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4b74bc6... by Edward Hope-Morley on 2015-11-10

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1.2-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b970a12f8dad4bb7be7daf0aee142e90cc00a38e

New changelog entries:
  * Fix DHCP agent delete non-existant interface (LP: #1498370)
    - d/p/dhcp-protect-against-case-when-device-name-is-none.patch

b970a12... by Chuck Short on 2015-10-15

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1.2-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: f845c13c9375cd9654919e0c744e27cc9c092c0c

New changelog entries:
  [ Chuck Short ]
  * Resynchronize with stable/kilo (7dbaa12) (LP: #1506058):
    - [7dbaa12] Changed filter field to router_id
    - [6c55f58] Do not log an error when deleting a linuxbridge does not exist
    - [118a76f] metadata: don't crash proxy on non-unicode user data
    - [eec8c50] Only get host data for floating ips on DVR routers
    - [9950ce2] Update dhcp host portbinding on failover
    - [1c87d72] func: Don't use private method of AsyncProcess
    - [834279c] Allow setting Agents description to None
    - [2f85b22] Process user iptables rules before INVALID
    - [f232475] Execute ipset command using check_exit_code
    - [d78899d] Don't write DHCP opts for SLAAC entries
    - [cb0554f] Check idl.run() return value before blocking
    - [2224851] Stop sending gratuitous arp when ip version is 6
    - [96276d5] Fix _ensure_default_security_group logic
    - [66a5116] Remove hack for sending gratuitous arp from fip ns
    - [2394418] populate port security default into network
    - [fc1c812] Remove early yields in _iter_hosts in dhcp agent
    - [2ead51a] Enable servicing lbaasV2 vip by DVR
    - [9498ea2] Descheduling DVR routers when ports are unbound from VM
    - [c74b05e] Bug-Fix for unexpected DHCP agent redundant
    - [e6a0e7d] Switch to dictionary for iptables find
    - [c377330] Add configurable options for HA networks
    - [114949b] Fix ipset can't be destroyed when last rule is deleted
    - [aba5e82] Updated NSXv plugin parameter descriptions
    - [d1a48f7] ovs: don't use ARP responder for IPv6 addresses
    - [4d15b6f] Configure gw_iface for RAs only in Master HA Router
    - [6975b2b] Register extraroute extension
    - [19d5ba4] Broadcast service port's arp in DVR
    - [767cea2] Stop device_owner from being set to 'network:*'
    - [2a6b34e] Fix a wrong condition for the _purge_metering_info function
    - [bf28c72] Add ARP spoofing protection for LinuxBridge agent
    - [635d5cf] Correct neutron-ns-metadata-proxy command when watch_log is
    - [cc791b0] Fix usage of netaddr '.broadcast'
    - [f57a90a] Switch to using os-testr's copy of subunit2html
    - [c1201a2] Add optional file permission argument to replace_file()
    - [533900c] Adding loadbalanacerv2 device owner constant to neutron
    - [2a00016] Don't fatal error during initialization for missing service
    - [7c2727c] Update port bindings for master router
    - [6298a90] Setup reference service providers for API test runs
    - [6167d44] Move away nested transaction from _ensure_default_security_group
    - [c129bfa] Reject router-interface-add with a port which doesn't have any
    - [770a105] SR-IOV: Fix SR-IOV agent to run ip link commands as root
    - [a0632d7] Catch ObjectDeletedError and skip port or subnet removal
    - [c4c8686] Cleanup stale metadata processes on l3 agent sync
    - [0c22d15] Bump stable/kilo next version to 2015.1.2
    - [4f9409d] lb-agent: ensure tap mtu is the same as physical device
    - [5d38dc5] Adds garp_master_repeat and garp_master_refresh to
    - [e759c1c] Lower log level of errors caused by user requests to INFO
    - [1a1cc3d] Fix race condition by using lock on enable_radvd
    - [5827664] Remove bridge cleanup call
    - [23f5134] Added networking-plumgrid in plugin requirements
  [ Corey Byrant ]
  * d/rules: Prevent dh_python2 from guessing dependencies.

f845c13... by Corey Bryant on 2015-08-05

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1.1-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8e2e735e20db9601aee17ceadde229bf1abb8aba

