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32f5972... by Julian Andres Klode on 2016-06-30

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1f330f7ac018e18f3bbf8f040295697dc228e496

New changelog entries:
  * Imported Upstream version
  * SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: only add mirror choices if there are mirrors
    available from which to choose. (LP: #1101881)
  * DialogMirror.py: guard against a traceback when get cursor returns None.
    (LP: #1101881)
  * cloudarchive: Enable support for the Newton Ubuntu Cloud Archive on
    16.04 (LP: #1591382).

1f330f7... by Julian Andres Klode on 2016-03-22

Import patches-unapplied version 0.96.20-1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5e18c84aacb2e2f380c1a5849b2cf3a8302bb5bb

New changelog entries:
  [ Julian Andres Klode ]
  * Switch to 3.0 (quilt), store upstream code changes in patches
  * Imported Upstream version 0.96.18,0.96.19,0.96.20
  * Rebase the patches
  [ Matthias Klumpp ]
  * trivial: Typo
  * Merge error-condition and PackageKit patch
  * Add missing pyflakes3 test dependency (got split out recently).
  * data/gtkbuilder/main.ui:
    - let the new label wrap when needed
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - security upload autoinstallation doesn't require autodownload to
      be on, but check that unattended-upgrade is installed instead
  [ Dustin Kirkland ]
  * debian/control: LP: #831487
    - make unattended-upgrades a 'recommends', rather than a depends,
      such that it can be easily removed, without removing a bunch of
      other useful stuff
  * Create a new tab for developer options and move the proposed source to it.
    Since those updates can create issues they shouldn't be too easy to enable
    nor listed with the standard recommended sources.
  * cloudarchive: Enable support for the Mitaka Ubuntu Cloud Archive on
    14.04 (LP: #1531225).
  * Reload sources when starting the GTK backend; since changes made by the
    user might otherwise be mangled as the DBus backend keeps running after
    the GUI is terminated. Patch from Sam Segers. (LP: #879943)
  [ Barry Warsaw ]
  * In ppa.py, shortcut_handler(), if a ShortcutException occurs, print
    the traceback to stderr and return None to allow other shortcut
    handlers to run. (LP: #1510558)
  * If a driver package depends on dkms and the correct linux meta package is
    already installed don't uninstall it. (LP: #1506169)
  * Properly parse a ppa which has a leading slash, something which a lot of
    people seem use as an argument to add-apt-repository. (LP: #1426933)
  * Ensure we handle properly unexisting user/team name instead of crashing
    (LP: #1372086)
  * Protect us against invalid ppa format input (LP: #1494965, #1405950)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogCacheOutdated.py :
    - use different variable name in exception, python3 deletes the target
      (lp: #1496293)
  * cloudarchive: Enable support for the Liberty Ubuntu Cloud Archive on
    14.04 (LP: #1472586).

5e18c84... by Matthias Klumpp on 2016-03-12

Import patches-unapplied version 0.96.9debian1+nmu1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b149a96ffad1034ad1b9fd6d6976e34e400a9a16

New changelog entries:
  * Non-maintainer upload, with permission of juliank
  * Implement support for PackageKit (Closes: #730807)
  * Fix a few small quirks in debian/copyright
  * Wrap-and-sort debian/control
  * software-properties-drivers.desktop: Fix typo
    (NotShownIn -> NotShowIn)
  * Build with --parallel (Closes: #726723)
  * Autotests: Depend on xauth (should fix CI failure)
  * Add Vcs-* entries for the new Git repository
  * Stop building the Python2 module

b149a96... by Julian Andres Klode on 2015-09-15

Import patches-unapplied version 0.96.9debian1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 03dfab689aa9439e02d45971138732c94cf4fd56

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with Ubuntu, remaining changes:
    - Drop driver handling
    - Drop Ubuntu release upgrade thing
    - Do not use dh-translations
    - Use copyright-format 1.0 for debian/copyright
  * .assert_called() is not a valid mock method. This silently passed in
    earlier versions of Python because mocks create attributes on the fly,
    however Python 3.5 throws AttributeErrors when the missing method
    starts with "assert" for exactly this reason. Use assertTrue() on
    .called instead.
  * debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6.
  * Fix syntax errors in the KDE frontend.
  [ Matthew Paul Thomas ]
  * lp:~mpt/software-properties/1377742-markup:
    - Factors out Pango markup from translatable strings, to avoid problems
      like LP: #1377742. Also switches to using <small> for alert secondary
      text, rather than <b><big> for primary text.
  * SoftwareProperties.py: self.options can be None, don't crash if this is
    the case.
  [ Jay R. Wren ]
  * lp:~evarlast/software-properties/support-update:
    - add -u, --update option to apt-add-repository
  * data/gtkbuilder/dialog-add.ui: set label width, that's needed with
    the new gtk
  * Add missing dbus-x11 test dependency.
  * cloudarchive: Enable support for the Kilo Ubuntu Cloud Archive on
    14.04 (LP: #1412465).
  * fix autopkgtest failure
  * Port kde ui to Qt 5
  [ Sebastien Bacher ]
  * list some extra known keys for translation, thanks feng-kylin
    (lp: #1306494)
  [ Lars Uebernickel ]
  * lp:~larsu/software-properties/fix-wide-dialog:
    - dialog-cache-outofdate: make sure the label is wrapped at ~70

