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a3bece0... by Sergio Durigan Junior

5.9+dfsg-3ubuntu2 (patches applied)

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8430a88... by Sergio Durigan Junior

libsnmp, SSL: Increase extension buffer size to prevent a crash

Gbp-Pq: lp1912389-libsnmp-SSL-Increase-extension-buffer-size-to-preven.patch.

5c3bda5... by Sergio Durigan Junior

libsnmp: Handle certificate loading errors gracefully

Gbp-Pq: lp1912389-libsnmp-Handle-certificate-loading-errors-gracefully.patch.

5df4c2b... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Rename SNMP.3 to SNMP.3pm

Gbp-Pq: perl_makefile_man3pods.

60e6cf4... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Install pkgconfig as data

Gbp-Pq: pkgconfig_install_mode.

3d7cc48... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Link libnetsnmptrapd against MYSQL_LIBS

Gbp-Pq: Link-libnetsnmptrapd-against-MYSQL_LIBS.patch.

5947ee3... by Sergio Durigan Junior

snmpd.conf.5 cannot extend EXTEND

Gbp-Pq: snmpd_conf_5_ro_extend.

e727e4d... by Sergio Durigan Junior

swinst_apt: Use dpkg for modified date

Gbp-Pq: agent_swinst_dpkg_date.

1e0eef8... by Sergio Durigan Junior

Be quiet on access error

Gbp-Pq: agent_silent_eacces.

8fbe258... by Sergio Durigan Junior


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: cross.patch.