New changelog entries:
  * Additional support for stable/kilo (LP: #1481008):
    - d/neutron-pluging-linuxbridge-agent.init.in: Ensure that the right
      binary is used for neutron-plugin-linuxbridge-agent (LP: #1453188).
  * Resynchronize with stable/kilo (1a46332) (LP: #1481008):
    - [9a23445] When disabling dhcp, delete fixed ip properly
    - [f9b7c2e] Moving out the cisco n1kv section to stackforge
    - [478f4e8] Arista ML2 driver should ignore non-vlan networks
    - [e8bfd4b] dhcp fails if extra_dhcp_opts for stateless subnet enabled
    - [ae5ffa3] Fix test discovery for api and functional paths
    - [9f74875] NSX QoS ext: RXTX factor can be decimal
    - [29c3f7a] In Arista ML2 driver Reconfigure VLAN on VM migration
    - [c2f2281] Avoid synchronizing session when deleting networkdhcpagentbinding
    - [71a6b65] Increase max attempts to 2 for pings on ARP tests
    - [5eff001] Fix failures introduced by the new version of mock
    - [97448d5] Catch broad exception in methods used in FixedIntervalLoopingCall
    - [0292876] Fix callback registry notification for security group rule
    - [86f80d4] Add security groups events
    - [86584f5] Avoid double-hopping deletes for security group rules
    - [68459f9] fix DHCP port changed when dhcp-agent restart
    - [4e2148e] Fix FloatingIP Namespace creation in DVR for Late Binding
    - [529dbc1] Fix tenant-id in Arista ML2 driver to support HA router
    - [88d76bc] Skip ARP protection if in addr pairs
    - [469a7ec] Optimize ipset usage in IptablesFirewallDriver
    - [9ff6138] Provide work around for ::/0 for ipset
    - [b2f717a] Fix l3 agent to not create already deleted router
    - [151b28c] Wrap ML2 delete_port with db retry decorator
    - [d71d716] Disable keepalived process in keepalived func test
    - [cca48ad] Ensure non-overlapping cidrs in subnetpools without galera
    - [c49c9c5] Check for 'removed' in port_info before reference
    - [e801eb2] L3 agent should do report state before full sync at start
    - [415adbf] tests: don't allow oslo.config to autodiscover config files
    - [2884595] Move pool dispose() before os.fork
    - [9bc3233] Randomize tunnel id query to avoid contention
    - [eec77c1] Support BP:ipv6-router in Neutron HA Router
    - [5407a42] Modify ipset functional tests to pass on older machines
    - [cf76475] Don't update floating IP status if no change
    - [81e043f] Don't delete port from bridge on delete_port event
    - [0c078f2] Block subnet create when a network hosts subnets allocated from different pools
    - [6bece0f] Create bridges in ovsdb monitor functional tests
    - [4ee8ac8] Fix the ImportErrors in l3 and dhcp scheduler functional tests
    - [862e297] ovs-agent: prevent ARP requests with faked IP addresses
    - [b04ca9e] Support multiple IPv6 prefixes on internal router ports for an HA Router
    - [c2869b7] OVS-agent: Ignore IPv6 addresses for ARP spoofing prevention
    - [717cf45] Process port IP requests before subnet requests
    - [c07687c] Persist DHCP leases to a local database
    - [8c31107] Block subnet create with mismatched IP versions
    - [6b127ab] Match order of iptables arguments to iptables-save
    - [3d0e369] Add block name to switch config options for MLX plug-ins.
    - [8b32443] Fix neutron tests
    - [95d0985] Limit router gw ports' stateful fixed IPs to one per address family
    - [c2860ba] remove router interface on Arista L3 plugin fails
    - [63c8ea1] Make sure OVS restarts when Exception occurred
    - [4c9a4bf] Block allowed address pairs on other tenants' net
    - [a625244] Spawn RADVD only in the master HA router
    - [1813da4] Router is not unscheduled when the last port is deleted
    - [1c1981e] Handle no ofport in get_vif_port_to_ofport_map
    - [74b0d31] Ensure metadata network works with DVR
    - [58af5e1] Defer creation of router JSON in get_routers RPC
    - [c4d2b8c] Remove double queries in l3 DB get methods
    - [1a46332] Set loading strategy to joined for Routerport/Port

8e2e735... by Corey Bryant on 2015-04-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1.0-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0af3c6f40dd1d1714ae2c65e31478236e3caec87

New changelog entries:
  [ Corey Bryant ]
  * New upstream release for OpenStack kilo. (LP: #1449744)
  [ James Page ]
  * d/control: Add missing dependency on conntrack for neutron-l3-agent
    for HA router configuration now that conntrack has completed MIR
    (LP: #1381450).
  * d/*: wrap-and-sort.

