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db3dffb... by Niels Thykier on 2016-04-03

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.43 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 1111bfa05a83a78a3ecdf64672255f15b2ce3f4a

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - maybe-not-arch-all-binnmuable
    + Removed:
      - dh_desktop-is-deprecated
      - dh_undocumented-is-obsolete
      - restriction-formula-with-debhelper-with-conflicting-version
      - restriction-formula-with-versioned-dpkg-dev-conflict
  * checks/{control-file,fields}.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Remove confusing checks for build-conflicts related to build
  * checks/debhelper.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Remove check for dh_undocumented and dh_desktop as debhelper
      has dropped the helper.
  * checks/systemd.pm:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Felipe Sateler to properly remove .sh suffix
      when checking systemd-initscript matching. (Closes: #819087)
  * checks/version-substvars.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Add an experimental tag to check for arch:all
      binNMUability. This is currently not supported at all
      and there is no known fix for the tag. That said, it
      is still useful for determining how many packages might
      be affected by it in case Debian will support arch:all
  * commands/reporting-sync-state.pm:
    + [NT] Use the sha256 instead of the sha1 checksum field
      for finding related files and checking which members
      have changed.
    + [NT] Support reading Packages.xz and Sources.xz files.
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
      Thanks to Mattia Rizzolo for suggesting one of them.
  * frontend/dplint:
    + [NT] Put $LINTIAN_VERSION on its own line so the build
      time substitution works again. Thanks to Stuart
      Prescott for reporting the issue.
  * helpers/coll/objdump-info-helper:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Dan Nicholson to keep TEXTREL entries from the
      dynamic section. (Closes: #819506)
  * lib/Lintian/Check.pm:
    + [JW,ADB] Don't ignore midword punctuation characters when
      spell-checking. (Closes: #818003) Thanks to Andreas Beckmann for
      the bug report.
  * t/tests/binaries-missing-depends-on-libc/debian/debian/rules:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Dan Nicholson to pass --no-as-needed to the
      linker. (Closes: #819551)

1111bfa... by Niels Thykier on 2016-03-11

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 6ce5629ef73939511c57c67cbf014170aa9bafa9

New changelog entries:
  * checks/binaries.desc:
    + [NT] Remove the experimental marker from the tags about
      (partially) unstripped static libraries.
    + [NT] Remove the experimental marker from the no-pie and
      no-bindnow hardening tags.
  * checks/changelog-file.pm:
    + [JW] Fix use of uninitialized value when checking incorrectly
      formatted changelog entries.
  * commands/reporting-lintian-harness.pm:
    + [NT] Add missing close and seek to the end of the new
      lintian log file before appending to it.
  * data/binaries/embedded-libs:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Sebastian Ramacher to allow ffmpeg as
      libpostproc provider. (Closes: #817004)
  * lib/Lintian/Tag/Info.pm:
    + [JW] Use manpages.debian.org (instead of manpages.debian.net) for
      manual page hyperlinks.

6ce5629... by Niels Thykier on 2016-03-05

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.42 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3a68dda24c351a4f7263400ead995a5f1fcebdeb

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - systemd-service-file-missing-documentation-key
    + Removed:
      - dh_scrollkeeper-is-deprecated
      - dh_suidregister-is-obsolete
  * checks/copyright-file.pm:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Rafael Kitover to avoid some
      false-positives with the DEP-5 copyright format.
      (Closes: #795641)
  * checks/debhelper.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Remove tags for dh_scrollkeeper and dh_suidregister,
      which are removed in the next version of debhelper.
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [JW] Update freedesktop.org specification URL.
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [JW] Update freedesktop.org specification URLs.
  * checks/systemd.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Chris Lamb to flag systemd units
      without the "Documentation" key. (Closes: #799083)
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [JW] Add hhvm as a known interpreter. (Closes: #789878)
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
    + [JW] Remove correction for "homogenous". (Closes: #816599)
      Thanks to IOhannes m zmölnig for the bug report.
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add (Build-)Dependency on libdata-alias-perl due
      to patch from Rafael Kitover.
  * doc/lintianrc.example:
    + [NT] Remove LINTIAN_LAB - most people will never need it.
  * lib/Lintian/Tag/Info.pm:
    + [JW] Allow "." characters in manual page references.