  [ Bruno Nova ]
  * lp:~brunonova/software-properties/lp1383289:
    - fix dragging a key into the list of keys in the "Authentication"
      tab (LP: 1383289)
  * lp:~brunonova/software-properties/lp1381050:
    - fix import of keys with special chars (LP: #1381050)
  * If adding a PPA from a foreign distribution, use that distribution's
    current series as the codename.
  * Add pyflakes to autopkgtest dependencies.
  * fix autopkgtest
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * add more tests
  * pyflakes cleanup
  * make PPA suggestions work again by using the LP api
    directly instead of using python-launchpadlib (which is
    not available for py3)

  [ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
  * support distros like "ubuntu-rtm" in add-apt-repository
  [ James Page ]
  * cloudarchive: Teach cloud-archive: prefix which Ubuntu Cloud Archive's
    map to which Ubuntu releases, adding support for Juno on 14.04
    (LP: #1350291).
  * cloudarchive: Tidy messages to have correct capitalization.
  * software-properties-dbus:
    - do not crash if locale.setlocale() fails (LP: #1314660)
  * software-properties-dbus: force C.utf-8 locale if C is used
    to ensure utf-8 support when reading sources.list LP: #1069019
  * software-properties-kde : Work around crash in sip by skipping the
    + destructors of SIP objects. (LP: #1307170)
  * Add "Additional Drivers" desktop file for the non {GNOME,Unity,KDE}
    flavors (LP: #1060543) - thanks to Unity193
  * gnupg version 1.4.16 was changed not to require a trustdb with
    --trust-model set to always
  * The new gtk doesn't wrap label by itself, do that for the drivers text
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in:
    - Show in both GNOME control center and Unity control center (LP: #1257505)
  * Stop using deprecated GObject constructors with positional arguments.
  [ Brian Murray ]
  * Remove unneeded setting of modified_sourceslist. Thanks to Bruno Nova
    for the patch.

  [ Sebastien Bacher ]
  * do not crash for packages without a candidate
  * debian/control:
    - depends on python-apt-common (>= 0.9), which is the version containing
      the trusty definition, without it you can't use add-apt-repository
      without error (lp: #1257765)
    - depends on python-pycurl, ppa.py uses it (lp: #1249080)
  [ Bruno Nova ]
  * Ensure package sources are refreshed after modification
    Fixes Bug LP: #1075537 (and, indirectly, Bug LP: #782953 it seems).
  [ Brian Murray ]
  * Restore the removal of a line feed from a source (LP: #1239893)
  [ Jean-Baptiste Lallement ]
  * debian/manpages/add-apt-repository.1: Documented options -m and -s of
    add-apt-repository (LP: #1229092)
  [ Sebastien Bacher ]
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: don't use the
    gtk-logout-helper command, it has been deprecated and dropped from the
    indicator-session binary, use gnome-session instead (lp: #1241210)
  * support adding cloud-archive repositories using syntax like
    cloud-archive:havana (LP: #1233486)
  * SECURITY UPDATE: possible privilege escalation via policykit UID lookup
    - softwareproperties/dbus/SoftwarePropertiesDBus.py: pass
      system-bus-name as a subject instead of pid so policykit can get the
      information from the system bus.
    - CVE-2013-1061

03dfab6... by Julian Andres Klode on 2013-08-23

Import patches-unapplied version 0.92.25debian1 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 13bcd6c8006757eaa9931aa3f53f1d0f0ff326b7

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with Ubuntu saucy.
  * Disable Ubuntu stuff like drivers and new releases (Closes: #666869)
  * Use python-distutils-extra in auto mode
  * Drop unused and obsolete help/
  * tests/test_dbus.py: Be slightly more tolerant in test_updates_interval,
    in order to work regardless of which tests were previously run.
  * tests/test_dbus.py: Clean up leakage between tests, and some tests that
    relied on leakage.
  * tests/test_lp.py: Skip online tests unless TEST_ONLINE environment
    variable is set.
  * debian/tests/run-tests: Force the tests to run in a UTF-8 locale, at
    least for now; tests/test_dbus.py gets unhappy otherwise.
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * debian/tests/run-tests: Show Xvfb log output if xvfb-run exits non-zero
    (which might mean Xvfb failed to start, or might mean tests failed).
  * debian/tests/run-tests: Work around LP #972324 by unsetting TMPDIR for
    xvfb-run and setting it again for the inferior command.
  * debian/tests/control: Depend on python-gi and python3-gi for test_dbus.
  [ Jeremy Bischa ]
  * Add a scalable icon which looks better in GNOME Shell.
  * Copy software-properties icon from Humanity (and Elementary)
    to replace the dated and unclear icon used if your icon theme doesn't
    include a replacement icon
  [ Matthew Paul Thomas ]
  * Fix spelling of "occurred".
  [ Sami Jaktholm ]
  * softwareproperties/ppa.py
    - Use PycURL only with python2, not if urllib raises an unexpected
      exception in python3. (LP: #1111291)
    - Catch http.client.HTTPExceptions from urlopen and raise a PPAException
      to show a formatted error message instead of traceback.
  [ Robert Roth ]
  * softwareproperties/SoftwarePropterties.py: Remove white space from
    comments for sources (LP: #1185144)
  * Use two-line items in other sources (LP: #930827)
  * Deprecate --enable-component option, superseded by add-apt-repository.
    (LP: #1170114)
  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * Replace obsolete "scrollkeeper" build dependency with rarian-compat.
  * debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4.
  * debian/tests/run-tests: Make failures in python 2 tests fatal.
  [ Scott Kostyshak ]
  * Improve error message when more than one repository argument is given.
    (LP: #1178015)
  [ Dmitry Shachnev ]
  * Make Restart button restart the system, not shutdown it (LP: #1047424).
  [Johan Kiviniemi]
  * Add PPA keys to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/{owner}-{ppa}.gpg
    (LP: #1182932)

