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514e938... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-10-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.1.0~beta2+bzr5454-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 729d34ef3466ea593edbb9b8d05adfb8d438cff7

New changelog entries:
  * MAAS new upstream bugfix release. MAAS 2.1.0b2-bzr5454 (FFe LP: #1629909):
    - [2.1] Bootloaders not downloaded on initial import (LP: #1630394)
    - Cryptic error when PXE-boot requires an image not yet imported (LP: #1611949)
    - [2.0, 2.1, UI] MAAS webui allows boot disk to be changed on an
      already deployed node (LP: #1625676)
    - [2.1] Rename "Networks" tab to "Subnets" (LP: #1630591)
    - [2.1] netaddr assumes MAC OUI is ascii (LP: #1628761)
    - [2.1, 2.0] Can't input dynamic range on "Enable DHCP" after I deleted
      the dynamic range (LP: #1619262)
    - Machine unable to pxe with no-such-image while non-related images are
      being imported (LP: #1612203)
    - External DHCP detection is broken for a variety of reasons (LP: #1628645)
    - [2.1] expected string or bytes-like object (LP: #1627362)
    - [2.1] When trying to release a node, it gets stuck in releasing if
      there is no rack controller to power control (LP: #1614659)
    - WebUI needs a filter for deployed OS (LP: #1445941)
  * MAAS new upstream release. MAAS 2.1.0b1-bzr5433 (FFe LP: #1629909):
    - Support for new version of streams.
    - Bootloaders are now downloaded from the streams.
    - Support for Low Latency kernels.
    - Support for new hardware enablement kernels.
    - Device discovery
      - UI ability to Map a network as an action.
      - Ability to select interval of active discovery.
      - Ability to enable active discovery per subnet.
  * Remove old template files on package removal.

729d34e... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-08-17

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0+bzr5189-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 36502ce5b8ed3cbe885bd9411b1929e422a22008

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 bzr5189:
    - Cluster Controllers now deprecated. Introducing Rack Controllers.
      + Machine no longer belong to Rack Controllers.
      + High availability it is now supported.
      + Rack Controllers manage DHCP on the Fabric Level.
    - Region Controller high availability and scalability.
      + Ability to configure multiple Region Controller API endpoints.
    - API 1.0 has been deprecated. Introducing new API 2.0.
    - MAAS is introducing IP Ranges and deprecated the Static Range.
      + MAAS now controls the whole subnet.
      + The static Range has now been deprecated.
      + Users can now only create a dynamic or reserved range.
    - MAAS Static Range has been deprecated. MAAS Controls the whole Subnet.
    - New networks GUI.
    - MAAS now fully manages DNS.
    - Extended Storage Support. Includes:
      + XFS, Mount Options, Swap Partitions, tmpfs/ramfs.
    - Adding support for DHCP Snippets.
      + Creates extra custom DHCP config at the Node, Subnet and Global level.
    - MAAS Proxy is now managed by MAAS.
    - Service Tracking. MAAS now tracks status of the several services it runs.

36502ce... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-07-28

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~rc4+bzr5187-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e708687d98f99ecc883696e9f78ff1b2d80b8208

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 RC4 bzr5187:
    - Mirror URL contains double slash (/) after hostname, impacting
      proxy cachaility. (LP: #1592666)
    - [2.0rc2] Static IP address are allowed to be created in a dynamic
      range. (LP: #1604461)
    - When juju adds containers to MAAS, ensure they inherit the parent
      machine domain name, if none is passed by Juju. (LP: #1604461)
    - UI error while generating a MAAS key (token). (LP: #1611342)
    - apiclient.maas_client.MAASClient.post() always sets an op in
      the query string (LP: #1610414)

e708687... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-07-28

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~rc3+bzr5180-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 706c1c47467038647427886314b24f649b313cff

New changelog entries:
  * Really fix by the determination of the default gateway, otherwise
    automatically chose localhost. (LP: #1607112)

706c1c4... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-07-22

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~rc3+bzr5180-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b045a183116cbaecebdbdf0e73b679966f682154

