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af5e326... by William Desportes

4:5.1.1+dfsg1-3 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

988ff0a... by William Desportes

Allow symfony/* v5 for PHP 8 compat

Gbp-Pq: allow-symfony-v5-for-PHP-8-compat.patch.

196cf74... by William Desportes

Change node_modules dir for openlayers config

Gbp-Pq: Fix-openlayers-node_modules-dir.patch.

7cc28bb... by William Desportes

Add openlayers build from source config

Gbp-Pq: Add-openlayers-source-build-config.patch.

7a2da4a... by William Desportes

Fix FileListingTest and ErrorTest::testSetFile depending on the

Gbp-Pq: Fix-FileListingTest-and-ErrorTest_testSetFile-tests.patch.

806eba1... by William Desportes

Fix failing test OptionsTest

Gbp-Pq: Fix-OptionsTest-Plugin-class-loading.patch.

4607f5b... by William Desportes

Adjust to mb_string length test data

Gbp-Pq: Fix-ImportOdsTest-mbstring.patch.

7b84de2... by William Desportes

Remove zxcvbn.js because it can not be re-built from source

Gbp-Pq: Remove-dfsg-zxcvbn-js.patch.

587b131... by William Desportes

Define and use TEST_PATH for Debian CI

Gbp-Pq: Define-and-use-TEST_PATH-for-Debian-CI.patch.

b5df308... by William Desportes

Update _bootstrap.scss from pmahomme theme for sassc because the

Gbp-Pq: update-_bootstrap.scss-from-pmahomme-theme-for-sassc.patch.