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7bbe030... by Sergio Durigan Junior

2.4.1-2ubuntu2 (patches unapplied)

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0ad309f... by Sergio Durigan Junior


645b779... by Sergio Durigan Junior


11911f3... by Sergio Durigan Junior


48aab6b... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - d/p/disable-fail_over-tests.patch: Disable fail_over-tests,
      which is failing when running inside sbuild.

08fa616... by Sergio Durigan Junior

  * Added changes:
    - d/p/fix-python-tests.patch: Fix Python tests by making them
      assert Python module paths by using full pathnames.

6af950f... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - Avoid sending malformed SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER to journald (LP: #1908065):
      + d/p/lp-1908065-01-syslog_identifier-format.patch:
        Upstream patch to include "sssd[]" identifier in program names.
      + d/p/lp-1908065-02-remove-syslog_identifier.patch:
        Upstream patch to remove custom SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER from Journald.
      [ Included in 2.4.1-2 ]

726a168... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - d/p/0003-Only-start-sssd.service-if-there-s-a-configuration-f.patch:
      Upstream patch to make sssd.service only able to start when there
      is a configuration file present. (LP: #1900642)
    - d/p/condition-path-exists-sssd-conf.patch: Remove.
      [ Included in 2.4.1-2 ]

7933299... by Sergio Durigan Junior

  * Dropped changes:
    - d/p/condition-path-exists-sssd-conf.patch: Only start
      sssd.service if there is a configuration file present.
      (LP: #1900642)
      [ Included in 2.4.1-2 ]

0ce0376... by Sergio Durigan Junior

    - d/control: Drop libgdm-dev Build-Depend on i386.