  [ Sami Jaktholm ]
  * software-properties-gtk: Open APT cache and detect drivers in a
    background thread asynchronously when user opens the Additional
    Drivers tab. This speeds up the startup considerably.
    Fixes LP: #1073728.

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * remove pre-build hook, autopkgtest will take care of running
    the tests
  * data/software-properties-gnome.desktop.in:
    - Use new "Software & Updates" name on GNOME too
  * Sync up DEP-8 test metadata with the fact that tests are now run via
    setup.py, not make (LP: #1153989).
  [ Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) ]
  * lp:~manishsinha/software-properties/fix-874766-updates-tab-failed-auth:
    - Fixes LP: #874766 where after a failed authentication on Updates tab
      didn't revert the older values in ComboBox
  [ Brian Murray ]
  * To add-apt-repository add a patch from Winfield Trail for when the case a
    PPA does not have a signing key yet (LP: #968756)
  [ Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars) ]
  * Fix a typo in CountryInformation.py. (LP: #1138121)
  * Build-depend on python-setuptools.
  [ Stephen Kraemer ]
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SimpleGtkBuilderApp.py: Use GtkApplication to make this application a singleton.
    (LP: #1058070)
  [ Andrea Corbellini ]
  * Have add-apt-repository disable new deb-src entries by default (use -s
    to override this behavior). LP: #621977

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * test cleanups, i.e. python{,3} setup.py test works now instead of
    using a custom makefile
  [ Alberto Milone ]
  * Detect the current kernel and install the linux metapackage
    for it when we install a driver which depends on dkms. This uses a
    function provided by ubuntu-drivers-common.
  * Depend on ubuntu-drivers-common >= 1:0.2.75.

  [ Robert Roth ]
  * Do not encode the example source URL to avoid adding the 'b' prefix
    (lp: #1081279)
  * Do not use Shell=True unnecessarily in subprocess.Popen (lp: #1060192)
  * data/gtkbuilder/main.ui: Fixed alignment of combo boxes in Updates tab
    (LP: #1058059)
  * Add software-properties-gnome.desktop.in to keep Software Sources
    from showing in System Settings on GNOME
  * Force the python3 shebang to /usr/bin/python3.
  * Remove unused import from tests/test_lp.py.
  * Add python-mock and python3-mock as dependencies of the DEP-8 test
  * Call GnuPG with an appropriate --homedir argument (LP: #1060335)
  * lp:~mvo/software-properties/recv-key-lp1016643:
    - ensure fingerprint check after recv-key (LP: #1016643)
  [ Oliver Grawert ]
  * make sure a capitalized line for "Prompt=" lands in
    /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to prevent ucf questions
    (LP: #1045579)
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * softwareproperties/ppa.py: remove no longer applying comment (thanks to
  * Make DEP-8 tests depend on python-dbus, python-pycurl, and
  * Make software-properties-common depend on ca-certificates, for
    softwareproperties.ppa.get_ppa_info_from_lp (LP: #1052267).
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * add-apt-repository:
    - Force output encoding to UTF-8 even in non-UTF-8 locales
      (LP: #1041431).
  [ sampo555 ]
  * Construct the path of a PPA source file properly (LP: #972617, #994515,
    #1018327, #1037916).
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: also cover the cases where
    vendor or model can't be identified; replace those unavailable strings with
    "Unknown". (LP: #1028388)
  * lp:~mvo/software-properties/dep8:
    - add dep8 control
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * debian/rules:
    - Ensure that scripts end up with #! /usr/bin/python3, not #!
  [ Robert Roth ]
  * Import pycurl before using it (LP: #1044674).
  * Remove QString as py3 uses native python string (LP: #1036588).
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
    - add missing import to unblock startup (LP: #1042180)
  [ Robert Roth ]
  * lp:~evfool/software-properties/lp1030970 :
    - Fixed the source code checkbox and the submit statistics
      checkbox labels to be left-aligned instead of centered.
  * lp:~evfool/software-properties/lp997371:
    - support enabling a component via "apt-add-repository componentname"
      (e.g. "apt-add-repository multiverse") LP: #997371
  [ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
  * Reinstate pycurl to use for getting PPA information from Launchpad, since
    it can actually verify SSL certificates with python2. Also set
    LAUNCHPAD_PPA_CERT so that it's a valid path to the system CA certificates
    bundle to use for urllib and pycurl. (LP: #1036839)
    - CVE-2012-0955

