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5287988... by Chuck Short on 2008-04-30

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.5-2ubuntu3.1 to ubuntu/hardy-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 8e81cf35c1f065b552f02f3bb4fc5dc709fe6403

New changelog entries:
  * debian/munin-node.postinst
    - Restart munin-node to load new plugins. (LP: #224428)

8e81cf3... by Chuck Short on 2008-03-24

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.5-2ubuntu3 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7fd5a8a7e67a3106638c953413a096695b51c31b

New changelog entries:
  * Added patch to honour the pid_file configuration setting. Thanks to
    Remi Broemeling. (LP: #107735)
  * Update debian maintainers.
  * Update standards version.

7fd5a8a... by Chuck Short on 2008-02-25

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.5-2ubuntu2 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 5099ddc083f5078d8d0316b4c3e3b74f4a145207

New changelog entries:
  * Fix path examples in configuration templates.

5099ddc... by Chuck Short on 2008-02-21

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.5-2ubuntu1 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 808084234f25e2619d435a4eaebb26a800836f19

New changelog entries:
  * Added addtional filesystems to be excluded. (LP: #175297)

8080842... by Loic Dachary on 2007-08-07

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.5-2 to ubuntu/hardy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 446b9fe38a92240ad8b9dd1ac95b0d957cffdff7

New changelog entries:
  * apply patch that reads the default file, closes: #370347

  * control: add Loic Dachary (OuoU) <email address hidden> to Uploaders

  * control: standard version 3.7.2

446b9fe... by Tore Anderson <email address hidden> on 2006-10-17

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.5-1 to ubuntu/feisty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: dea3b351b6a1671eff59e9fe732916baaf7868e4

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release.
      - Replace calls to net_write() with print(), closes: #388789.
      - Replace calls to Net::Domain::hostfqdn() with a combination of
        Sys::Hostname::hostname() and gethostbyname(), closes: #307462,
        closes: #390815.
      - Handle errors opening the stats file in munin-update, closes: #329204.
      - Improves the default fonts in RRDtool 1.2, which caused some labels to
        line-wrap, reducing readability. Closes: #361585.
      - munin-node-configure-snmp now handles errors better, closes: #320455.
      - Plugin generic/multips is now sorted under Processes, closes: #312521.
      - Plugin linux/apt_all now correctly counts held packages, and also
        considers the distribution "stable", closes: #314610.
  * debian/control, debian/rules, debian/NEWS:
      - Add support for building a package containing the contrib plugins,
        closes: #306861. Patch from Marc Haber, thanks!
  * debian/munin-node.init, debian/munin.cron.d:
      - Recreate /var/run/munin on boot if it is absent. This is a work-around
        for brain-damage in Ubuntu, where this directory goes AWOL every time
        the machine is booted. Closes: #380434.
  * debian/control:
      - The link to the example installation was broken, instead point to the
        home page where there'll always be a link to a live one.
  * debian/munin-node.init:
      - Handle pidofproc() supplying the correct return code in the situation
        where the daemon is dead while the pid file exists. This was a bug
        in lsb-base (#381684) up to and including version 3.1-10.
      - Add LSB run-time dependency information.
  * debian/munin.cron.d:
      - Change the time of the daily forced munin-limits run so it doesn't
        start at the same time as the munin-cron process, which appeared to
        cause a race condition that made munin-limits report all values as 0.
  * debian/plugins.conf:
      - Run the ip_ plugin as the root user, closes: #373768.
  * debian/copyright:
      - The new upstream release bundles Bitstream Vera Mono, include its

dea3b35... by Tore Anderson <email address hidden> on 2005-12-13

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.4-1 to ubuntu/dapper

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 703e92bab13bd927600d4bceddf64c9ebf9d8ab8

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release.
      - Plugin linux/iostat now supports c#d#p#-named devices, closes: #309263.
      - Plugin generic/postfix_mailvolume should now correctly detect a
        Postfix installation, closes: #341265, #306591.
  * debian/munin-node.init, debian/control:
      - Fix killproc() call, whose interface changed in lsb-base 3.0-10.
        Version the dependency accordingly. Closes: #339952.
  * server/munin-cron.in, server/munin-graph.in, server/munin-limits.in:
      - Reverted to unmodified upstream versions, as the patches applied to
        1.2.3 has been merged into the upstream tree.