3a68dda... by Niels Thykier on 2016-02-19

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.41 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 7b3b8ead464be575c968fb3740daf6c6b562ba96

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - insane-line-length-in-source-file
      - source-contains-prebuilt-pandoc-documentation
      - upstream-metadata-is-not-a-file
      - upstream-metadata-yaml-invalid
    + Removed:
      - package-contains-broken-symlink
  * checks/apache2.desc:
    + [JW] Remove spurious check name abbreviation.
  * checks/binaries.pm:
    + [NT] Update match for detecting numpy linking.
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Filter some simple comments for long line in source-is-missing
      (Closes: #798900).
    + [BR] Detect pandoc docs avoiding source-is-missing warning.
    + [BR] Fix other source-is-missing FP. (Closes: #813013).
  * checks/fields.pm:
    + [NT] Emit "no-homepage-field" only for source packages.
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [JW] Treat packages without Multi-Arch field as if they had
      "Multi-Arch: no". Thanks to Bas Couwenberg for the bug report.
  * checks/scripts.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * checks/symlinks.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Retire package-contains-broken-symlink tag. It was too much
      effort compared to the gain. (Closes: #672297, #683059, #763270,
      #812723, #661003, #738187)
  * checks/testsuite.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW, NT] Apply patch from Christian Seiler to accept DEP-8 tests
      being symlinks to existing files in the source package. Thanks
      to Raphaël Hertzog for suggesting it. (Closes: #809440)
  * checks/upstream-metadata.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Petter Reinholdtsen to check that the
      upstream metadata file is valid YAML if present. (Closes: #813904)
  * commands/lab-tool.pm:
    + [NT] New utility to handle most laboratory operations.
  * commands/lintian:
    + [NT] New location for "frontend/lintian".
    + [NT] Refactored to use "dplint" to compute the include dirs.
    + [NT] Remove -S, -R and -r, which are now supported in the new
      lintian-lab-tool command.
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [JW] Fix some corrections.
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
  * data/standards-version/release-dates:
    + [NT] Add 3.9.7. Thanks to Alf Gaida for the reminder.
      (Closes: #814041)
  * debian/control:
    + [JW] Switch from libyaml-perl to libyaml-libyaml-perl in
      Build-Depends and Suggests. (Lintian has been using the latter
      package since 2.5.31.)
    + [NT] Add dependency on libyaml-libyaml-perl for the new
      upstream-metadata check.
    + [NT] Bump Standards-Versions to 3.9.7 - no changes required.
  * debian/{lintian.links,manpages,rules}:
    + [NT] Update to install the new lab-tool command.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [NT] Move the code to "commands/lintian" and leave a symlink to
      dplint to replace it.
  * helper/coll/objdump-info-helper:
    + [NT] Avoid collecting unused information.
  * lib/Lintian/Path.pm:
    + [NT] Remove the _file_info cache field to avoid paying
      for all "file(1)" info twice.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
    + [NT] Remove unnecessary values on members in the
      objdump_info table.
  * lib/Lintian/*.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * man/lintian-lab-tool.pod:
    + [NT] New file.
  * private/generate-lintian-pod:
    + [JW] Fix formatting pathnames followed by punctuation characters.

7b3b8ea... by Niels Thykier on 2016-01-24

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3f4b15d6efe0660975cdb7947c4f4789b8536bb8

New changelog entries:
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [BR] Check package testsuite for license problems.
    + [BR] Allow multiple full texts for license problems.
    + [BR] Detect link copyright tag and warn in case of
  * data/spelling/corrections*:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
  * debian/post{inst,rm}:
    + [NT] Remove obsolete maintainer scripts.
  * debian/tests/testsuite:
    + [NT] Remove temporary directory after test.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * lib/Lintian/Lab/Entry.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * reports/html_reports:
    + [NT] Fix uninitialized warnings.
    + [NT] Remove ""-quotes covering the full maintainer name.
      This makes "Adam" sort under "A" rather than "Other" on the
      list of maintainers.

3f4b15d... by Niels Thykier on 2016-01-23

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 846fecc3391f3afbfc3c0606542bd7d1485f73cf

New changelog entries:
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Only run tests from the override_dh_auto_test target.
  * t/runtests:
    + [NT] Use a whitelist for cleaning up the environment. Fixes
      FTBFS / test failures.

846fecc... by Niels Thykier on 2015-12-27

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.40 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 4b89cfb6a1d0a4318df610e525eca73af725d1ae