  [ Gabor Kelemen ]
  * lp:~kelemeng/software-properties/bug1035544:
    - fix a bunch of missing i18n strings (LP: #1035544)

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * lp:~mvo/software-properties/remove-popcon:
    - remove the "statistics" page as this is no longer used
      (LP: #1025436)

  * debian/control:
    - add dep on python3-gi
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in:
    - remove OnlyShowIn:
      for xubuntu and other flavors which used jockey, so that they still
      have a driver installation tool
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in:
    - show software-properties in gnome-control-center
  * debian/control:
    - bump Standards-Version to latest
  * Add the jockey replacement tab for software-properties-gtk:
    - finish the work started by cyphermox (LP: #1021733)
    - add dep on latest ubuntu-drivers-common for the backend
  * Wrap all dbus calls under a try/except catch for unauthorized calls.
    (original work by Edward Donovan) (LP: #828850)
  * debian/control: Add missing python3-software-properties dependency to
    software-properties-common, so that add-apt-repository can actually work.
  * Restore apt-add-repository symlink.
  * Handle removal of cmp builtin from Python 3 (LP: #1022665).
  * Open NamedTemporaryFile in text mode when writing text to it
    (LP: #1021639).
  * Fix display glitch in add-apt-repository that caused "None" to be
    printed for any PPA without a description.
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Open /dev/urandom in binary mode.
  * Start producing python-software-properties again, until such time as it
    has no reverse-dependencies.
  [ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
  * Fix things so that reverse-depends can still work with Python 2.
  * Ship add-apt-repository and its manual page only in
    software-properties-common, rather than having bits of it in
    python3-software-properties as well (LP: #1021122).
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Port to Python 3:
    - Use Python 3-style print functions.
    - Use "except Exception as e" syntax rather than the old-style "except
      Exception, e".
    - Remove use of the string module, at least for Python 3;
      string.maketrans is still needed in Python 2.
    - Use list comprehensions rather than map.
    - Import configparser rather than ConfigParser if available.
    - Use Python 3 renamings of urllib, urllib2, and urlparse if available.
    - Use new-style octal literals.
    - Open subprocesses with universal_newlines=True when expecting to read
      text from them. On Python 2, this only enables \r\n conversion and
      the like, but on Python 3 this also causes subprocess-related file
      objects to read str rather than bytes.
    - Use dict.items() rather than bothering with Python 2/3 compatibility
      for dict.iteritems().
    - Avoid use of obsolete unittest methods.
    - Use "key in dict" rather than "dict.has_key(key)".
    - Tell Python to use absolute imports by default, and annotate cases
      where we need relative imports.
    - Use Python 3 renaming of Queue if available.
    - Handle a few cases of the range builtin and dict methods being changed
      to return iterators in Python 3.
    - Remove unused dependency on python-gnupginterface.
  * Fix a number of pyflakes warnings.
  [ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
  * More Python 3 porting work:
    - Port software-properties-kde and software-properties-dbus.
    - Fix tests.
  * debian/control, debian/compat: switch to debhelper (>= 9)
  * debian/control,
    - Replace python-software-properties with python3-software-properties.
    - Have software-properties-common Breaks/Replaces
      python-software-properties now that it will ship add-apt-repository and
      locale data.
  * debian/control: add software-properties-common to software-properties-kde
    Depends; since it's now the package that ships locale data.
  * debian/software-properties-common.install: ship the add-apt-repository
    binary and locale data as part of software-properties-common now instead of
    the python package.
  * debian/rules:
    - Start using --with python3 instead of python2.
  * debian/software-properties-*.install: only install the python3 versions of
    the GUI application library files.
  [ Robert Roth ]
  * lp:~evfool/software-properties/lp599803:
    - Added support for case-insensitive typeahead searching activated
      with Ctrl+F (by default) in the Other Software tab (custom sources).
      LP: #599803
  * lp:~evfool/software-properties/lp709079:
    - Refactored SimpleGtkBuilder __init__ method to use the setup_ui
      method containing exactly the same code (removes some duplicated code)
      and replaced print to stderr with debug logging message,
      fixing bug LP: #709079.

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * lp:~mvo/software-properties/fix-policykit-prompt-on-startup:
    - This fixes a policykit prompt on startup if the default
      policy is set to something other than "daily" for Check for
      updates LP: #1012035

  [ Gabor Kelemen ]
  * lp:~kelemeng/software-properties/bug945245:
    - I18n fixes for bug LP: #945245.

