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0550dd0... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Import patches-applied version 2.3.2-9ubuntu4 to applied/ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8651c72da26959c7bdd0bb5de202944e7011c3ad
Unapplied parent: cbbaf66433a7a30ebb6d03defa9dfb527002ce41

New changelog entries:
  * Run openvpn@.service before systemd-user-sessions.service to avoid gettys
    and lightdm starting on top of possible password prompts. This provides
    the equivalent of the init.d script's X-Start-Before:.

cbbaf66... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Improved systemd detection for password prompt

Gbp-Pq: better_systemd_detection.patch.

d94dd49... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

update test certs to fix FTBFS

Gbp-Pq: update_certs.patch.

cff8c9a... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

[PATCH] Drop too-short control channel packets instead of asserting

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2014-8104.patch.

b8efc2e... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: ppc64el.diff.

afa2063... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Man page fixes

Gbp-Pq: manpage_fixes.patch.

9b5bc7e... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Simple spelling fix

Gbp-Pq: accommodate_typo.patch.

3568399... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Improve kFreeBSD support

Gbp-Pq: kfreebsd_support.patch.

f774ed1... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Fix small wording in man page.

Gbp-Pq: route_default_nil.patch.

9ed1a1c... by Martin Pitt on 2015-04-13

Warn users about deprecated pkcs11 options

Gbp-Pq: openvpn-pkcs11warn.patch.