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e9ff766... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2019-04-11

Import patches-unapplied version 240-6ubuntu5 to ubuntu/disco-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: bdacee5e974e81f7ccf243a4c702c25981f08c5b

New changelog entries:
  * systemd-stable: cherrypick many bugfixes from the v240-stable branch.
    Includes many documentation fixes, memory safety (use after free, read
    overruns, etc), networkd wireguard fixes, POSIX ACL fix which is preventing adm
    group from reading journals (LP: #1824342), journal dropping caches
    improvement, fixes regressions in udevadm / machinectl command line parsing.
    - debian/patches/Add-missing-dash-to-all-option-in-the-timedatectl-man-pag.patch
    - debian/patches/Add-note-about-transactions-being-genereated-independentl.patch
    - debian/patches/Change-job-mode-of-manager-triggered-restarts-to-JOB_REPL.patch
    - debian/patches/Fix-omission-in-docs.patch
    - debian/patches/Log-the-job-being-merged.patch
    - debian/patches/NEWS-document-deprecation-of-PermissionsStartOnly-in-v240.patch
    - debian/patches/NEWS-retroactively-describe-.include-deprecation.patch
    - debian/patches/Update-systemd-system.conf.xml.patch
    - debian/patches/basic-prioq-add-prioq_peek_item.patch
    - debian/patches/core-Fix-EOPNOTSUPP-emergency-action-error-string.patch
    - debian/patches/core-Fix-return-argument-check-for-parse_emergency_action.patch
    - debian/patches/core-mount-do-not-add-Before-local-fs.target-or-remote-fs.patch
    - debian/patches/core-mount-move-static-function-earlier-in-file.patch
    - debian/patches/curl-util-fix-use-after-free.patch
    - debian/patches/ethtool-Make-sure-advertise-is-actually-set-when-autonego.patch
    - debian/patches/journal-avoid-buffer-overread-when-locale-name-is-too-lon.patch
    - debian/patches/journal-limit-the-number-of-entries-in-the-cache-based-on.patch
    - debian/patches/journald-periodically-drop-cache-for-all-dead-PIDs.patch
    - debian/patches/machinectl-fix-argument-index-in-error-log.patch
    - debian/patches/man-Fix-a-typo-in-systemd.exec.xml.patch
    - debian/patches/man-fix-reference.patch
    - debian/patches/man-fix-volume-num-of-journalctl.patch
    - debian/patches/man-update-DefaultDependency-in-systemd.mount-5.patch
    - debian/patches/netlink-set-maximum-size-of-WGDEVICE_A_IFNAME.patch
    - debian/patches/network-make-Link-and-NetDev-always-have-the-valid-poiter.patch
    - debian/patches/network-unset-Network-manager-when-loading-.network-file-.patch
    - debian/patches/network-wireguard-rename-and-split-set_wireguard_interfac.patch
    - debian/patches/networkd-wait-for-kernel-to-reply-ipv6-peer-address.patch
    - debian/patches/nspawn-ignore-SIGPIPE-for-nspawn-itself.patch
    - debian/patches/pager-improve-english-a-bit.patch
    - debian/patches/pid1-fix-cleanup-of-stale-implicit-deps-based-on-proc-sel.patch
    - debian/patches/procfs-util-expose-functionality-to-query-total-memory.patch
    - debian/patches/pull-fix-invalid-error-check.patch
    - debian/patches/shared-Revert-commit-49fe5c099-in-parts-for-function-pars.patch
    - debian/patches/shared-dissect-image-make-sure-that-we-don-t-truncate-dev.patch
    - debian/patches/test-execute-unset-HOME-before-testing.patch
    - debian/patches/udev-do-logging-before-setting-variables-to-NULL.patch
    - debian/patches/udev-val-may-be-NULL-use-strempty.patch
    - debian/patches/udevadm-info-a-should-enumerate-sysfs-attributes-not-envs.patch
    - debian/patches/udevd-use-worker_free-on-failure-in-worker_new.patch
    - debian/patches/units-make-sure-initrd-cleanup.service-terminates-before-.patch
    - debian/patches/wait-online-do-not-fail-if-we-receive-invalid-messages.patch
  * Only test that gdm3 comes up on amd64. Stalls on other arches.
    File: debian/tests/control
  * tests/storage: make the test more resilient.
    Skip if the scsi_debug module is not available (like on custom kernels). Do not
    fail the tests if removing the module fail, at the end of the test run.
    File: debian/tests/storage

bdacee5... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2019-04-10

Import patches-unapplied version 240-6ubuntu4 to ubuntu/disco-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: eea1f082a3812e659540f1758ecd19f95a25a00c