13bcd6c... by Julian Andres Klode on 2012-06-16

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: aeb8f89fb2845e68691d4b79cb576305782869fe

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with Ubuntu 12.04 ("precise") LTS
  * manually shift the policy index to work around wrong upgrade policy being
    set. (LP: #944876)
  * software-properties-dbus: Use GLib instead of the deprecated gobject.
    Update debian/control accordingly.
  * debian/control: Fix -gtk dependency: python-gobject → python-gi.
  [ Gabor Kelemen ]
  * data/gtkbuilder/main.ui:
    - fix missing "translatable" property (LP: #953918)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: Drop duplicate definition
    of on_treeview_sources_cursor_changed().
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: Fix crash when closing
    the application with the window title bar button. (LP: #911834)
  * add-apt-repository: Intercept ValueError in addition to URLError, as this
    is the error thrown when trying to decode invalid JSON (which happens on
    404 pages etc.). (LP: #861258)
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py, _find_source_from_string():
    Reload the sources list before searching, as it might have changed while
    the D-BUS backend was running. (LP: #854818, #820150)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: Add missing argument to
    menu popup() call. (LP: #815236)

aeb8f89... by Julian Andres Klode on 2012-03-06

Import patches-unapplied version 0.82.4debian3 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 92153897d90aa89a90d819c4952c6a231e3d5b9e

New changelog entries:
  * Fix the GPL-3 license statement to refer to GPL-3, not LGPL-3
  * Rewrite copyright file, use copyright-format 1.0
  * Upload 0.8X branch from experimental to unstable
  * Merge with Ubuntu, remaining differences:
    - debian/control: Maintainer, VCS differences
    - debian/rules: Do not use dh-translations
  * The following issues are fixed:
    - Now build against Python 2.7 (Closes: #644539)
    - Updated for latest GObject Introspection (Closes: #639611)
  * Change Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no further changes required
  * Move KeysModified signal so add-apt-repository doesn't crash.
    (LP: #926152)
  [ Brian Murray ]
  * when adding new repositories use sourceslist.add instead of append thereby
    preventing duplicate entires. Thanks to Nick Russo for the patch.
    LP: #854841
  [ Robert Roth ]
  * Updated expand properties to properly expand the bottom component to avoid
    putting empty space between components. LP: #912557
  * Added symbolic link for add-apt-repository manpage under the
    apt-add-repository name, LP: #620098
  * Changed Revert button mnemonic to avoid collision with Remove, LP: #652523
  * Handle URLError from ppa pages, instruct the user to check the internet
    connection (LP: #502698)
  [ Marc Deslauriers ]
  * SECURITY UPDATE: incorrect ssl certificate validation (LP: #915210)
    - softwareproperties/ppa.py: use pycurl to download the signing key
    - tests/test_lp.py: add test.
    - debian/control: add python-pycurl dependency.
    - CVE-2011-4407
  * Wait for PPA GPG key to get imported before ending thread (LP: #888417)
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * merged from debian-sid, thanks to Julian Andres Klode
  * add-apt-repository:
    - fail if the user tries to add a private PPA
  [ Sebastien Bacher ]
  * Stop listing software-properties in gnome-control-center since
    it's available from software-center and update-manager
    (desktop-p-control-center-cleanup spec)
  [ Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) ]
  * lp:~manishsinha/software-properties/fix-887249-handle-404-error:
    - improve error handling for incorrect/misspelled PPAs (LP: #887249)
  * lp:~manishsinha/software-properties/list-ppa-names-for-user-or-team:
    - Made the change to alert the user that a user/team does not have any PPAs

  [ Robert Roth ]
  * lp:~evfool/software-properties/lintianfixes:
    - Fixed capitalization issue in control file
  * Fix warnings logged to terminal about inexistent handlers by checking
    if the handlers exist
  * Change geeky authentication text displayed on policykit auth dialog to
    the one suggested by mpt (LP: #828285)
  * Reset the popcon checkbox value if changed, but auth failed (LP: #874759)
  * Apt-add-repository --remove changed to also remove the debsrc
    line (LP: #838507)
  * Apt-add-repository PPA warning changed to warn you about add/removal
    depending on what you really want to do.
  * Update the manpage of apt-add-repository with the available
    options. (LP: #697546)
  * Reset the text on the mirror testing dialog after closing/canceling
    it (LP: #875679)
  * Unicode encode PPA description and displaynam to avoid
    UnicodeDecodeErrors (LP: #827355)
  * Do not expand the server combobox (LP: #875131)
  * add-apt-repository:
    - honor FORCE_ADD_APT_REPOSITORY (LP: #890708)
  * lp:~yofel/software-properties/lp-819793:
    - Fix for bug 819793 as disable_child_source() now need the template
      name as parameter, not the template itself )LP: #819793
  [ Philip Muskovac ]
  * lp:~yofel/software-properties/lp-819793:
    - Fix for bug 819793 as disable_child_source() now need the template
      name as parameter, not the template itself )LP: #819793

