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6c82238... by Matthias Klose

1.9.9-1+deb9u1ubuntu1 (patches applied)

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

4730990... by Matthias Klose

security fix for CVE-2017-5934, XSS in GUI editor related code

Gbp-Pq: security-fix-for-CVE-2017-5934-XSS-in-GUI-editor-rel.patch.

a00ca7d... by Matthias Klose


No DEP3 Subject or Description header found

Gbp-Pq: fix_wrong_digestmod_of_hmac.new_calls.patch.

751894b... by Matthias Klose

[PATCH] Implement an incremental dump process.

Gbp-Pq: incremental-dump.patch.

ad27926... by Matthias Klose

Add support for external account creation checker program

Gbp-Pq: external_account_creation_check.patch.

1dfb07a... by Matthias Klose

Add support for requiring new accounts to be verified by email

Gbp-Pq: mail-verification.patch.

76ff0db... by Matthias Klose

Add simple support for using recaptcha

Gbp-Pq: recaptcha.patch.

cea8bbf... by Matthias Klose

Use system-wide support libraries

Gbp-Pq: use_systemwide_libs.patch.

99e219d... by Matthias Klose

folder with static web pages are moved to /usr/share/moin/htdocs

Gbp-Pq: htdocs_moved_to_usr_share_moin.patch.

c0cf672... by Matthias Klose

disable GUI editor if FCKeditor missing

Gbp-Pq: disable_gui_editor_if_fckeditor_missing.patch.