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2818a94... by Eric Desrochers

5.7.3+dfsg-5ubuntu1.2 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

c4115c7... by Eric Desrochers

HOST-MIB, hr_filesys: Fix Check_HR_FileSys_AutoFs()

Gbp-Pq: fix-check-hr-filesys-autofs.patch.

48112a0... by Eric Desrochers

fsys.h: put paranthesis around macros which are expressions

Gbp-Pq: put-paranthesis-around-macros-which-are-expressions.patch.

2b1d321... by Eric Desrochers

[PATCH] HOST-MIB: Fix a recently introduced bug

Gbp-Pq: autofs-fix-a-recently-introduced-bug.patch.

e39ff27... by Eric Desrochers

Skip autofs entries when calling statfs

Gbp-Pq: autofs-skip-autofs-entries.patch.

4b20173... by Eric Desrochers

use mysql_options() is {my_,}load_defaultS() is not available

Gbp-Pq: mysql-options.patch.

06f88d1... by Eric Desrochers

mysql: detect which init to use: mysql_init, MY_INIT, or my_init

Gbp-Pq: mysql-init.patch.

2b15709... by Eric Desrochers

detect if my_global.h and my_sys.h are available

Gbp-Pq: mysql8-headers.patch.

cb4b3b3... by Eric Desrochers

Use my_load_defaults if available

Gbp-Pq: my-load-defaults.patch.

4100df6... by Eric Desrochers

replace my_bool with char since the former was dropped in mysql8

Gbp-Pq: mysql8-replace-bool.patch.