  [ Robert Roth ]
  * Fix warnings logged to terminal about inexistent handlers by checking
    if the handlers exist
  * Reset the popcon checkbox value if changed, but auth failed (LP: #874759)
  * Apt-add-repository --remove changed to also remove the debsrc
    line (LP: #838507)
  * Update the manpage of apt-add-repository with the available
    options. (LP: #697546)
  * Reset the text on the mirror testing dialog after closing/canceling
    it (LP: #875679)
  * Unicode encode PPA description and displaynam to avoid
    UnicodeDecodeErrors (LP: #827355)
  * Do not expand the server combobox (LP: #875131)
  * lp:~kelemeng/software-properties/bug853231:
    - Build with dh_translations, to localize the .policy file at
      runtime. LP: #853231
    - Add missing files to POTFILES.in (LP: #853231)
      Many thanks to Gabor Kelemen
  * lp:~kelemeng/software-properties/bug853231-upstream:
    - Add missing files to POTFILES.in (LP: #853231)
    Many thanks to Gabor Kelemen
  * softwareproperties/dbus/SoftwarePropertiesDBus.py, tests/test_dbus.py:
    - fix crash when there are unicode comments in the sources.list
      file (LP: #820028). Dbus always sends us a dbus.String which is
      type unicode, but python-apt expects utf8 encoded str
  * lp:~gandelman-a/software-properties/lp829109 :
    - add "-y" to add-apt-repository (LP: #829109). This can be
      used to avoid the confirmation prompt. Alternatively you
      can redirect stdin to /dev/null for skipping of the confirmation
  * Move from static gobject to GI GObject module, to be compatible to
    upcoming pygobject 3.0.
  * softwareproperties/ppa.py:
    - fix incorrect call call to apt-key for the fingerprint, thanks
      to Martin Pitt for the report
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * softwareproperties/ppa.py:
    - show PPA description and confirm before adding
      (security-o-catch-all spec)
  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: Fix encoding error,
    thanks to sokolov-m-v for the patch! (LP: #815480)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogMirror.py:
    - sort automatic mirror on top of the mirror list
  * debian/control:
    - remove old conflicts/replaces
  * softwareproperties/AptAuth.py:
    - move trustdb into tmpdir as gnupg insists in creating it
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
    - use policykit for changing the update interval (LP: #816061)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SimpleGtkbuilderApp.py:
    - remove unneeded debug output for gobjects without a get_name()
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
    - do not crash if update-notifier is not installed (LP: #815016)
  * softwareproperties/AptAuth.py:
    - do not access ~/.gnupg from AptAuth() (LP: #815034)
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - add CDROM add support into the dbus backend (LP: #815860)
  * fix crash when clicking on "updates" tab child sources,
    thanks to Sebastien Bacher
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in:
    - don't use gksu
  * debian/control:
    - remove the gksu dependency and add software-properties-common
  * debian/software-properties-common.install:
    - fix missing dbus include (thanks to seb128)
  * data/com.ubuntu.SoftwareProperties.service:
    - fix service path (thanks to seb128)
  [ Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi ]
  * Redesigned the Updates tab according to
    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareUpdateHandling#settings (LP:
    #351484, #357676, #253412)
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * add dbus/polkit backend, based on
  * use new dbus backend
  * automatically run tests at bzr-buildpackage time
  * data/gtkbuilder/dialog-mirror.ui: string fix regarding testing
  * merge control center fix from Rodrigo Moya, many thanks!
    (lp:~rodrigo-moya/software-properties/fix-787694) LP: #787694
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogCacheOutdated.py: Stop calling synaptics, use
    aptdaemon instead.
  * debian/control: Drop synaptics dependency, add
  * data/gtkbuilder/*.ui: Drop deprecated has_separator properites.
  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * debian/rules: Drop deprecated simple-patchsys. This is a native package
    anyway, we don't need a patch system.

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * move from python-central to dh_python2
  * move from cdbs to dh7
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * merged lp:~hodgestar/software-properties/configurable-key-server,
    many thanks
  [ Martin Pitt ]
  * software-properties-gtk: Stop forcing GTK 2, we want to use GTK 3 now.
    Update gir dependency accordingly.
  * In "Updates" tab (qt and gtk), ignore all deb-src templates.
    (LP: #768363, LP: #768469)
  * data/designer/main.ui make strings match GTK UI file LP: #760825
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: Fix wrong Gtk.MenuItem
    construction. (LP: #753570)

9215389... by Julian Andres Klode on 2011-04-06

Import patches-unapplied version 0.80.6debian1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7ff591b08d17426cc7ce6f2f1fca3fffe945ea2d

