and similar, where tex-common is only installed
    on demand. [frank]

  * fix an error in dh_installtex when grepping for the magic header [ralf]
  * Add an md5sum for psfonts.ams, thanks to Andreas Tille [frank]
  * Add dh_installtex for public perusal. [preining]
    - add dh_installtex and man page
    - replace dh_installtexfonts by a script converting the syntax
    - give a warning in the dh_installtexfonts man page
  * common.functions.in:
    - Add md5sums for tetex-extra's former configuration files (closes:
      #351649, #352486) [frank]
    - Also add some forgotten md5sums for tetex-base, and make sure scripts
      really stop if the md5sum is unknown (closes: #352688) [frank]
    - remove LaTeX and pdfLaTeX format files before trying to recreate all
      format (closes: #352391) [frank]
    - use different variable names for /var/lib/texmf as a texmf.cnf
      variable and as a maintainer script variable [frank]
  * rework debconf usage (Closes: #352394) [preining,frank]
    - only care for ls-R file permissions of the font cache from now on
    - manage the group and permissions of /var/cache/fonts
  * TeX Policy Draft:
    - document dh_installtex and some additional checks needed in
      maintainer scripts [florent]
    - Clarify that some files from the Basic TeX Packages stay in
      TEXMFMAIN [frank]
  * Urgency high, because this version adds important checks that should
    be present when the teTeX packages enter testing
  * Add more checks for essential entries in texmf.cnf, and bail out with
    a user-friendly error message if they are missing (closes: #346326)
  * Fix functions in common.functions.in, so that old conffiles of teTeX
    are properly handled, thanks to Ralf Stubner
  * Drop unneeded paths from TEXFONTMAPS, we now have only 3.0's upstream
    value plus our backward-compatibility paths; also change the check in
    the postinst accordingly (although the old one would still work, we do
    not allow it for simplicity's sake). [frank]
  * Fix typo in dh_installtexfonts which would echo wrong file names, and
    add --quiet to the call of update-updmap in the debhelper scripts
  * Again fixed extensions of files to purge, and take over correct
    language.dat handling from tetex-base (see: #321804). [frank]
  * Move the handling of 00updmap.cfg from postinst to preinst, where it
    belongs [frank]
  * Fix typo in manpage for update-language, thanks to Nicolas François
    <email address hidden> (closes: #349723) [frank]