703e92b... by Tore Anderson <email address hidden> on 2005-09-10

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.3-3 to ubuntu/breezy

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: d4cc388fe301d6734630d60e0b042aa79b4cb00a

New changelog entries:
  * debian/munin.preinst (removed), debian/munin.postinst, debian/munin.postrm,
    debian/munin-node.preinst (removed), debian/munin-node.postinst:
      - Remove all code that handled upgrades from versions earlier than
        1.2.3-1. In a way this closes: #308008.
  * debian/munin.postrm, debian/munin-node.postrm:
      - Replace "test -o" bashism with "||".
  * debian/munin-node.cron.d:
      - Update APT's package index files periodically if the apt_all plugin
        enabled, too. Patch by Tommi Virtanen, thanks! Closes: #317278.
  * debian/control:
      - Remove conflict declarations on the old LRRD packages.
      - Make munin-node suggest ethtool, closes: #311603.
      - Make Munin depend on rrdtool instead of merely suggesting it. This is
        a workaround for bug #323975 and its duplicates.
      - Add a dependency on adduser for both packages.
      - Increment standards-version to, no changes required.
  * debian/munin-node.init, debian/control:
      - Reimplemented Munin-Node's init script using LSB functions.
        Closes: #326912, #326913.
      - Add a dependency on lsb-base for Munin-Node.
  * server/munin-graph.in, debian/control:
      - Replaced the patch from 1.2.3-2 with the upstream one from SVN revision
        954. This re-enables support for RRDtool 1.0, so the versioned
        dependency on librrds-perl is dropped.
  * server/munin-cron.in:
      - Swallow bogus output from RRDtool, closes: #326061. This is a
        (hopefully temporary) workaround for bug #325353.
  * server/munin-graph.in:
      - Gave up waiting for the new upstream release, and applied Robert
        Loomans' patch to make Munin support RRDtool 1.2, closes: #324605,
        closes: #325280. Thanks, Robert! Note that this breaks compability
        with RRDtool 1.0. Sarge users should wait for the new upstream release
        which will support both RRDtool 1.0 and 1.2.
  * debian/control:
      - Made the munin package depend on librrds-perl in versions 1.2 or above.

d4cc388... by Tore Anderson <email address hidden> on 2005-04-03

Import patches-unapplied version 1.2.3-1 to ubuntu/hoary

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1d1137a546f2d005b9e75e9fd0d8c038bd0c97b1

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, targeted at Sarge.
      - Plugin linux/sensors_ now handles yet another form of output from the
        sensors(1) utility, closes: #300690.
      - Plugin generic/postfix_mailstats now shouldn't include rejects from
        the cleanup daemon in the total count, closes: #302220.
      - Munin-update no longer emits Perl warnings to stdout, closes: #302502.
  * server/munin-limits.in, debian/NEWS:
      - Apply patch from trunk which redirects all stdout and stderr from the
        program being run to the log, closes: #301196. The references to this
        functionality has been corrected in the NEWS file, and also in the
        example config file.
  * debian/control:
      - Increment standards-version to, no changes required.
  * debian/munin.docs:
      - Include README-apache-cgi.
  * node/munin-node.in:
      - Fix mis-merge of the optional user patch, restoring per-plugin
        group setting. Thanks to Andras Korn for reporting and
        Robert Loomans for patch (Closes: #299589).

  * node/munin-node.in, node/munin-run.in:
      - Allow root for the per-plugin group directive.

