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9ecaf0c... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

Import patches-applied version 3.34.0-2ubuntu1 to applied/ubuntu/eoan-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6f40a1eecebb299e63e8b402adaec97506044c8b
Unapplied parent: 7f11de164aa80c99209fe7e96585ef20a8587726

New changelog entries:
  * Merge with debian. Remaining changes:
    + debian/control:
      - Update VCS flags to point to launchpad
      - Update maintainer to ubuntu
    + debian/gbp.conf: update branch to point to ubuntu/master
    + debian/patches/x11-Add-support-for-fractional-scaling-using-Randr.patch:
      - X11: Add support for fractional scaling using Randr
  * d/p/core-Split-x11-display-initialization-in-2-signals.patch: Cherry-pick.
    Fixes starting up of gsd-xsettings on Wayland. (LP: #1843107)

7f11de1... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

tests: Tag 'closed-transient-no-input' tests as flaky

Gbp-Pq: debian/tests-Tag-closed-transient-no-input-tests-as-flaky.patch.

21b9fb0... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

backends/x11: Support input-synaptics, if present.

Gbp-Pq: debian/synaptics-support.patch.

36d438e... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13


Gbp-Pq: x11-Add-support-for-fractional-scaling-using-Randr.patch.

0fb7f5f... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

meson: add back default_driver option

Gbp-Pq: meson-add-back-default_driver-option.patch.

d9edb3a... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

theme: load icons as Gtk does with fallback and RTL support

Gbp-Pq: theme-load-icons-as-Gtk-does-with-fallback-and-RTL-suppor.patch.

31aff1b... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

theme: use gtk_render_icon_suface to paint button icon

Gbp-Pq: theme-use-gtk_render_icon_suface-to-paint-button-icon.patch.

d3c6cb1... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

build: Compile with `-ffloat-store` on x86 (32 bit)

Gbp-Pq: build-Compile-with-ffloat-store-on-x86-32-bit.patch.

d77ebb0... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

x11: Minor refactor of input focus handling code

Gbp-Pq: x11-Minor-refactor-of-input-focus-handling-code.patch.

4282efa... by Iain Lane on 2019-09-13

x11: Use the currently focused X window for _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW

Gbp-Pq: x11-Use-the-currently-focused-X-window-for-_NET_ACTIVE_WI.patch.