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453813a... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

Import patches-applied version 2.0.874-7.1ubuntu1 to applied/ubuntu/eoan-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9bd03e5014ae4798b64aa4d98a7e71607b9958bd
Unapplied parent: 1fc64996ad665e78d97879b28cf59b93cfa24551

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
    - debian/tests: Add Ubuntu autopkgtest.
    - debian/iscsi-network-interface.rules, debian/net-interface-handler,
      Prevent network interface that contains iscsi root from bouncing
      during boot or going down during shutdown if the system is using
      resolvconf or ifupdown.
    - Let iscsid systemd job run in privileged containers but not in
      unprivileged ones
    - Start open-iscsi systemd job when either /etc/iscsi/nodes or
      /sys/class/iscsi_session have content
    - add IPv6 support
      + Source /run/net6-*.conf when needed.
      + debian/extra/initramfs.local-top: handle IPv6 configs being
        shipped in DEVICE6 or /run/net6-*.conf in the initramfs, so we
        can fill in /run/initramfs/open-iscsi.interface
    - make iscsid socket-activated to only activate it as needed
      + debian/iscsid.socket: systemd socket file for iscsid
      + debian/open-iscsi.service: do not start or check iscsid.service
      + debian/rules: install and enable iscsid.socket
      + debian/patches/iscid-conf-use-systemd.socket-patch: default to the
      + debian/open-iscsi.postinst:
        * run restart logic only if service is running on upgrade
        * drop no longer reachable upgrade path that affects iscsid
        * disable iscsid.service on upgrade
        * handle iscsid.socket to be started if the service is not running
      + d/iscsi-disk.rules: Add a udev rule so that iscsid.service will be
        run when udev disks are attached.
      + d/iscsid.service: Remove ExecStop= directive.
      + debian/tests/install: fix tests to work with socket activation
    - Ship finalrd logout hook.
    - debian/extra/initramfs.local-top: handle iSCSI iBFT DHCP to correctly
      run ipconfig to gather all DHCP config info, including DNS search
      domain, which iBFT can't provide.
    - If iscsi root was requested, but no iscsi devices were mounted, remove
      the initramfs interfaces stamp file. Meaning, that on shutdown there
      is no 30s delay, whilst trying to re-establish iscsi login to perform
      a logout.
  * Dropped changes, included in Debian:
    - Fix fail to build from source due to undefined reference to
  * Drop breaks on never-released version of finalrd.
  * debian/net-interface-handler: drop upstart support, unused since bionic.
  * Drop cleanup of upstart jobs, no longer needed post bionic.
  * debian/tests/daemon: drop, unused.

1fc6499... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

Include <sys/sysmacros.h> to properly define minor()

Gbp-Pq: include-sys-sysmacros.h-to-properly-define-minor.patch.

bdcb2b2... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

default in iscid.conf to use iscsid.socket

Gbp-Pq: iscid-conf-use-systemd.socket-patch.

f2313da... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 7/8] Check iscsiuio ping data length for validity

Gbp-Pq: security/Check-iscsiuio-ping-data-length-for-validity.patch.

4983e0a... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 6/8] Skip useless strcopy, and validate CIDR length

Gbp-Pq: security/Skip-useless-strcopy-and-validate-CIDR-length.patch.

db0eebe... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 5/8] Ensure strings from peer are copied correctly.

Gbp-Pq: security/Ensure-strings-from-peer-are-copied-correctly.patch.

ac2835d... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 4/8] Do not double-close IPC file stream to iscsid

Gbp-Pq: security/Do-not-double-close-IPC-file-stream-to-iscsid.patch.

04b1fca... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 3/8] Ensure all fields in iscsiuio IPC response are set

Gbp-Pq: security/Ensure-all-fields-in-iscsiuio-IPC-response-are-set.patch.

16d76d3... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 2/8] iscsiuio should ignore bogus iscsid broadcast packets

Gbp-Pq: security/iscsiuio-should-ignore-bogus-iscsid-broadcast-packet.patch.

066b6d1... by Steve Langasek on 2019-04-29

[PATCH 1/8] Check for root peer user for iscsiuio IPC

Gbp-Pq: security/Check-for-root-peer-user-for-iscsiuio-IPC.patch.