  * Fix autoconf for the linux/nfs* plugins.
  * node/munin-node.in, node/munin-run.in:
      - Allow plugins to specify users to run as if present, while falling
        gracefully back on the default user if the specified user doesn't
        exists. Patch grabbed from upstream CVS.
  * debian/plugins.conf:
      - Run the postfix_mailqueue plugin as the postfix user only if it exists.
  * New upstream release.
      - Plugin linux/irqstats now handles blank lines in /proc/interrupts,
        closes: #296452.
      - Plugins generic/apache_* could in some cases cause spurious spikes,
        this has now been fixed. Closes: #296454, #296645.
      - Plugin linux/df_inode now handles devices with hyphens in their names
        correctly, closes: #298442.
      - Plugin generic/exim_mailstats now graphs rejects, closes: #295799.
      - Earlier versions of munin-update could in some cases complain about
        "nested quantifiers in regex", now fixed. Closes: #296575.
      - Fixes some broken HTML in the templates, closes: #296676.
      - Updates over very slow connections are now handled more gracefully,
        closes: #298108.
  * debian/rules, debian/plugins.conf, debian/NEWS:
      - Do not include contrib plugins in the munin-node package anymore.
        Sort-of closes: #296533, #297451, #297628, #297904, #298895.
  * debian/rules, debian/munin-node.postinst:
      - Delay startup of the node significantly, as it may require other
        monitored services (e.g. ntpd) to be already running. Also change the
        startup time if the package is being upgraded, if the current init
        configuration is the old package's defaults. Closes: #298793, thanks
        to Stephen Gran for noticing.
  * debian/plugins.conf:
      - Run the Courier-MTA and Postfix plugins with necessary additional
        privileges so they work out of the box, closes: #297654, #296985.
        Thanks to Charles Fry and Juraj Bednar for pointing this out.
      - The smart_ plugin is now run as root (which is necessary).
  * debian/control:
      - Suggest acpi over lm-sensors, and not the other way around as it was
        earlier. Both the acpi and sensors_ plugins achieve the same thing,
        but the former is auto while the latter is manual.
      - Remove the hddtemp suggestion and replace it with smartmontools,
        closes: #296361. The hddtemp* plugins was replaced with
        hddtemp_smartctl in 1.2.0.
      - Suggest python (>= 2.2), used by the smart_ plugin.
      - A few minor rewrites in the descriptions.
  * debian/munin-node.manpages:
      - Include munin-node-configure-snmp(8).
  * server/munin-limits.in:
      - Reverted to upstream version, as the patched required in 1.2.0-1 have
        been merged.
  * New upstream release, closes: #264878, #293499, #290099:
      - Many plugins have changed type from COUNTER to DERIVE, to avoid
        spurious spikes when the counters are mistakenly assumed to have
        wrapped. This change may cause empty graphs to occur, take care to
        read NEWS.Debian before upgrading the "munin-node" package!
        Closes: #225623, #233762.
      - Munin-update no longer truncates long field names, closes: #256370.
        This may in some cases cause empty graphs, please read NEWS.Debian for
        more information before upgrading the "munin" package.
      - Replaces the old Nagios-specific integration with a much more generic
        framework for sending alerts to wherever you want. As a side effect,
        this closes: #291168.
      - Corrects an erroneous commented example in munin.conf, closes: #294060.
      - The munin-node.conf setting default_plugin_user now actually works as
        advertised, closes: #295366, #295367.
      - Plugin generic/bind9 now source its configuration from %ENV,
        closes: #268142, #272049.
      - Plugin generic/amavis now autodetects how to correctly invoke logtail,
        closes: #284638, #288395.
      - Plugin generic/squid_cache now correctly calculates cache size when
        using multiple cache directories, closes: #288579.
      - Plugin generic/postfix_mailstats now defaults to reading from a more
        correct log file, closes: #291720.
      - Plugin generic/postfix_mailstats now correctly identifies the reject
        code as newer Postfix versions logs them, closes: #292110.
      - Plugin generic/postfix_mailvolume now has a improved graph_title (that
        is not the same as the title of generic/postfix_mailstats).
        Closes: #292083.
      - Plugin generic/named now defaults to reading from a more correct log
        file, closes: #291849.
      - Plugin linux/fw_forwarded_local now correctly reports 0 instead of
        NaN in some situations, closes: #284673.
      - Plugin linux/iostat now ingores devices that have had no I/O operations