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 RC3 bzr5180:
    - CLI version command doesn't work (2.0) (LP: #1557434)
    - [2.0rc1] MAAS does not respect default subnet's DNS server when
      choosing default DNS (LP: #1576116)
    - [2.0RC1] MAAS displays every power query on the summarized view of
      node event log (LP: #1594991)
    - [2.0] Loading latest machine events can make web browser
      unresponsive (LP: #1598028)
    - [2.0rc1] MAAS doesn't honor DNS settings for a subnet for
      DHCP (LP: #1600720)
    - [2.0rc1] drop arm64/efi grub module workaround (LP: #1600285)
    - maas login yields "ImportError: No module named
      'maasserver'" (LP: #1604169)
    - [doc] events API limit,before, after options not
      documented (LP: #1604901)
    - RackController.get_image_sync_status causes huge load
      on regiond process (LP: #1604465)
    - [2.0b8] MAAS is automatically monitoring timeouts. (LP: #1598149)
    - [2.0] Error messaging about monitor expiry has been
      dropped (LP: #1605252)
    - [2.0rc2] Can't get node-results via cli/api (LP: #1602721)
    - node set to "failed deployment" for no visible reason (LP: #1604962)
    - Event log should always include a reason why a node was
      marked Failed Deployment (LP: #1604987)
  * If no default route is present in the system, configure maas_url on
    regiond.conf to localhost to allow the user to tell MAAS what IP to use.

b045a18... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-07-06

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~rc2+bzr5156-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 42dac524911675a4c1ec1cc61978b75de27538f3

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 RC2 bzr5156:
    - Pick up wrong grub.cfg if another filesystem exists (LP: #1582070)
    - [2.0] confusing reverse DNS lookups because MAAS creates multiple
      PTR records (LP: #1599223)
    - [2.0] reverse DNS sometimes assigns FQDN where it should assign
      IFACE.FQDN (LP: #1600259)
    - [2.0rc1] after upgrade from 2.0b3, Error on request (13)
      subnet.list: 'NoneType' object is not iterable (LP: #1599997)
    - [2.0rc1] Image import dates are inconsistent (LP: #1598461)
    - [2.0rc1] Following fresh install maas command fails
      PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:
      '/home/ubuntu/.maascli.db' (LP: #1598937)
    - [1.9.3,2.0] cannot create more than 4 partitions when disk is
      configured with mbr (LP: #1597787)
    - [1.9,2.0,UX] Can't add aliases when parent interface is set to
      'DCHP' (LP: #1600267)
    - [1.9,2.0,UX] Creating a Bcache disk is not prevented when is not
      created in partition (LP: #1600198)

42dac52... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-06-28

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~rc1+bzr5143-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c83b11e03038060703d63d928f2c41491a3097b1

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 RC1 bzr5143:
    - Determine a method for how to reconnect a deleted rack controller (LP: #1576357)
    - [2.0b7, regression] maas-rack register makes up a new hostname (LP: #1592246)
    - [2.0b8] HMC power driver regression -- Not able to connect via SSH. (LP: #1595753)
    - [2.0b7] Date and time format should be consistent accross logs (LP: #1592885)
    - [2.0b8] Unable to set default gateway interface (LP: #1597324)
    - [1.9] VMware power management fails when VMs are organized in nested subfolders (LP: #1515188)
    - [2.0] maas 2.0 pxeboot fails on PowerNV (LP: #1596046)
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 beta8 bzr5134:
    - Allow ed25519 and ecdsa ssh keys (LP: #1590081)
    - [2.0b2, UI] Can't add a device and it does not show why. (LP: #1462078)
    - [2.0b3] Interfaces on region controllers are not
      discovered (LP: #1573626)
    - [2.0b4, UI] No feedback when failing to assign static IP address on
      the Node Details Page (LP: #1562107)
    - [2.0b5] No way to read settings, like proxy, for non-admin
      users (LP: #1583670)
    - [2.0b5] Commissing with LVM breaks deployments (LP: #1585016)
    - [2.0b5] dns templates still in /etc/maas/templates (LP: #1581729)
    - [2.0b6] django.db.utils.IntegrityError: insert or update on
      table "piston3_consumer" (LP: #1588907)
    - [2.0b6] Image status stays out-of-sync after adding custom image (LP: #1581130)
    - [2.0b6] core count not updated during commissioning if MAAS
      previously stored a higher core count (LP: #1590144)
    - [2.0b7] Adding rack controller instructions could be in the
      GUI (LP: #1592282)
    - [2.0b7] Enlisting output returns objects (LP: #1592132)
    - [2.0b7, UI] Can't sort IP addresses under a subnet details
      page (LP: #1592137)
    - [2.0b7] Nodes API doesn't show regions (LP: #1593789)
  * /etc/maas/templates/dns is obsolete. (LP: #1581729)
  * Switch to OpenSSH for SSH public key validation. Previously
    Twisted's conch was used but it does not yet support the newer ecdsa
    and ed25519 key types. (LP: #1590081)
  * debian/control: maas-region-api depends on maas-cli.
  * debian/maas-region-api.postinst: Ensure rsyslog is restarted.
  * debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Ensure maas_url ends with 5240.
  * Versioned Depend on squid
  * debian/maas-region-controller.config: Ensure dbc_go is not run when
    dbconfig common is not yet installed.
  * Wait for squid to finish starting before returning from the start command.
    LP: #1592954