New changelog entries:
  * Rebase Debian package against Ubuntu one.
  * python-apt 0.8 conform (Closes: #572350)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/CdromProgress.py:
    - Fix python-apt 0.8 progress->progress.base incompatibility
  * Move to debhelper 7 and dh_python2
  * software-properties-gtk: Fix crash on invalid locale. (LP: #730643)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogAddSourcesList.py: Drop leftover pygtk
  * software-properties-gtk: Fix --enable-ppa to work again.
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogAddSourcesList.py: Fix WMFunction Gdk
    constant. (LP: #736393)
  * software-properties-gtk: Update require_version() call to current
    pygobject API. Bump python-gobject dependency accordingly.
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogAdd.py: Fix UnicodeDecodeError in "Add
    source" dialog. (LP: #721778)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: Gdk.window_foreign_new()
    is currently not introspectable (and went away entirely in Gtk 3), so
    don't crash if it is not available. (LP: #718811)
  * fix typo in changelog
  * software-properties-gtk, ./softwareproperties/gtk/*: Port from pygtk to
    gobject-introspection. This works with both GTK 2 and 3, but in GTK2 we
    have to disable the drag&drop functionality (as current GTK2 does not have
    a gtk_target_entry_new() and thus you can't construct those).
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: When doing string
    interpolation with translated text and unicode objects, encode the latter
    into UTF-8 first. pygtk did that for us using some black magic (by calling
  * software-properties-gtk: Force using GTK 2 for now, as in Natty we don't
    currently ship GTK 3 on the default installation (we don't have a theme
  * debian/control: Update dependencies for the pygtk → pygi switch.
  * software-properties-gtk, softwareproperties/gtk/DialogMirror.py: Drop
    calls to Gdk.threads_*(). They were insufficient and causing lockups, and
    since multi-threaded Gtk is a pain to get right, we'll rather change the
    code structure to only use Gtk from the main thread.
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogMirror.py: Run GTK operations in main thread,
    to avoid thread lockups.
  * softwareproperties/MirrorTest.py: Move additional MirrorTestGtk
    functionality (setting threading.Event flag and storing current
    action/progress into main MirrorTest class, so that we can entirely drop
    MirrorTestGtk from softwareproperties/gtk/DialogMirror.py. KDE still uses
    its own implementation with real threads, as this is still easier to do.
  * use port 80 by default when getting gpg keys for PPAs
    (LP: #615788)
  * add support for simplified syntax LP: #686348
  * po/pt_BR.po:
    - updated translations, thanks to Sergio Cipolla
      (closes: #593693)
  * merged lp:~kelemeng/software-properties/bug657835, many
    thanks to Gabor Kelemen (LP: #657835)
  [ Gabor Kelemen ]
  * Add translation domain info to setup_ui and its invocations.
    Fixes LP:644404
  * data/gtkbuilder/main.ui:
    - fix expand property of the button pane
  * fix deprecation warnings from python-apt 0.8
  [ Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi ]
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in: desktop file is now really
    hidden (LP: #624072)
  * Add release upgrade option to KDE UI to select between LTS and
    normal upgrade prompts LP: #631708
  * po/POTFILES.in,
    Correctly define the gtkbuilder types to those strings are in the template
  * Correct a typo in one of the add-apt-repository strings
    (lp: #630613)
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * fix ftbfs
  [ Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi ]
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in: Menu entry is now hidden
    (LP: #624072)
  [ Amicahi Rothman ]
  * Fixed "Select Best Server" broken by PyQt signal argument changes

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * po/pt_BR.po:
    - updated, thanks to Sergio Cipolla
  * merged lp:~and471/software-properties/gtkbuilder-and-gui-polish,
    many thanks!
  [ Jonathan Harker ]
  * Improve documentation for apt-add-repository (LP: #586790)

  [ mac9416 ]
  * Fixed bug LP: #446216: added --remove option to add-apt-reporitory.
  * Fixed Bug LP: #579669 which points out that add-apt-repository will
    create a sources.list.d file with illegal characters
    if there are illegal characters in a PPA name

  [ Andrea Corbellini ]
  * Automatically create a deb-src line when adding a new repository
    (LP: 399711)

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * add test for LP: #579669 and use re.sub() instead of urllib.quote()
  * merged lp:~alexzak/software-properties/fixes, many thanks
  [ Erik B. Andersen ]
  * Fixed depreciation warnings

  [ Brandon Tomlinson ]
  * Altered data/glade/main.glade Put the bottom buttons in a button box
    to make the buttons assume the correct width (LP: #515990)
  * Port software-properties-kde from using install-package to using
    qapt-batch, a C++ drop-in replacement (LP: #497803)
  * Replace dependency on install-package to qapt-batch in debian/control
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1, no changes required
  * softwareproperties/ppa.py:
    - fix launchpad API path when looking for the PPA archive
      signing key
  * [KDE] Fix crash caused by translations containing distro name (LP: #545927)
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
    - do not crash if tranient parent can not be set (LP: #83914)
  * debian/manpages/software-properties-gtk.1:
    - add man-page (thanks to Gabe Gorelick) LP: #290308
  * add-apt-repository:
    - better help output (LP: #407779)
    - do not crash if setlocale fails (LP: #467369)
  * software-properties-gtk:
    - ensure newly created ppa files are readalbe (LP: #497778)
  * data/software-properties-gtk.desktop.in:
    - fix desktop file location (thanks to Ricardo Pérez López)
      LP: #543637
  * provide apt-add-repository link (LP: #547194)
  * debian/manpages/add-apt-repository.1:
    - add man-page, thanks to Chow Loong Jin (LP: #407779)
  * fix lintian warnings
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - show summary in addition to comment for disabled entries
      (LP: #543207)

