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c7fda14... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

Import patches-applied version 2.0.874-5ubuntu2 to applied/ubuntu/bionic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6b95ef491dbbc8b81607e8e04cf3fae3160c27cb
Unapplied parent: f1598481f8e5effa4c85ede46c9df5de8b0b39ed

New changelog entries:
  * debian/tests:
     - tgt-boot-test: Use 'timeout' to force a 60m timeout of the boot test.
     - README-boot-test.md: document environment variables BOOT_TIMEOUT
       and _USE_KVM.

f159848... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 7/8] Check iscsiuio ping data length for validity

Gbp-Pq: security/Check-iscsiuio-ping-data-length-for-validity.patch.

1fd8a20... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 6/8] Skip useless strcopy, and validate CIDR length

Gbp-Pq: security/Skip-useless-strcopy-and-validate-CIDR-length.patch.

46b57f1... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 5/8] Ensure strings from peer are copied correctly.

Gbp-Pq: security/Ensure-strings-from-peer-are-copied-correctly.patch.

51b0fc3... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 4/8] Do not double-close IPC file stream to iscsid

Gbp-Pq: security/Do-not-double-close-IPC-file-stream-to-iscsid.patch.

98e2ab1... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 3/8] Ensure all fields in iscsiuio IPC response are set

Gbp-Pq: security/Ensure-all-fields-in-iscsiuio-IPC-response-are-set.patch.

c30f8ec... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 2/8] iscsiuio should ignore bogus iscsid broadcast packets

Gbp-Pq: security/iscsiuio-should-ignore-bogus-iscsid-broadcast-packet.patch.

645f05a... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

[PATCH 1/8] Check for root peer user for iscsiuio IPC

Gbp-Pq: security/Check-for-root-peer-user-for-iscsiuio-IPC.patch.

20706c9... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

Fix iscsiuio long options

Gbp-Pq: bugfixes/fix_iscsiuio_long_options.patch.

1bea1cb... by Scott Moser on 2018-02-21

Move iscsistart offload discovery/setup to fw_get_targets()

Gbp-Pq: bugfixes/move_offload_discovery_to_fw_get_targets.patch.