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cfd1df2... by Stéphane Graber on 2014-10-20

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.27ubuntu2 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: dcbe101be8e54d99f4c5badc662cf86e5ccb9e52

New changelog entries:
  * Add vivid to the list of valid Ubuntu series.

dcbe101... by Dmitry Shachnev on 2014-09-24

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.27ubuntu1 to ubuntu/utopic-proposed

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 45b50bfb7452c7567dd0cbc050a34feca9ea689c

New changelog entries:
  * Merge from Debian unstable, remaining change:
    - Ship pre-uglified json.js to avoid build-dep on nodejs for the tests.

45b50bf... by Niels Thykier on 2014-09-13

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.27 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b60cbedb7850e9d46b29c1b9c81ab9f62bad6be0

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - bad-exception-format-in-dep5-copyright
      - changed-by-address-is-root-user
      - exclusive-runtime-tests-field
      - maintainer-address-is-root-user
      - source-contains-prebuilt-doxygen-documentation
      - uploader-address-is-root-user
      - useless-autogenerated-doxygen-file
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [BR] Fix a few false positives is for javascript source-is-missing.
    + [BR] Detect prebuilt doxygen documentation.
  * checks/fields.pm:
    + [JW] Fix incorrectly anchored regexps. (Closes: #760987)
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [BR] Detect useless doxygen generated file. (Closes: #751945)
  * checks/manpages.desc:
    + [BR] Improve documentation of manpage-has-errors-from-man.
      (Closes: #757068).
  * checks/menu-format.pm:
    + [BR] Fix a false positive in desktop-mime-but-no-exec-code.
      (Closes: #760677).
  * checks/source-copyright.pm:
    + [BR] Fix false positive for space-in-std-shortname-in-dep5-copyright
      with alternative licenses. (Closes: #760642).
    + [BR] Fix false positive for with exception syntax.
    + [BR] Fix false positive of
      wildcard-matches-nothing-in-dep5-copyright. (Closes: 761125)
  * checks/testsuite.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Fix false positive missing-runtime-tests-field.
      (Closes: #760714).
    + [BR] Print line in case of error.
  * data/fields/metapackages:
    + [BR] Add qt4-default and qt5-default as metapackage.
      (Closes: #756158).
  * lib/Lintian/Check.pm:
    + [BR] Detect package being built as user root.
      (Closes: #612583).

b60cbed... by Niels Thykier on 2014-09-06

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.26 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 0065abda6a9df5da965efe04e11747a5a118dd59