New changelog entries:
  * pam-systemd: use secure_getenv() rather than getenv()
    File: debian/patches/pam-systemd-use-secure_getenv-rather-than-getenv.patch
  * core: queue jobs on uninstall to generate PropertiesChanged signal.
    (LP: #1816812)
    File: debian/patches/core-when-we-uninstall-a-job-add-unit-to-dbus-queue.patch

eea1f08... by Balint Reczey on 2019-03-22

Import patches-unapplied version 240-6ubuntu3 to ubuntu/disco-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9b1d7bb026cfa8ec55fb668bb494ac6321c88772

New changelog entries:
  * virt: detect WSL environment as a container (LP: #1816753)
  * debian/control: Update Vcs-{Browser|Git} to Ubuntu's packaging repository
  * debian/gbp.conf: Set tag format to ubuntu/*

9b1d7bb... by Ioanna Alifieraki <email address hidden> on 2019-03-04

Import patches-unapplied version 240-6ubuntu2 to ubuntu/disco-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 85344509ee5b92779693739b0c8b12180b8a3ff1

New changelog entries:
  * d/p/network-remove-routing-policy-rule-from-foreign-rule.patch
  * d/p/network-do-not-remove-rule-when-it-is-requested-by-e.patch
    - Fix RoutingPolicyRule does not apply correctly (LP: #1818282)

8534450... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2019-02-20

Import patches-unapplied version 240-6ubuntu1 to ubuntu/disco-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c63029d7d61802bc0f6d3f5002b712df1532bab1

New changelog entries:
  * Release to ubuntu.

c63029d... by Martin Pitt on 2019-02-18

Import patches-unapplied version 240-6 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0bd28e4cef70407fe61fd7d8f332c8c65f438d7d

New changelog entries:
  * High urgency as this fixes a vulnerability.
  [ Felipe Sateler ]
  * Reenable pristine-tar in gbp.conf.
    The pristine-tar bug has been fixed, so we can use it again.
    This reverts commit 9fcfbbf6fea15eacfa3fad74240431c5f2c3300e.
  * d/watch: add version mangle to transform -rc to ~rc.
    Upstream has started releasing rcs, so let's account for that
  * Fix comment about why we disable hwclock.service.
    Systemd nowadays doesn't do it itself because the kernel does it on its
    own when necessary, and when not, it is not safe to save the hwclock (eg,
    there is no certainty the system clock
    is correct)
  * udev: Backport upstream preventing mass killings when not running under
    systemd (Closes: #918764)
  [ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
  * debian/tests/storage: improve cleanups.
    On fast ppc64el machines, cryptsetup start job may not complete by the
    time tearDown is executed. In that case stop, causes to simply cancel the
    start job without actually cleaning up the dmsetup node. This leads to
    failing subsequent test as it no longer starts with a clean device. Thus
    ensure the systemd-cryptsetup unit is started, before stopping it.
    Also rmmod scsi_debug module at the end, to allow re-running the test in a
  * debian/tests/upstream: Mark TEST-13-NSPAWN-SMOKE as flakey.
  * debian/tests/control: add socat to upstream tests for pull #11591
  * Blacklist TEST-10-ISSUE-2467 #11706
  * debian/tests/storage: fix for LUKS2 and avoid interactive password
  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * udevadm: Fix segfault with subsystem-match containing '/'
    (Closes: #919206)
  * sd-bus: if we receive an invalid dbus message, ignore and proceed
  * sd-bus: enforce a size limit on D-Bus object paths.
    This avoids accessing/modifying memory outside of the allocated stack
    region by sending specially crafted D-Bus messages with very large object
    Vulnerability discovered by Chris Coulson <email address hidden>,
    patch provided by Riccardo Schirone <email address hidden>.