c83b11e... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-06-06

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~beta7+bzr5112-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/yakkety-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1cd594c8ae0148af747256bc5de3d4c704beceb0

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 beta 7 bzr5112:
   - [2.0b5] p.refresh.get_swap_size misconverting units (LP: #1587896)
   - get_interfaces_definition is not thread-safe (LP: #1587896)
   - [2.0] Cannot create an IP reservation with a hostname (LP: #1590021)
   - [2.0b5] request to http://.../MAAS/metadata/status/<systemdid>/latest
     failed (LP: #1581723)
   - [2.0b4] Rack Controller fail to update commissioning info? (LP: #1577953)
   - [2.0b6, UI] When I delete a fabric, it takes me back to the
     Node listing page (LP: #1589562)
   - [2.0b6, UI] When I delete a space, it takes me back to the
     Node listing page (LP: #1589596)
   - [2.0b5, UI] No form validation when adding a subnet, space,
     fabric or vlan (LP: #1588298)
   - [2.0b6, UI] Message "No IP ranges have been reserved for this subnet."
     doesn't go away after adding IP Range (LP: #1589606)
   - [2.0b6, UI] Can't add a VLAN over the WebUI (LP: #1589583)
   - [2.6b6, UI] Adding a fabric with an optional name ends up with a new
     fabric with automatically assigned name (LP: #1589560)
   - [2.6b6, UI] Adding a space with an optional name ends up with a new
     space with automatically assigned name (LP: #1589595)
   - Auto detection of running virtual environment during commissioning
     almost always fails (LP: #1590946)
   - [2.0b6] Cannot allocate a node based on its system_id (LP: #1590991)
   - [2.0,1.9] 3rd party HP drivers (archive hostname renamed) - deployment
     fails (LP: #1591093)
   - [2.0b4 UI] MAAS WebUI doesn't quickly refresh when deleting
     machines (LP: #1581219)
   - [2.0b4] Can attempt to commission enlisted nodes without chosen
     power type (LP: #1579215)
   - [2.0b6] Can edit fabric and subnet on deployed node (LP: #1590499)
   - [2.0b6] some arm64 systems need ipmi_ssif module in addition to
     ipmi_si (LP: #1591395)
   - [2.0] maas createadmin fails (LP: #1591346)
   - [2.0b6] Attempting to delete a VLAN that cannot be deleted, shows
     traceback in regiond.log (LP: #1589587)
   - [2.0b6] Commisioning fails on machines without HW
     virtualization (LP: #1591958)
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 beta 6 bzr5073:
    - Spurious failures in test_regionservice (LP: #1572646)
    - use http for stream mirror, not https (LP: #1582836)
    - MAAS version API call should not require authentication (LP: #1583715)
    - Detect and identify NIC SR-IOV capability (LP: #1572740)
    - [1.9,2.0]Commissioning fails when BIOS reports floppy drive,
      but there is none installed (LP: #1584211)
    - [1.9,2.0] DNS record created against IPv6 address when it is not
      on the PXE interface (LP: #1584850)
    - [2.0] MaaS 2.0 BMC information not removed when nodes are removed (LP: #1586555)
    - [2.0] IPMI driver does not handle timeouts correctly (LP: #1508741)
    - [2.0] Display RAM amount to the first decimal place in the UI (LP: #1585759)
    - [2.0] Expose the refresh rack controller action over the UI (LP: #1585760)
    - [2.0] Rename maas-nodegrou-worker to MAAS (LP: #1585768)
    - [2.0a1] MAAS should ensure that BMC password is correct before
      saving (LP: #1553841)
    - [2.0b2] DNS zone serials are not stable (LP: #1571645)
    - [2.0b2] If you deploy a machine in MAAS, and manually install a
