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b39877b... by Ike Panhc on 2012-04-03

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2.0-1602.5 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 398bf23ed67f00b04a0c7870ee800097b124e205

New changelog entries:
  [ Ike Panhc ]
  * Remove unnecessary debug message
    - LP: #960340
  * Rebase onto Ubuntu-3.2.0-22.35
  [ Stefan Bader ]
  * d-i: Fix module name for dm-raid45
    - LP: #969248
  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]
  * ARM: 7178/1: fault.c: Port OOM changes into do_page_fault
    - LP: #951043
  [ Ubuntu: 3.2.0-22.35 ]
  * Revert "SAUCE: hotkey quirks for various Zeptro Znote and Fujitsu Amilo
  * SAUCE: (no-up) elide some ioctl warnings which are known benign
    - LP: #972355
  * SAUCE (no-up) Provide a param for allowing the BIOS to handle changing
    the brightness on AC/battery status changes.
    - LP: #949311
  * SAUCE (drop after 3.4) Quirk for enabling backlight hotkeys on Samsung
    - LP: #875893
  * SAUCE: PCI: Allow pcie_aspm=force to work even when FADT indicates it
    is unsupported
    - LP: #962038
  * SAUCE: (drop after 3.5) drm/i915: reinstate GM45 TV detection fix
    - LP: #638939
  * SAUCE: SECCOMP: audit: always report seccomp violations
  * SAUCE: SECCOMP: adjust prctl constant
  * [Config] Enable CONFIG_USBIP_CORE=m
    - LP: #900384
  * Rebase to v3.2.14
  * [Config] Updateconfigs after rebase to v3.2.14
  * d-i: Fix module name for dm-raid45
    - LP: #969248
  * SAUCE: remove __initdata from vesafb_fix
    - LP: #969309
  * Revert "sched: tg->se->load should be initialised to tg->shares"
  * toshiba_acpi: make one-bit bitfields unsigned
    - LP: #810015
  * ACPI: EC: Add ec_get_handle()
    - LP: #810015
  * toshiba_acpi: Support alternate hotkey interfaces
    - LP: #810015
  * toshiba_acpi: Support additional hotkey scancodes
    - LP: #810015
  * toshiba_acpi: Refuse to load on machines with buggy INFO
    - LP: #810015
  * ata_piix: Add Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 to the quirks list due to
    broken suspend functionality.
    - LP: #886850
  * sweep the floors and convert some .get_drvinfo routines to strlcpy
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: init (vf)_if_handle/vf_pmac_id to handle failure scenarios
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: stop checking the UE registers after an EEH error
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: don't log more than one error on detecting EEH/UE errors
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: stop issuing FW cmds if any cmd times out
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Fix TX queue create for Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: add register dump feature for Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Add EEPROM dump feature for Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Fix VLAN promiscous mode for Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Use V1 query link status command for lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Move to new SR-IOV implementation in Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Fix error recovery paths
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Add error handling for Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Use new hash key
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Fix non utilization of RX queues
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: netpoll support
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: update some counters to display via ethtool
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: workaround to fix a bug in BE
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: fix ethtool ringparam reporting
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: refactor/cleanup vf configuration code
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Add support for Skyhawk cards
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: Fix INTx processing for Lancer
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: fix range check for set_qos for a VF
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: query link status in be_open()
    - LP: #921793
  * netdev: make net_device_ops const
    - LP: #921793
  * be2net: create RSS rings even in multi-channel configs
    - LP: #921793
  * ethtool: Null-terminate filename passed to ethtool_ops::flash_device
    - LP: #921793
  * sched: Fix nohz load accounting
    - LP: #838811
  * ACPICA: Fix regression in FADT revision checks
    - LP: #883441
  * asus-wmi: move WAPF variable into quirks_entry
    - LP: #969576
  * eeepc-wmi: refine quirks handling
    - LP: #969576
  * drm/i915: Sanitize BIOS debugging bits from PIPECONF
    - LP: #968307
  * drivers: hv: Get rid of some unnecessary code
  * drivers: hv: kvp: Add/cleanup connector defines
  * drivers: hv: kvp: Move the contents of hv_kvp.h to hyperv.h
  * net/hyperv: Convert camel cased variables in rndis_filter.c to lower
  * net/hyperv: Correct the assignment in netvsc_recv_callback()
  * net/hyperv: Remove the unnecessary memset in rndis_filter_send()
  * tools: hv: Use hyperv.h to get the KVP definitions
  * drivers: hv: Cleanup the kvp related state in hyperv.h
  * drivers: hv: kvp: Cleanup the kernel/user protocol
  * drivers: hv: Increase the number of VCPUs supported in the guest
  * net/hyperv: Fix data corruption in rndis_filter_receive()
  * net/hyperv: Add support for vlan trunking from guests
  * Drivers: hv: Add new message types to enhance KVP
  * net/hyperv: fix erroneous NETDEV_TX_BUSY use
  * NLS: improve UTF8 -> UTF16 string conversion routine
  * Drivers: hv: Support the newly introduced KVP messages in the driver
  * Tools: hv: Fully support the new KVP verbs in the user level daemon
  * Tools: hv: Support enumeration from all the pools
  * Drivers: scsi: storvsc: Properly handle errors from the host
  * net: mv643xx_eth: fix build error
    - LP: #921793
  * rebase to v3.2.14