0bd28e4... by Martin Pitt on 2019-01-27

Import patches-unapplied version 240-5 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0945b6d4802a3bd9d4c21ca78a4880ff34e6a109

New changelog entries:
  [ Felipe Sateler ]
  * Revert interface renaming changes. (Closes: #919390)
  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * process-util: Fix memory leak (Closes: #920018)

0945b6d... by Michael Biebl on 2019-01-12

Import patches-unapplied version 240-4 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2feba195831b9d191e0e42321c2ff9f8de2b5748

New changelog entries:
  [ Benjamin Drung ]
  * Fix shellcheck issues in initramfs-tools scripts
  [ Michael Biebl ]
  * Import patches from v240-stable branch (up to f02b5472c6)
    - Fixes a problem in logind closing the controlling terminal when using
      startx. (Closes: #918927)
    - Fixes various journald vulnerabilities via attacker controlled alloca.
      (CVE-2018-16864, CVE-2018-16865, Closes: #918841, Closes: #918848)
  * sd-device-monitor: Fix ordering of setting buffer size.
    Fixes an issue with uevents not being processed properly during coldplug
    stage and some kernel modules not being loaded via "udevadm trigger".
    (Closes: #917607)
  * meson: Stop setting -fPIE globally.
    Setting -fPIE globally can lead to miscompilations on certain
    architectures. Instead use the b_pie=true build option, which was
    introduced in meson 0.49. Bump the Build-Depends accordingly.
    (Closes: #909396)

2feba19... by Michael Biebl on 2019-01-09

Import patches-unapplied version 240-3 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: fdd4947ab1ae5ee0f6760d8618de8dde3c5b3924

New changelog entries:
  * udev.init: Trigger add events for subsystems.
    Update the SysV init script and mimic the behaviour of the initramfs and
    systemd-udev-trigger.service which first trigger subsystems and then
    devices during the coldplug stage.
  * udevadm: Refuse to run trigger, control, settle and monitor commands in
    chroot (Closes: #917633)
  * network: Set link state configuring before setting addresses.
    Fixes a crash in systemd-networkd caused by an assertion failure.
    (Closes: #918658)
  * libudev-util: Make util_replace_whitespace() read only len characters.
    Fixes a regression where /dev/disk/by-id/ names had additional
  * man: Update color of journal logs in DEBUG level (Closes: #917948)
  * Remove old state directory of systemd-timesyncd on upgrades.
    Otherwise timesyncd will fail to update the clock file if it was created
    as /var/lib/private/systemd/timesync/clock.
    This was the case when the service was using DynamicUser=yes which it no
    longer does in v240. (Closes: #918190)

fdd4947... by Michael Biebl on 2018-12-27

Import patches-unapplied version 240-2 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d9439e03dfc4e39688c81e8b40b9f429f1aeef42

New changelog entries:
  * Pass seperate dev_t var to device_path_parse_major_minor.
    Fixes FTBFS on mips/mipsel (MIPS/O32). (Closes: #917195)
  * test-json: Check absolute and relative difference in floating point test.
    Fixes FTBFS due to test-suite failures on armel, armhf and hppa.
    (Closes: #917215)
  * sd-device: Fix segfault when error occurs in device_new_from_{nulstr,strv}()
    Fixes a segfault in systemd-udevd when debug logging is enabled.
  * udev-event: Do not read stdout or stderr if the pipefd is not created.
    This fixes problems with device-mapper symlinks no longer being created
    or certain devices not being marked as ready. (Closes: #917124)
  * Don't bump fs.nr_open in PID 1.
    In v240, systemd bumped fs.nr_open in PID 1 to the highest possible
    value. Processes that are spawned directly by systemd, will have
    RLIMIT_NOFILE be set to 512K (hard).
    pam_limits in Debian defaults to "set_all", i.e. for limits which are
    not explicitly configured in /etc/security/limits.conf, the value from
    PID 1 is taken, which means for login sessions, RLIMIT_NOFILE is set to
    the highest possible value instead of 512K. Not every software is able
    to deal with such an RLIMIT_NOFILE properly.
    While this is arguably a questionable default in Debian's pam_limit,
    work around this problem by not bumping fs.nr_open in PID 1.
    (Closes: #917167)