      rack controller in it, it disappears from the machine list" (LP: #1570985)
    - [2.0b3] rack / region controllers are visible to non-admins (LP: #1576417)
    - [2.0b4] external maas-rack-controller logs to syslog instead of
      maas.log (LP: #1577972)
    - [2.0b4] twisted.internet.error.ConnectionDone: Connection was
      closed cleanly. (LP: #1580817)
    - [2.0b4 UI/API] No notifications rack controller is disconnected.
      No power type available (LP: #1581318)
    - [2.0b5] AMT machines using wsman do not netboot (LP: #1580350)
    - [2.0b5] When installing secondary region controller on its on,
      last image sync is never (LP: #1581737)
    - [2.0b5] Can't force the import of images per Rack Controller (LP: #1583685)
    - [2.0b5] After changing proxy, MAAS cannot install images (LP: #1585649)
    - [2.0b5] MAAS doesn't import default images automatically (LP: #1584936)
    - [2.0b5] Trying to assign an IP address statically to a device results
      in builtins.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute
      'link_subnet' (LP: #1558635)
    - [2.0b5] duplicate key on startup: Key (vid, fabric_id)=(2, 0)
      already exists. (LP: #1583333)
    - [2.0b5] Deployed regions should be able to transistion back to
      machines (LP: #1588531)
    - [2.0b5] domain details page does not update as the domain contents
      change (LP: #1581224)
    - [2.0b5] Cannot disable DHCP if you remove the subnet first ("Cannot
      configure DHCP: At least one dynamic range is required.") (LP: #1583392)
    - [2.0b5] builtins.ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10 (LP: #1588846)
    - [2.0, UI] Bulk actions-Nodes action doesn’t apply should be red (LP: #1585628)
    - [2.0, UI] Add fabric, VLAN, Space show's badly place form (LP: #1587936)
    - [2.0, UI] 'Commission' a node under the Node Listing Page shows actions
      not correctly formatted. (LP: #1587939)
    - [2.0, UI] Add domain show's badly place form (LP: #1587998)
    - [2.0, UI] There's no spacing between combo boxes under the Machine
      Details page (LP: #1588000)
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 beta 5 bzr5026:
    - [UI 2.0b1] Impossible to change subnet CIDR or gateway with
      instant editing (LP: #1572076)
    - [UI 2.0b1] Network details page doesn't have CSS for
      editting (LP: #1568102)
    - [UI 2.0b2] Can't edit fabric's, vlans, subnets from the
      WebUI (LP: #1571670)
    - [UI 2.0b2] Can't add/edit/delete IP ranges through UI (LP: #1571672)
    - [UI/Backend 2.0b2] Can't delete a rack controller from the Rack
      Details Page (LP: #1570990)
    - [UI 2.0b3] interface addresses on rack controller details page
      not updated automatically (LP: #1576267)
    - [UI 2.0b4] Actions list is unordered (LP: #1577386)
    - [UI 2.0b4] I can 'add special filesystem' when the machine is
      deployed (LP: #1580827)
    - [1.9] wrong subnet in DHCP answer when multiple networks are
      present (LP: #1521618)
    - [2.0] include maas resetMachine() API primitive (LP: #1536346)
    - [2.0] Re-commissioning doesn't detect storage changes (LP: #1575567)
    - [2.0] Expose custom network in non ubuntu deployments (LP: #1570002)
    - [2.0a4] Reserved IP ranges should be allowed to be created by
      standard users (LP: #1580260)
    - [2.0b2] 6 Core system is listed as having a single CPU (LP: #1542353)
    - [2.0b2] Cannot delete a rack controller that was previously a
      'machine' (LP: #1570995)
    - [2.0b3] IP Ranges section on the subnet page should be shown
      even if no ranges (LP: #1576758)