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - debian-watch-file-uses-deprecated-githubredir
      - file-in-root-and-usr
      - hardening-no-bindnow
      - hardening-no-pie
      - library-in-root-and-usr
      - old-style-config-script
      - old-style-config-script-multiarch-path
      - old-style-config-script-multiarch-path-arch-all
      - vcs-field-uses-insecure-uri
    + Removed:
      - debian-watch-file-accesses-pypi-over-http
      - debian-watch-file-unsupported-pypi-url
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Exclude /usr/lib/debug/.build-id/ from foreign-architecture
      checks. Thanks to Aurelien Jarno for the bug report. (Closes:
    + [BR] Detect old style config script and detect Mutli-arch error.
    + [NT] Add experimental tag for missing "bindnow" and "pie"
      hardening. Thanks to intrigeri for the suggestion.
      (Closes: #759363)
  * checks/changes-file.pm:
    + [JW] Use "~bpo7+N" as the suffix for wheezy-backports-sloppy
      uploads. Thanks to Vincent Bernat for the bug report. (Closes:
    + [JW] Use "~bpo8+N" as the suffix for jessie backports.
  * checks/changes-file.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [BR] Pass information about minified javascript down to tag.
      (Closes: #804147).
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Dr. Tobias Quathamer <email address hidden> to
      check for some insecure protocols in Vcs-* fields.
      (Closes: #810378)
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [NT] Fix off-by-one in an "mtime" comparison, which could give
      false-positive package-contains-timestamped-gzip warnings.
    + [NT] Downgrade image-file-in-usr-lib to pedantic given the
      policy has relaxed on this point. (Closes: #415558)
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/source-copyright.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Apply patch from Mattia Rizzolo to update the machine-readable
      copyright format specification URL. (Closes: #809248)
    + [BR] Improve description text of tag
  * checks/usrmerge.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Add usrmerge test from Marco d'Itri. (Closes: #767754).
  * checks/watch-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Chris Lamb <email address hidden>,
      warn if debian/watch uses deprecated
      githubredir.debian.net scraper (Closes: #803106).
    + [NT] Apply patch from Dmitry Shachnev <email address hidden> to
      remove obsolete check. (Closes: #793149)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Sylvestre Ledru <email address hidden> to
      support version 4 of the debian/watch. (Closes: #811175)
  * data/spelling/corrections*:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
      Thanks to Paul Wise for patch for one of them.
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add ${perl:Depends} to Depends.
    + [NT] Use https://anonscm.debian.org/git/lintian/lintian.git in the
      Vcs-* fields.
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Convert to dh7 style build.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [NT] Limit the number of instances of the same tag when output is a
      TTY. Add --no-tag-display-limit to disable this feature. Thanks
      to Thijs Kinkhorst for the report. (Closes: #775667)
  * lib/Lintian/Check.pm:
    + [JW] Remove work-around for Email::Valid bug (#663663), which is now
      fixed even in oldstable.
    + [JW] Apply patch from Justin B Rye to fix an uninitialized value
      warning. (Closes: #810649)
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [JW] Add missing "map_maintainer" call, which made the reporting
      script omit packages on maintainer's pages. Thanks to Charles
      Plessy for the report and to Dr. Tobias Quathamer for finding
      the condition for triggering the bug. (Closes: #797178)
    + [NT] Share more data for a ~15% memory reduction on an old
  * t:
    + [NT] Fix test case relying on removed debhelper compat level.
      (Closes: #811309)

4b89cfb... by Niels Thykier on 2015-12-27

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ef4b80187a76aacf84e660f764786627db1fd786

New changelog entries:
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [NT] Clarify how to handle a command listed both in a menu file
      and a desktop file. Thanks to Jörg Frings-Fürst for reporting.
      (Closes: #806387)
  * data/binaries/embedded-libs:
    + [JW] Fix typo in the string used for detecting copies of OpenJPEG.
      (But continue to recognize the misspelled variant, which might be
      still present in some copies.)
  * data/fields/udeb-fields:
    + [NT] Add Auto-Built-Package and Build-Ids fields. Thanks to
      Guillem Jover for the report. (Closes: #808566)
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [JW] Add perl6-m as a known interpreter. Thanks to Dominique Dumont
      for the bug report. (Closes: #809057)
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
  * man/lintian.pod.in:
    + [NT,JW] Document clarify that "-L +=<value>" is valid.
      (Closes: #802729)
    + [NT] Attempt to document --display-level a bit more extensively.
      Thanks to Matt Zagrabelny for the report. (Closes: #802725)
    + [NT] Clarify what --default-display-level does and why one might
      want to use it.
  * private/refresh-ftp-master-tags:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for the ftp-master.debian.org URL.

ef4b801... by Niels Thykier on 2015-12-20

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.39 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: c0303793131475385793f44833523453c2442726