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - backports-changes-missing
      - backports-upload-has-incorrect-version-number
      - debian-upstream-obsolete-path
      - description-is-pkg-name
      - description-too-short
      - desktop-mime-but-no-exec-code
      - empty-short-license-in-dep5-copyright
      - file-without-copyright-information
      - invalid-escape-sequence-in-dep5-copyright
      - invalid-short-name-in-dep5-copyright
      - license-problem-bad-php-license
      - license-problem-php-license
      - license-problem-undefined-license
      - no-dep5-copyright
      - package-contains-timestamped-gzip
      - pipe-symbol-used-as-license-disjunction
      - privacy-breach-may-use-debian-package
      - source-contains-autogenerated-visual-c++-file
      - space-in-std-shortname-in-dep5-copyright
      - unused-file-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright
      - wildcard-matches-nothing-in-dep5-copyright
    + Removed:
      - copyright-refers-to-bad-php-license
      - copyright-refers-to-problematic-php-license
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Damyan Ivanov to handle the new
      Perl5 library path location.
  * checks/changes-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Add patch from Ivo De Decker, add check for
      backports changes file. (Closes: #732225).
    + [BR] Apply patch from Tomasz Bucher, add check for
      for timestamped gzip files. (Closes: #738591).
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Use license checking framework for checking php license.
      (Closes: #752540).
    + [BR] Add a pedantic tag for autogenerated file made by Visual
    + [BR] Fix another false positive for gfdl invariants in
      php-elisp, doc-linux-fr and in clisp.
    + [BR] Detect old path for upstream metadata.
  * checks/description.{desc,pm}:
    + [SL] Check for one word short description. (Closes: #756643).
    + [SL] Check if the short description is the same as the
      package name. (Closes: #757398).
  * checks/fields.pm:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Salvatore Bonaccorso to recommend the
      new cgit URLs for anonscm.debian.org over the webgit URLs.
      (Closes: #756940)
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [BR] Fix false positive in detection of cross arch pkgconfig.
      (Closes: #755902).
    + [BR] Detect privacy breach fixable by using existing debian
    + [BR] Whitelist <link rel="generator-home"...> in privacy breach
    + [NT] Apply patch from Damyan Ivanov to handle the new
      Perl5 library path location. (Closes: #757921)
  * checks/init.d.pm:
    + [NT] Allow usage of /lib/init/init-d-scripts as alternative to
      implementing init.d targets in the script itself. Thanks to
      Yaroslav Halchenko for the report. (Closes: #758236)
  * checks/menu-format.pm:
    + [BR] Add new desktop keys files. Move key list to data.
      (Closes: #755266).
    + [NT] Apply patch from Niklas Fiekas to check for desktop files
      with MimeType-field but no format code in the Exec-field.
      (Closes: #757383)
  * checks/phppear.pm:
    + [BR] Fix a false positive for
      missing-pkg-php-tools-addon phpcomposer, thanks to
      David Prévot (Closes: #754738).
  * checks/source-copyright.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Add a pedantic warning about non dep-5 debian/copyright.
    + [BR] Detect empty required fields. (Closes: #748452, #656801).
    + [BR] Detect undefined license. (Closes: #733659).
    + [BR] Apply patch from Johannes Schauer in order
      to warn if the pipe symbol is used in license.
      (Closes: #757583).
    + [BR] Apply patch from Johannes Schauer in order to
      check if DEP-5 debian/copyright covers all files
      in the unpacked sources. (Closes: #757551).
    + [BR] Detect bad short name and space in license.
      Thanks to Clint Adams and Johannes Schauer.
      (Closes: #747248, #757615).
    + [BR] Avoid to raise file-without-copyright-information
      for .pc directory.
  * checks/systemd.pm:
    + [NT] Allow usage of /lib/init/init-d-scripts as alternative to
      sourcing /lib/lsb/init-functions.
  * checks/testsuite.desc:
    + [BR] Update ref url. (Closes: #755275).
  * data:
    + [NT] Refresh several data files against sid.
  * data/cruft/gfdl-license-fragments-checks:
    + [BR] Add tla false positive for gfdl license text.
  * data/cruft/non-distributable-files:
    + [BR] Detect play boy Lenna test image.
  * data/cruft/non-free-files:
    + [BR] Add non free icc profile HP5000_UVDuraImageGlossMaxQ.icc
      from nips2 package.
  * data/cruft/warn-file-type:
    + [BR] Add debug source suffix for detecting javascript
      source-is-missing and improve test suite. Fix a
      false postive in mono and in jenkin.
  * data/debhelper/dh_commands:
    + [BR] Add patch from Piotr Ożarowski, dh-python2
      moved to dh-python package (Closes: #740161).
  * data/debhelper/dh_commands-manual:
    + [JW] Add dh_apache2 relations to avoid a false-positive.
      Thanks to Axel Beckert for reporting the issue.
      (Closes: #748688)
    + [NT] Add ":any" to all python related dependencies. Thanks
      to Matthias Klose for reporting the issue. (Closes: #733733)
  * data/debhelper/*:
    + [NT] Refresh against sid. Thanks to Christian Marillat for
      reporting the out of date data. (Closes: #758891)
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [NT] Add ruby1.9.1, ruby1.9.1-dev and libruby1.9.1 per
      request of the Ruby team.
  * data/files/js-libraries:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Paul Wise for detection of
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-website:
    + [BR] Improve detection of sourceforge logos.
    + [BR] Detect libjs-jquery use.
    + [BR] Detect libjs-mathjax use.
    + [BR] Add count.digitalpoint.com to statistics website.
    + [BR] Add xoom.com to privacy-breach-donation (used by
      freesci-doc package).
    + [BR] Detect libjs-jquery-ui use.
    + [BR] Detect pledgie.com as a donation website.
  * data/source-copyright/bad-short-licenses:
    + [BR] Add unspecified and - as bad license.
    + [BR] Detect some invalid short name. Thanks to
      Johannes Schauer.
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Update recommendation on libautodie-perl to
      include perl 5.20 as alternative.
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Gracefully handle the case where there are no
      translations of tag descriptions.
  * doc/tutorial/Lintian/Tutorial/WritingChecks.pod:
    + [NT] Correct tutorial now that the "index" collection
      is gone.
  * lib/Lintian/Internal/FrontendUtil.pm:
    + [NT] Ignore set, but empty locale environment variables.
      Thanks to Michael Prokop for the report. (Closes: #759726)
  * reporting/{config,html_reports}:
    + [NT] Add support for copying the documentation rather than
      symlinking to it. Thanks to Nicolas Sévelin-Radiguet for
      reporting the issue. (Closes: #756301)
  * t:
    + [BR] Fix FTBFS on !amd64. (Closes: #757802).