0af3c6f... by Chuck Short on 2015-04-15

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1~rc1-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 57aaee577dde17dcf60a1712b13e2aa296428a30

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream milestone release:
    - debian/control: Update dependencies.
    - debian/patches/disable-udev-tests.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
    - debian/patches/fixup-driver-test-execution.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
    - debian/patches/skip-iptest.patch: Skip failing test
    - debian/neutron-plugin-openvswitch-agent.install: Added neutron-ovsvapp-agent binary.
    - debian/neutron-plugin-cisco.install: Added neutron-cisco-apic-service-agent and

57aaee5... by James Page on 2015-03-31

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1~b3-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: dd4a6af395d3435de9b9a4ed617ee69989d10f1b

New changelog entries:
  * d/tests/*: Disable nec plugin tests due to out-of-archive python
    requirements post decomposition, drop hyperv tests as hyperv agent
    now not part of this package.

dd4a6af... by James Page on 2015-03-31

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1~b3-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2f7558eeb19fbd9ae215ff03f5d67dc290a20f36

New changelog entries:
  * d/control: Drop versioning on runtime dependency for python-neutron-fwaas
    as this creates an circular dependency at build time in neutron-fwaas.

2f7558e... by James Page on 2015-03-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1~b3-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2acd5a90c803799636c88ef8de20ac6f4a95dc80

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream milestone release:
    - d/control: Align version requirements with upstream.
    - d/control: Add new dependency on oslo-log.
    - d/p/*: Rebase.
    - d/control,d/neutron-plugin-hyperv*: Dropped, decomposed into
      separate project upstream.
    - d/control,d/neutron-plugin-openflow*: Dropped, decomposed into
      separate project upstream.
    - d/neutron-common.install: Add neutron-rootwrap-daemon and
      neutron-keepalived-state-change binaries.
    - d/rules: Ignore neutron-hyperv-agent when installing; only for Windows.
    - d/neutron-plugin-cisco.install: Drop neutron-cisco-cfg-agent as
      decomposed into separate project upstream.
    - d/neutron-plugin-vmware.install: Drop neutron-check-nsx-config and
      neutron-nsx-manage as decomposed into separate project upstream.
    - d/control: Add dependency on python-neutron-fwaas to neutron-l3-agent.
  * d/pydist-overrides: Add overrides for oslo packages.
  * d/control: Fixup type in package description (LP: #1263539).
  * d/p/fixup-driver-test-execution.patch: Cherry pick fix from upstream VCS
    to support unit test exection in out-of-tree vendor drivers.
  * d/neutron-common.postinst: Allow general access to /etc/neutron but limit
    access to root/neutron to /etc/neutron/neutron.conf to support execution
    of unit tests in decomposed vendor drivers.
  * d/control: Add dependency on python-neutron-fwaas to neutron-l3-agent

2acd5a9... by James Page on 2015-03-18

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1~b2-0ubuntu4 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 45269618a83c4cb88cf8e64c038791b7da22100d

New changelog entries:
  * Trim back plugin tests to those that a) don't have out-of-archive
    dependencies, b) don't rely on external fixtures and c) don't try
    to create runtime directories in /etc/neutron.
  * Refactor plugin tests to use a common test helper, use shortnames for
    core_plugin configuration.
  * Allow services to settle prior to testing to ensure that any failures
    are correctly detected.
  * Grab last 100 lines of neutron log files if any tests fail to aid

4526961... by James Page on 2015-03-18

Import patches-unapplied version 1:2015.1~b2-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/vivid-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: cd1e3ff64f533f128d983aad399b349ef1c61376

New changelog entries:
  * Drop patch from previous upload, switch autopkgtests to using mysql
    as the database backend instead as this is supported by upstream.