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6acddba... by Colin Watson on 2007-02-19

Import patches-unapplied version 1:4.3p2-8ubuntu1 to ubuntu/feisty

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Changelog parent: e7b80c3001a890710cda652c8446234a9a617421

New changelog entries:
  * Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
    - Add /sbin, /usr/sbin, and /usr/local/sbin to the default path.
    - Use LSB init script functions.
    - Increase MAX_SESSIONS to 64.
    - Remove stop links from rc0 and rc6.
  * Build position-independent executables (only for debs, not for udebs) to
    take advantage of address space layout randomisation (thanks, Kees
  * Set Maintainer to me.
  [ Vincent Untz ]
  * Give the ssh-askpass-gnome window a default icon; remove unnecessary
    icon extension from .desktop file (closes:
  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Drop versioning on ssh/ssh-krb5 Replaces, as otherwise it isn't
    sufficient to replace conffiles (closes: #402804).
  * Make GSSAPICleanupCreds a compatibility alias for
    GSSAPICleanupCredentials. Mark GSSUseSessionCCache and
    GSSAPIUseSessionCredCache as known-but-unsupported options, and migrate
    away from them on upgrade.
  * It turns out that the people who told me that removing a conffile in the
    preinst was sufficient to have dpkg replace it without prompting when
    moving a conffile between packages were very much mistaken. As far as I
    can tell, the only way to do this reliably is to write out the desired
    new text of the conffile in the preinst. This is gross, and requires
    shipping the text of all conffiles in the preinst too, but there's
    nothing for it. Fortunately this nonsense is only required for smooth
    upgrades from sarge.
  * debconf template translations:
    - Add Romanian (thanks, Stan Ioan-Eugen; closes: #403528).

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