0065abd... by Niels Thykier on 2014-07-13

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.25 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: b0b32621b390b3a6166df13b52f4680b22590aa8

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - capitalization-error-in-description-synopsis
      - incorrect-naming-of-pkcs11-module
      - package-contains-thumbnails-dir
      - pkg-config-bad-directive
      - source-contains-prebuilt-ms-help-file
      - spelling-error-in-description-synopsis
  * checks/*.desc:
    + [NT] Replaced "index" with "unpacked" in Needs-Info.
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Add a forgotten return statement, and avoid
      false positive for deployJava.js (Closes: #745152).
    + [BR] Fix another false positive in GFDL detection.
    + [BR] Use whitelist for know good RFC (Closes: #753970).
    + [BR] Detect and warn about *.chm file
      (MS Windows HtmlHelp Data). (Closes: #653910).
  * checks/description.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Anders Jonsson to check spelling
      of the package synopsis. (Closes: #747266)
  * checks/files.{desc,pm}:
    + [RG,NT] Check for invalid named p11-kit modules in
      /usr/share/p11-kit modules. (Closes: #741346)
    + [BR] Detect cross architecture pkg-config file.
      (Closes: #539225).
    + [BR] Add a sanity check for pkg-config files.
      (Closes: #676803, #657699).
    + [BR] Detect .thumbnails dir (Closes: #660797).
  * collection/*.desc:
    + [NT] Replace "index" with "unpacked" in Needs-Info.
  * collection/index{,.desc}:
    + [NT] Removed file.
  * collection/unpacked{,.desc}:
    + [NT] Have unpacked create indices when the package is
      being unpacked. This is done using a pipeline to avoid
      decompressing the data.tar file multiple times.
  * data/cruft/missing-dir-search-path:
    + [BR] Close false positive for mathjax, search under
    + [BR] Fix another false positive for emscripten.
  * data/cruft/warn-file-type:
    + [BR] add yc suffix for detecting javascript
      source-is-missing and improve test suite. Fix a
      false postive in libdevel-nytprof-perl.
  * data/files/js-libraries:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Marcelo Jorge Vieira to correct
      a regular expression for finding embedded copies of
      libjs-jquery-history. (Closes: #753077)
  * data/init.d/virtual_facilities:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Guillem Jover to fix a typo.
  * data/scripts/interpreters:
    + [NT] The texlua binary is now provided by
      texlive-binaries (>= 2014.20140512.33982) instead of
      luatex. Thanks to Norbert Preining for reporting this.
      (Closes: #752611)
  * data/symlinks/well-known-symlinks-target:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Guillem Jover to fix a typo in
      a regex. (Closes: #752229)
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add Breaks/Replaces for funny-manpages due to a
      bug in funny-manpages before 1.3-5.1. Thanks to Adrian
      Bunk for reporting. (Closes: #753165)
  * lib/Lintian/Collect{,/*}.pm:
    + [NT] Replace "index" with "unpacked" in Needs-Info
  * reporting/config:
    + [NT] Remove "$statistics_file" from the sample config.
  * reporting/harness:
    + [NT] Set the state cache to 0644 after creating it.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [NT] Move the statistics file to the harness state cache
      dir. It only contains information about the last run and
      is re-generated as needed. If the file exists, it will
      be moved to its new location if possible.

