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b0ee36e... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

Import patches-applied version 5.5.25+dfsg-1 to applied/debian/experimental

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 938fbe05302b916b02cb4f3e5011da11082eec5c
Unapplied parent: 7dd6510402356a9a0fa7b559bdd31935d53a6b94

New changelog entries:
  * Fixing regular expression in tests to guard against build path containing
    the '+' symbol (Closes: #674210)
  * Setting the gcc/g++ version to 4.5 on i386 platforms (cf. #674267)
  * Removed main_openssl_1 patch
  * Set SYSTEM_TYPE according to GNU Build System
  * In an effort to get a better handle on test coverage, made test failures
    on kfreebsd-i386 fatal and re-enabled full tests on hurd, skipped certain
    tests on kfreebsd and changed disabled tests to selectively skipped tests
  * Updated French translation (Closes: #674025)
  * Updated Dutch translation (Closes: #674124)
  * Updated Russian translation (Closes: #674189)
  * Updated Portuguese translation (Closes: #674953)
  * Updated Swedish translation (Closes: #675108)
  * Updated German translation (Closes: #675766)
  * Migrated libmysqlclient-dev, mysql-client-5.5, mysql-server-core-5.5
    and mysql-server-5.5 off dh_movefiles
  * Removed dh_movefiles override
  * Rewrote libmysqlclient_r linking stuff to generate
    ephemeral dh_link files so that the hack is more comprehensible
  * Stopped attempts to install non-existent files for libmysqlclient-dev
    and mysql-server-5.5
  * Added --fail-missing to dh_install to catch executables not being installed
  * Distributed unused resources amongst packages appropriately
  * Added fixes to mop up various permissions issues in auto-install rule
  * Enhanced documentation around the source package and the reasons for it
    being arch:any
  * Removed source cruft: debian/additions/*.1 (apart from mysqlreport.1)
  * Restored zlib1g-dev build dependency pending further investigation
  * Removed the numerical prefix from the patch files
  * Applied fix-mysqldump-test.patch from Ubuntu
  * Applied mysql-testsuite and mysql-client-core-5.5 package definitions
    from Ubuntu
  * Located and installed upstream changelog
  * Removed doxygen-latex, ghostscript as build dependency
    as these were needed only for the NDB docs
  * Added lintian overrides
    - spelling false positive: yuR
    - long lines in man pages that cannot be reformatted
    - missing symbols file (cf. #590905)
  * Added patch for hyphen/minus sign confusion
  * Dropped mailx to Suggests clause (Closes: #535496)
  * New upstream source
  * Refreshed patches
  * Standardized debian/watch and get-orig-source and made DFSG exclusion
    of Docs/mysql.info explicit (Closes: #673528)
  * Revert having libssl-dev as a build dependency and changed
    WITH_SSL option to 'bundled' from 'yes' (Closes: #590905)
    and (Closes: #673865)
  * Added patch to libmysql/CMakeLists.txt to restore symbol versioning
    and bumped dependency in shlibs (Closes: #660686)
  * Ensured that /etc/mysql/conf.d is installed as part of mysql-common
    so that client programs work without a co-located server (Closes: #672359)
  * Added versioned dependency on initscripts and revert /var/run
    to /run change (Closes: #676560)

7dd6510... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

versioned symbols got dropped from the build

Gbp-Pq: versioned_symbols.patch.

609a73c... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

Skipping certain tests on kfreebsd

Gbp-Pq: kfreebsd_fails.patch.

f8aaa81... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

FTBS when in build directory containing '+'

Gbp-Pq: regex_plus.patch.

6b845ba... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

minus/hyphen confusion

Gbp-Pq: hyphens-in-manpages.patch.

84e908b... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

Works around non-deterministic --verbose behavior in new

Gbp-Pq: fix-mysqldump-test.patch.

f92d088... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

spelling errors

Gbp-Pq: spelling.patch.

943406e... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

tests not getting started on kFreeBSD

Gbp-Pq: kfreebsd_tests.patch.

5c1cf9d... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

child process picking up external config files

Gbp-Pq: mysqlcheck_tests.patch.

154088e... by Nicholas Bamber on 2012-06-13

makes mtr look in the standard location from the

Gbp-Pq: fix_standalone_tests.patch.