        whatsoever and thus are assumed to be unused, closes: #267195.
      - New plugin: linux/forks. Closes: #225638.
      - New plugin: linux/uptime. Closes: #283622.
      - New plugin: linux/irqstats. Closes: #224990.
      - New plugin: generic/courier_. Closes: #291854.
      - New plugin: generic/perdition. Closes: #291855.
  * debian/NEWS:
      - Document the changes that may lead to data loss when upgrading from
        Munin 1.0.x, and also write a bit about the new munin-limits framework.
  * debian/control:
      - Add dependency on perl-modules (>= 5.8.0) | libparse-recdescent-perl
        for the main munin package, as munin-limits requires Text::Balanced.
      - Add libdate-manip-perl as a recommended package for the munin package,
        as the new CGI functionality depends on it.
      - Change libnet-snmp-perl to be a recommended package for munin-node
        instead of only suggested, as the new munin-node-configure-snmp
        requires it.
  * debian/Makefile.config:
      - Install the new CGI in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/, as mandated by the Debian
        Policy Manual.
  * debian/munin.cron.d, debian/munin.manpages, debian/munin.logrotate,
      - The new upstream release includes "munin-limits", which supersede
        "munin-nagios". Update the installed manual pages, cron jobs,
        logrotate configuration, and purge script accordingly.
  * debian/plugins.conf:
      - Plugin linux/fw_conntrack is now run as root as this file recently has
        changed to not be world readable, closes: #291226.
      - Plugin linux/if_ is now run as root in order to probe the speed of the
        network interface.
  * debian/munin.postinst, debian/munin-node.postinst, debian/munin.postrm,
      - Use dpkg-statoverride to handle the permissions on the data and log
  * server/munin-limits.in:
      - Change lock file directory to match that of munin-update, munin-graph,
        and munin-html (grabbed from upstream CVS).
      - Fix a string comparsions where the "==" operator was used instead of
        "eq" (grabbed from upstream CVS).
  * debian/munin.postinst:
      - Only change user and group ownership on the data files from "lrrd" to
        "munin" when the package is first installed, not on every upgrade.
  * New upstream release:
      - Expands @@ macros in man pages, closes: #286399.
      - Fixes bug in munin-run %ENV untainting, closes: #285173.
      - Fixes template variable escaping and other XHTML errors, closes: #287435
        (based on patch by Tommi Virtanen <email address hidden>).
      - hddtemp plugin calls hddtemp -n to avoid having to parse its output,
        closes: #282021.
  * Add Suggests: for programs and perl modules needed by plugins but not
    the services they monitor, closes: #272148, #270090.
  * New upstream release.
  * New upstream release:
      - Fixes typo in linux/fw_forwarded_local, closes: #275535.
      - Fixes typo in linux/fw_packets, closes: #275537.
      - Plugin generic/acpi now autodetects correctly even if the acpi version
        does not contain the acpi_available program, closes: #275538.
  * debian/plugins.conf:
      - Run the spamstats plugin with the group adm, closes: #278765.
      - Sorted the entries alphabetically.
  * New upstream release, fixing the follwing:
    - munin-graph spews uninitialized value in concatenation [precedence
      error], thanks to Don Armstrong (Closes: #267185).
  * Run the hddtemp plugins as root, write access to the device isn't
  * New upstream release, fixing the following:
    - [munin-graph/1.0] multiple .negative options is broken,
      thanks to Andre TOmt (Closes: #250982).
    - [plugin:hddtemp2/1.0] Must run under "C" locale (Closes: #253497).
    - munin-node: LANG-dependant behaviour changes (Closes: #255312).
    - [plugin:sensors_temp/1.0] Omits temperature values without
      max and/or hysteresis value(s), thanks to Elmar Hoffmann
      (Closes: #256380).
    - [plugin:sensors_volt/1.0] Omits negative voltages, thanks to Elmar
      Hoffmann (Closes: #256734).
    - [plugin:ipac_ng/1.0] Syntax error, thanks to Stefani
      Banerian (Closes: #264714).
    - [plugin:hddtemp2/1.0] Ignores env.ignore (it's not supposed
      to, really! :), thanks to Michel Meyers (Closes: #265022).
    - munin-node: plugin iostat_ios has improper magic file
      marker, thanks to Micah Anderson (Closes: #262708).
  * Set Maintainer: to the Munin team address.
  * Add Tore Anderson and myself to Uploaders:
  * Make the hddtemp plugins run as group "disk" to ensure access to the
  * New upstream release.

1d1137a... by Tore Anderson <email address hidden> on 2004-05-21

Import patches-unapplied version 0+1.0.0pre5-1 to ubuntu/warty

Imported using git-ubuntu import.