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dc38b01... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

Import patches-applied version to applied/ubuntu/trusty-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2ba33c983e7a3d037f6ddcfd2047619ee30d19b7
Unapplied parent: 69bbb77a7dbd458a7a65c5cf6ad35dc9e5936f9d

New changelog entries:
  * netlink-fix-crash-in-netlink-monitor-validating-netlink-messages.patch:
  * netlink-simplify-netlink-message-validation.patch
    Apply the above patches prevent NM from crashing when passing in wrong
    pointer due to updated libnl. (LP: #1539634)

69bbb77... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

netlink: simplify netlink message validation

Gbp-Pq: netlink-simplify-netlink-message-validation.patch.

5984fc6... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

netlink: fix crash in netlink-monitor validating netlink messages

Gbp-Pq: netlink-fix-crash-in-netlink-monitor-validating-netlink-messages.patch.

68fa5a8... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

Use gateway returned from ModemManager

Gbp-Pq: use-the-gateway-from-ModemManager.patch.

49c30de... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

fix directory traversal issue resulting in connection

Gbp-Pq: CVE-2015-1322.patch.

2f9ef0a... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

Track killswitch change signals from urfkill

Gbp-Pq: ignore_rfkill_if_urfkill_is_present.patch.

1d152d0... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

Explicitly set the default interval for connectivity checking

Gbp-Pq: connectivity_check_default_interval.patch.

479dc36... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

Ignore the NLE_AF_NOSUPPORT error from libnl when setting a peer on IPv6

Gbp-Pq: ignore_ipv6_set_peer_nosupport.patch.

39b458a... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

[PATCH] wired: only request new secrets during the inital connection

Gbp-Pq: nm-wired-no-secret-rerequest.patch.

71a387b... by Ryan Harper on 2016-01-29

[PATCH] policy: don't reset retries after 5 minutes when a connection

Gbp-Pq: lp912702_fix_multiple_dialogs.patch.