  [ Harald Sitter ]
  * [KDE] Fix bug in I18nHelper, where it would trigger a crash if unicode()
    to UTF-8 fails. Fallback to latin1 in this case. This for example happens
    when the APT keyring contains a key with non-latin characters, which can
    happen with PPA keys, since those contain the owner's name.
  * [KDE] Fix a crash on startup encountered with localized environments
    (LP: #505964)
  * Fix cdrom progress bar popping up after being canceled (LP: #496257)
  * Fix adding cdrom source to top of sources list (LP: #162395)
  * Fix instability after failed cdrom addition (LP: #221667)
  * Fix focus in add source dialog
  [ Harald Sitter ]
  * KDE frontend: replace old manual listing of file endings for key import
    with mimetype based model (no need to support old stuff since it is so
    incredibly wrong... ending-wise that is)
  [ Amichai Rothman ]
  * Fix import of keys with non-ascii filename (LP: #350485)
  * Add source line input validation when adding a new source (LP: #116445)
  * Fix selected item and edit/remove button state after toggling a source
  * Fix alternate mirror selection corrupting sources.list (LP: #464707)
  * Fix selected mirror not shown in combobox (LP: #96110)
  * Fix mirror selection dialog error in non-ascii locale (LP: #96201)
  * Fix crash when modifying sources selection (LP: #102792)
  * Fix error handling when ppa key is missing (LP: #475220)
  * Improve keyboard tab order in some dialogs (LP: #464569)
  * Fix and improve mirror test and GUI (LP: #223047)
  * Fix mirror test timeout handling (LP: #456365)
  * Fix i18n, accelerators and styling on all dialogs (LP: #102773)
  * Fix utf8 in edit source dialog comments (LP: #489960)
  * Suffix software-properties.desktop with -gtk.desktop
  * Create a copy of that file with suffix -kde.desktop
    + Change to KDE icon and exec
    + Add NoDisplay=true, the desktop file is only necessary for kdesudo to
      have it show a proper name and icon which does not require it to show
      up anywhere
  * software-properties-kde depends on install-package for reloading the
    repository information and cache updating (LP: #367972)
  * Fix typo in software-properties-kde description (QT -> Qt)
  * if != if not ... only show key removal error if there really was a
    problem (LP: #123372)
  * Make python-software-properties go to section python
  * Add manpage for software-properties-kde (generated by kdemangen.pl from
    the kdesdk-scripts package (low maintenance)
  * Clearify license versions in copyright file
  * Bump standards version to 3.8.3
  [ Kyle Nitzsche ]
  * Use "Other Software" instead of "Third Party Software" (LP: #420672)
  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * update software-properties.pot (LP: #407240)
  [ Harald Sitter ]
  * Add actual PGP key file endings to the KDE file picker whitelist (keep
    old endings around for compability)
  * Fix the KDE UI's enable-component arg, add output to that function and
    reorder help output to list --attach as last
  * add-apt-repository:
    - fix typo (thanks to Brian Murray), LP: #399864
  * debian/control:
    - add Vcs-Bzr header
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - allow removing of sources.list.d files with just a single
      line (LP: #399898)
  * add-apt-repository:
    - ensure that new files are created with 0644 by default
      (LP: #399709)
  * new helper script "add-apt-repository" that can be used to
    enable a repository from the commandline. Useful for e.g.
    'add-apt-repository ppa:gnome-desktop'
  * fix error in auto-upgrade settings when
    dpkg-reconfigure unattended-upgrades was used (LP: #387704)
  * po/zh_TW.po:
    - updated, thanks to Roy Chan (LP: #365040)
  * softwareproperties/kde/SoftwarePropertiesKDE.py:
    - do not error on cancel (LP: #364288)
    - use the SUDO_USER home instead of /root (if available)
      (LP: #364197)
    - add utf8() function and replace the custom converts to it
      (hopefully fixes LP: #362188)
    - disable "Find best server" for now, the threading crashing
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogCacheOutdated.py:
    - fix incorrect wait on synaptic (LP: #357617, LP: #349639)
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - check/ensure apt daily cron job is executable (LP: #390319)
  * debian/rules:
    - use DH_PYTHON=include-links
  * add support for drag-n-drop public key blocks
  * fix error() function
  * add right click menu to authication treeview to
    support adding key via copy-n-paste (LP: #372577)
  * software-properties-kde:
    - set bugAddress to ""
  * Support adding PPA keys automatically (thanks to
  * support shorthand syntax for PPAs (ppa:owner or
    ppa:owner/ppa_name) when clicking on "add"
  * support new commandline option "--enable-ppa name"
  * softwareproperties/kde/DialogEdit.py,
    - fix unicode problems with KDE (thanks to Savvas)
  * debian/control:
    - put "software-properties-kde" into the kde section
      (LP: #323556)
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - fix crash in the way md5 from hashlib is used (LP: #346863)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogMirror.py:
    - fix crash when no mirrors are available (LP: #332205)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
    - make is_seperator() more robust (LP: #335637)
  * PyKDE4 frontend polish:
    - QFileDialog -> KFileDialog
    - Pushbuttons get appropriate KIcons
    - The "Remove..." gpg key pushbutton is disabled when nothing is selected
      in the key treeview, just like the remove pushbutton in the sources
      editor tab
  * fix combobox_server unicode for bug #102773
    (thanks to Savvas Radevic)
  * fix warning from 'import md5', thanks to Marco Rodrigues
  * softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py:
    - if a entry is added that matches a known channel automatically
      add the right gpg signing key (LP: #328486)
  * softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
    - show the cache outdate dialog when run with toplevel
  * sofware-properties-gtk:
    - add "--open-tab" option that opens a spefic tab number
      on startup
  * debian/*.install:
    - updated for new python policy
  * use iso_3166.xml instead of iso_3166.tab
  * softwareproperties/gtk/DialogMirror.py:
    - fixes in the mirror speed test for small sets of

7ff591b... by Gustavo Noronha Silva on 2008-12-04

Import patches-unapplied version 0.70.debian-1 to debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.