398bf23... by Ike Panhc on 2012-03-22

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2.0-1601.4 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2f64bb5739af11b6a3f46374ff3eda53f25c2403

New changelog entries:
  [ Ike Panhc ]

2f64bb5... by Michael Casadevall on 2012-03-10

Import patches-unapplied version 3.2.0-1600.1 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: e8bc8cca59cc7a820d62433c60d5878f4b73f6ef

New changelog entries:
  [ Bryan Wu ]
  * UBUNTU: import debian/debian.env and debian.armadaxp
  [ Dann Frazier ]
  * ARM: Armada XP: remove trailing '/' in dirnames in mvRules.mk
  [ Michael Casadeall ]
  * tools: add some tools for Marvell Armada XP processor
  * kernel: timer tick hacking from Marvell
  * kernel: Sheeva Errata: add delay on Sheeva when powering down
  * net: add Marvell NFP netfilter
  * net: socket and skb modifications made by Marvell
  * miscdevice: add minor IDs for some Marvell Armada drivers
  * fs: introduce memory pool for splice()
  * video: EDID detection updates from Marvell Armada XP patchset
  * video: backlight: add Marvell Dove LCD backlight driver
  * video: display: add THS8200 display driver
  * video: framebuffer: add Marvell Dove and Armada XP processor onchip LCD controller driver
  * usbtest: add Interrupt transfer testing by Marvell Armada XP code
  * usb: ehci: add support for Marvell EHCI controler
  * tty/serial: 8250: add support for Marvell Armada XP processor and DeviceTree work
  * rtc: add support for Marvell Armada XP onchip RTC controller
  * net: pppoe: add Marvell ethernet NFP hook in PPPoE networking driver
  * mtd: nand: add support for Marvell Armada XP Nand Flash Controller
  * mtd: maps: add Marvell Armada XP specific map driver
  * mmc: add support for Marvell Armada XP MMC/SD host controller
  * i2c: add support for Marvell Armada XP onchip i2c bus controller
  * hwmon: add Kconfig option for Armada XP onchip thermal sensor driver
  * dmaengine: add Net DMA support for splice and update Marvell XOR DMA engine driver
  * ata: add support for Marvell Armada XP SATA controller and update some quirks
  * ARM: add Marvell Armada XP machine to mach-types
  * ARM: oprofile: add support for Marvell PJ4B core
  * ARM: mm: more ARMv6 switches for Marvell Armada XP
  * ARM: remove static declaration to allow compilation
  * ARM: alignment access fault trick
  * ARM: mm: skip some fault fixing when run on NONE SMP ARMv6 mode during early abort event
  * ARM: mm: add Marvell Sheeva CPU Architecture for PJ4B
  * ARM: introduce optimized copy operation for Marvell Armada XP
  * ARM: SAUCE: hardware breakpoint trick for Marvell Armada XP
  * ARM: big endian and little endian tricks for Marvell Armada XP
  * ARM: SAUCE: Add Marvell Armada XP build rules to arch/arm/kernel/Makefile
  * ARM: vfp: add special handling for Marvell Armada XP
  * ARM: add support for Marvell U-Boot
  * ARM: add mv_controller_num for ARM PCI drivers
  * ARM: add support for local PMUs, general SMP tweaks and cache flushing
  * ARM: add Marvell device identifies in glue-proc.h
  * ARM: add IPC driver support for Marvell platforms
  * ARM: add DMA mapping for Marvell platforms
  * ARM: add Sheeva errata and PJ4B code for booting
  * ARM: update Kconfig and Makefile to include Marvell Armada XP platforms
  * ARM: Armada XP: import LSP from Marvell for Armada XP 3.2 kernel enablement

e8bc8cc... by Adam Conrad on 2012-02-22

Import patches-unapplied version 3.0.0-1500.3 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 554c6c4d128ea738a3f5193f7ed385f6134986e6

New changelog entries:
  * Apply patch from Seif Mazareeb of Marvell to enable reset
    support for the AXP-DB-REV2 ArmadaXP development boards.
  * Fix debian.armadaxp/etc/getabis to point at the right URIs.

554c6c4... by Adam Conrad on 2012-02-15

Import patches-unapplied version 3.0.0-1500.2 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7023c8c8ce7d368dbd6ead91fb9e3fdc1b373d33

New changelog entries:
  * Include ABI/modules files to appease the ABI checker in production.

7023c8c... by Bryan Wu on 2012-02-10

Import patches-unapplied version 3.0.0-1500.1 to ubuntu/precise

Imported using git-ubuntu import.