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - dh-exec-useless-usage
      - systemd-service-alias-without-extension
  * checks/binaries.pm:
    + [JW] Fix inconsistent parsing of a data file.
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [BR] Relax line length for minified javascript.
  * checks/debhelper.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patches from Gergely Nagy to extend the dh-exec
      related checks. (Closes: #794296, #801104)
  * checks/files.{desc,pm}:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
    + [JW] Fix inconsistent parsing of a data file. (Closes: #790739)
  * checks/scripts.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/systemd.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Evgeni Golov to strip ".service" from
      aliases before looking for an init.d service of same name.
      (Closes: #773087)
    + [NT] Apply patch from Evgeni Golov to check that the Alias
      field of .service files ends with .service (as required by
      the systemd.unit specification). (Closes: #808369)
  * data/binaries/embedded-libs:
    + [JW] Apply patch from James Cowgill to rename "polarssl" as
      "mbedtls". (Closes: #808050)
  * data/binaries/hardening-tags:
    + [NT] Refresh with dpkg-architecture 1.18.3.
  * data/common/{architectures,multiarch-dirs}:
    + [NT] Refresh with dpkg-architecture 1.18.3.
  * data/fields/binary-fields:
    + [NT] Add "Auto-Built-Package" as known field in binary packages.
      It appears in dbgsym packages generated by debhelper.
  * data/fields/perl-provides:
    + [NT] Refresh against perl 5.22.
  * data/files/triplets:
    + [NT] Refresh with dpkg-architecture 1.18.3.
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [JW] Add rake as a known interpreter. Thanks to Cédric Boutillier
      and Pirate Praveen for the bug reports. (Closes: #795036)
  * data/shared-libs/ldconfig-dirs:
    + [NT] Refresh with dpkg-architecture 1.18.3.
  * data/spelling/corrections*:
    + [JW, AB] Add more corrections.
      Thanks to Paul Wise for patch for one of them.
  * doc/examples/profiles/my-vendor/main.profile:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * doc/lintian.xml:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * lib/Lintian/Output.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typos.
  * lib/Lintian/Profile.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * lib/Lintian/Tags.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
    + [JW] Make it possible to override tags containing "+" characters,
      such as "missing-dependency-on-libstdc++". Thanks to Andreas
      Beckmann for the bug report. (Closes: #806504)
  * lib/Test/Lintian.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * private/refresh-insserv-data:
    + [JW] Fix typo.

c030379... by Niels Thykier on 2015-11-16

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 9370de4e183f5e97997b10a0929bcec8ae8df2ee

New changelog entries:
  No tags were added or removed
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Check for ".debug_str" section in addition to the
      ".debug_line" section to determine if an ELF file contains
      detached debug symbols.
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [BR] Avoid false positive in minified javascript by
      detecting line with only one colon.
      (Closes: #792365).
  * checks/debconf.desc:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [BR] Whitelist pbuilder for dir-or-file-in-build-tree.
  * checks/scripts.pm:
    + [NT] Check the syntax of maintainter scripts with "sh" when
      the script is declared with "#!/bin/sh". Thanks to Ron Lee
      for spotting this.
  * checks/shared-libs.pm:
    + [ADB, NT] Fix false-positive instance of the tag
      postrm-should-call-ldconfig when the package is using the
      ldconfig trigger. (Closes: #804256)
  * checks/source-copyright.desc:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for www.debian.org URLs.
  * commands/spellintian.pm:
    + [JW,NT] Report non-files as "not a file" rather than
      claiming them to be directories. (Closes: #802475)
  * data/cruft/non-free-files:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for bugs.debian.org URLs.
  * data/output/manual-references:
    + [JW] Refresh.
  * data/spelling/corrections*:
    + [JW] Add more corrections.
  * doc/lintian.xml:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for www.debian.org and lintian.debian.org URLs.
  * doc/README.developers:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for wiki.debian.org URLs.
  * doc/README.release:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * debian/copyright:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for lintian.debian.org URLs.
  * lib/Lintian/DepMap/Properties.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * lib/Lintian/Profile.pm:
    + [JW,NT] Correct include path for default profile when include
      directories are not given explicitly. (Closes: #802476)
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * lib/Lintian/Unpacker.pm:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Whitelist TMPDIR in "clean_env", so that man and msgfmt
      will use the user defined TMPDIR (if any). Thanks to Bjarni
      Ingi Gislason Bjarni for the bug report. (Closes: #801483)
  * mail-templates/license-problem-non-free-RFC:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for debian.org URLs.
  * man/lintian.pod.in:
    + [JW] Fix incorrect claim that "pedantic" and "display-info" can't be
      used together in the config file.
  * private/refresh-*:
    + [JW] Use httpredir.debian.org as the default mirror.
  * private/refresh-manual-refs:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for www.debian.org and lintian.debian.org URLs.
  * reporting/harness:
    + [JW] Fix typo.
  * reporting/templates/*.tmpl:
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for debian.org URLs.
  * vendors/ubuntu/main/data/changes-file/known-dists:
    + [JW] Add "wily" and "xenial".
    + [JW] Use HTTPS for www.debian.org and lintian.debian.org URLs.