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81c724a... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

Import patches-applied version 2.2.1-4ubuntu1 to applied/ubuntu/quantal

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b40b9ced33be03e1a14f7e386ebb9e74a97079af
Unapplied parent: 7578216912943cc219bb5053c514917654e4cb4c

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from Debian unstable, remaining changes:
    - Compress binary packages with xz.
    - Add kubuntu_01_workaround_-Werror_deprecated-declarations.diff
  * Switch from lzma to xz compression.
  * Confirm new symbol file on all arches except armel and mipsel. However,
    hopefully, it will work on those two as well.
  * Urgency=high because we need multi-arch capable QtWebKit in testing as
    multi-arch Qt4 and non-multiarch QtWebKit do not play well for development
  * Build Source/WebCore/generated/* with hidden visibility as well (patch
    webkit_qt_hide_symbols.diff). This reduces a symbol file a lot and brings
    it back to manageable state.
  * Update symbol file: a bunch of private WebCore symbols are gone from
    symbol table now.
  * Upload to Sid.
  [ Fathi Boudra ]
  * Build with -gstabs on armhf instead of -g, like armel.
  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * glibc_mkspec.diff: rename to glibc_hurd_mkspecs.diff, and extend to
    apply also to the hurd-g++ mkspec.
  * Bump Qt build dependency to 4:4.8.1 (for the change in paths of QML
    - update debian/libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin.install accordingly
    - mark libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin as Multi-Arch: same
  * Remove ${shlibs:Depends} from libqtwebkit4-dbg.

7578216... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

workaround build failure with Glib 2.31 caused by

Gbp-Pq: kubuntu_01_workaround_-Werror_deprecated-declarations.diff.

95ea24e... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: webkit_qt_hide_symbols.diff.

ebd1df8... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

fix (workaround) build on GNU/Hurd

Gbp-Pq: hurd.diff.

061532e... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

Use the glibc and hurd mkspecs when necessary.

Gbp-Pq: glibc_hurd_mkspecs.diff.

3c03687... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

defines QT_WEBKIT to display correctly documentation in Qt Creator Help plugin.

Gbp-Pq: defines_qt_webkit.diff.

42fef22... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

do not pass -Wl,--gc-sections on powerpc, s390, arm* and mips* when building

Gbp-Pq: no_gc_sections.diff.

0f5b798... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

build s390, armel, mips* debugging symbols with -gstabs

Gbp-Pq: stabs_format_debug_info.diff.

6261723... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

fix some alignment problems on sparc.

Gbp-Pq: 05_sparc_unaligned_access.diff.

e3841e3... by Felix Geyer on 2012-08-05

on Qt >= 4.5, debug info are disabled for QtWebkit.

Gbp-Pq: 04_enable_debug_information.diff.