    - [2.0b3] Tag changes depend on rack / cluster connection (LP: #1372544)
    - [2.0b4] Rack Controller fail to update commissioning info? (LP: #1577953)
    - [2.0b4] Rack Controller mark-broken / mark-fixed (LP: #1577954)
    - [2.0b4] Registering external rack controller tracebacks (LP: #1577970)
    - [2.0b4] RackControllerService flooding log with:
      'RegionAdvertisingService' object has no attribute 'processId' (LP: #1578800)
    - [2.0b4] set_initial_networking_configuration shouldn't raise
      ValidationError (LP: #1580405)
    - [2.0b4] Disks less than 4MB in size cause a traceback on the
      MAAS server (LP: #1580280)
    - [2.0b4] Rack Controller details page shows "never" under last
      image sync (LP: #1577974)
    - [2.0b4] Machines successfully commission but don't get marked
      'Ready' (LP: #1580285)
    - [2.0b4] Region RPC losing connection and raising exception (LP: #1581654)
    - [2.0b4] unregisterConnection() missing 1 required positional
      argument: 'host' (LP: #1580771)
  * debian/maas-dhcp.posinst: Pipe error messages correctly to not show
    messages when disabling isc-dhcp-server init scripts. (LP: #1570911)
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 beta 4 bzr4985:
    - Disk erasing with Xenial results it abnormal poweroff (LP: #1527634)
    - UI Nodes page shows 'ascii' codec can't decode byte (LP: #1555864)
    - When power_type changed to manual "power_state" was not set to "unknown" (LP: #1574003)
    - MAAS Rack Controller doesn't log when it is importing images. (LP: #1571007)
    - rackd fails to register vlan interfaces with "vlan" naming scheme (LP: #1575945)
    - Traceback deleting fabric (LP: #1573492)
    - adding files with paths in the filename confuses maas (LP: #1566108)
    - MAAS does not add node to DNS Domain (LP: #1571621)
    - tag only supports 'nodes' and and not 'machines' or 'controller's (LP: #1573644)
    - enlistment fails: /tmp/sh.UZ7qJT/bin/maas-enlist: archdetect: not found (LP: #1573264)
    - creating a dnsresource-record at the root of a zone should allow fqdn= (LP: #1562919)
    - In the domain details pages, sometimes names have links to nodes when they should not (LP: #1573690)
    - Can't power on/off Rack Controller (LP: #1576854)
    - ipranges create raises incorrect error for missing type (LP: #1573660)
    - fabric and space pages fail to update automatically (LP: #1557597)
    - Subnet page doesn't show which machine or device owns an IP address (LP: #1567150)
    - MAAS Controller listing page doesn't indicate whne a rack is downloading images (LP: #1571680)
    - Deleting user in UI leads to 500 (LP: #1573219)
    - maas enlistment of power8 found ipmi 1.5 should do ipmi 2.0 (LP: #1556219)
  * debian/extras/20-maas.conf: Better organize rsyslog logs.

1cd594c... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-04-20

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~beta3+bzr4941-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/xenial-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0b2de2b169665b0dc690e9b40c524a3d676cee5e

New changelog entries:
  * New upstream release, 2.0.0 beta 3 bzr4941 (Standing FFe LP: #1553261)
  * Remove some leftover references to Cluster.
  * Run debconf-updatepo.

0b2de2b... by Andres Rodriguez on 2016-04-16

Import patches-unapplied version 2.0.0~beta2+bzr4920-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/xenial-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9bbd4fd13dfe5746c0aa3ff544f642a467983319

New changelog entries:
  * debian/control: Add missing dep on python3-httplib2