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6f0fde8... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

Import patches-applied version 2:8.4.0-0ubuntu7.3 to applied/ubuntu/xenial-proposed

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Changelog parent: e31e86db08ebc8e2d4650d26b0cff8b73962dfed
Unapplied parent: e648d6a1be66e75503fc6cf160fa0c14bd2f7f32

New changelog entries:
  [ Edward Hope-Morley ]
  * d/p/Wait-for-ovsdb_monitor-to-be-active-before-use-it.patch: backport
    fix to ensure ovsdb mon blocks on start until it is ready (LP: #1584647)
  [ Seyeong Kim ]
  * d/neutron-openvswitch-agent.service.in,
    Ensure neutron-ovs-cleanup runs after openvswitch-switch and
    neutron-openvswitch-agent runs after neutron-ovs-cleanup (LP: #1752838).

e648d6a... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

[PATCH] Wait for ovsdb_monitor to be active before use it

Gbp-Pq: Wait-for-ovsdb_monitor-to-be-active-before-use-it.patch.

46fe7bf... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

[PATCH] Call update_all_ha_network_port_statuses on agent start

Gbp-Pq: call-update_all_ha_network_port_statuses-on-agent-start.patch.

0c5ad8d... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

[PATCH] Set HA network port to DOWN when l3 agent starts

Gbp-Pq: set-ha-network-port-to-down-when-l3-agent-starts.patch.

741a68f... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

l3 ha: don't send routers without '_ha_interface'

Gbp-Pq: l3-ha-don-t-send-routers-without-_ha_interface.patch.

7bcdb10... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

[PATCH] Update the host_id for network:router_gateway interfaces

Gbp-Pq: Update-the-host_id-for-network-router_gateway-interf.patch.

a51c7b6... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

[PATCH] Avoid router ri.process if initialize() fails

Gbp-Pq: avoid-router-ri.process-if-initialize-fails.patch.

1d4bed0... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

[PATCH] Add check for ha state

Gbp-Pq: add-check-for-ha-state.patch.

5f14a84... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28

Drop ryu from dependencies

Gbp-Pq: drop-ryu-dep.patch.

2dbeb62... by Corey Bryant on 2018-03-28


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: skip-iptest.patch.