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c29b3dd... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

Import patches-applied version 240-6ubuntu5.4 to applied/ubuntu/disco-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 71881dc2cf9a9d7862c4bfafb33f286a17a89ce1
Unapplied parent: 80a6df183891ad359ae047193dda520576013e2a

New changelog entries:
  [ You-Sheng Yang ]
  * d/p/d/Revert-udev-network-device-renaming-immediately-give.patch:
    - udev: drop Revert-udev-network-device-renaming-immediately-give.patch.
      The removing patch was for the already deprecated
      "75-persistent-net-generator.rules" based interface renaming mechanism,
      and it's causing unnecessary problem when a system happends to NICs with
      same MAC address, e.g. Dell's MAC address pass-thru. (LP: #1837700)

80a6df1... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] resolved: switch cache option to a tri-state option

Gbp-Pq: lp1668771-resolved-switch-cache-option-to-a-tri-state-option-s.patch.

5069e1f... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] src/network/networkd-dhcp4.c: set prefsrc for classless or

Gbp-Pq: lp1835581-src-network-networkd-dhcp4.c-set-prefsrc-for-classle.patch.

04c4523... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

random-util: eat up bad RDRAND values seen on AMD CPUs

Gbp-Pq: rdrand-workaround-on-amd.patch.

a6ca906... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] ask-password: prevent buffer overrow when reading from

Gbp-Pq: ask-password-prevent-buffer-overrow-when-reading-fro.patch.

02b9ff7... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] network/wireguard: use

Gbp-Pq: network-wireguard-use-sd_netlink_message_append_sock.patch.

a01428b... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] sd-netlink: introduce

Gbp-Pq: sd-netlink-introduce-sd_netlink_message_append_socka.patch.

80a7e00... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] test-network: add more checks in

Gbp-Pq: test-network-add-more-checks-in-NetworkdNetDevTests..patch.

2f13a23... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

[PATCH] network/wireguard: fixes sending wireguard peer settings

Gbp-Pq: network-wireguard-fixes-sending-wireguard-peer-setti.patch.

8f7e68d... by Shih-Yuan Lee on 2019-08-21

journal: avoid buffer overread when locale name is too long

Gbp-Pq: journal-avoid-buffer-overread-when-locale-name-is-too-lon.patch.