b0b3262... by Niels Thykier on 2014-06-22

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.24 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: cad3bb8a72d472533a501ecb19eb0bb0792cedd1

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - uses-deprecated-compression-for-data-tarball
  * checks/file.pm:
    + [BR] Speed-up privacy check (Closes: #745877).
    + [BR] Fix false positive for detecting minified
      javascript (Closes: #745877).
    + [BR] Fix false positive due to cpython name
      encoded in compiled python file name (Closes: #752218).
    + [BR] Add another suffix to source-is-missing for javascript
    + [BR] Add url if possible for privacy breach.
  * checks/changelog-file.pm:
    + [BR] Use lower case for bad intended distribution.
  * checks/deb-format.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Guillem Jover to check for
      deprecated compressions on data.tar-members.
      (Closes: #745740)
  * checks/menu-format.pm:
    + [JW] Also validate desktop files in usr/share/xessions.
      (Closes: #746402)
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-{fragments,websites}:
    + [BR] Improve detection rules.
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Extract some tasks from the build-stamp target,
      so they can be run independently.
    + [NT] Create a "rebuild-lintian.debian.org" target that
      only (re-)builds/regenerates the needed parts for the
      lintian.debian.org checkout. (Closes: #751926)
  * frontend/{dplint,lintian}:
    + [NT] Fix a bug in command-line parsing, where "--"
      was interpreted as a literal file-name rather than
      the "end of options" marker. Thanks to Luca
      Falavigna for spotting it. (Closes: #746790)
  * vendors/ubuntu/main/data/changes-file/known-dists:
    + [NT] Add utopic as valid Ubuntu distribution.

cad3bb8... by Niels Thykier on 2014-06-18

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: ba7cc65e500b94c9aa41a6db39d69ffd0b0f8869

New changelog entries:
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Avoid regenerating po4a files if not needed.
  * debian/source/lintian.overrides:
    + [NT] Add overrides for false-positive "evil JSON" license
      problem, which is triggered by the current Lintian on the
      FTP master host.
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - init.d-script-depends-on-all-virtual-facility
      - maven-plugin-in-usr-share-java
      - needless-suggest-recommend-libservlet-java
      - pre-depends-directly-on-multiarch-support
      - quilt-series-without-trailing-newline
      - source-contains-prebuilt-sphinx-documentation
  * checks/binaries.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Samuel Bronson to improve the
      description of the debug-symbols-directly-in-usr-lib-debug
    + [BR] Extend eglibc whitelist to glibc. (Closes: #748881).
  * checks/changelog-file.pm:
    + [BR] Allow to sid for experimental to unstable comment.
      (Closes: #747407).
  * checks/control.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Helmut Grohne to warn about
      Pre-Depends: multiarch-support in debian/control.
      (Closes: #747439).
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Detect sphinx generated documentation and avoid
      a false positive for minified javascript and missing sources.
      (Closes: #742693).
    + [BR] Do not remove newline with c++ comments. Fix a false
    + [BR] Fix a GFDL detection false positive in texlive. Thanks
      to Norbert Preining. (Closes: #743754).
    + [BR] Fix another false positives in GFDL detection.
    + [BR] Fix a false positive for source-is-missing for
      deployJava.js. (Closes: #745152).
    + [BR] Fix a false positive for GFDL detection in
      soundjuicer. (Closes: #748375).
    + [BR] Fix a false positive for source-is-missing in e2fsprogs.
      (Closes: #748421).
  * checks/files.pm:
    + [BR] Use Lintian::Data for detecting embedded library.
    + [BR] Add context in embedded lib tagging.
    + [BR] Avoid to warn on bookmark link. (Closes: #746656).
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Johannes Schauer to rename "notest"
      build-profile to "nocheck". (Closes: #743840)
    + [NT] Support giving replacements for obsolete packages.
    + [NT] Fix a bug with versioned dependencies on obsolete
      packages with non-obsolete alternatives.
  * checks/infofiles.desc:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Samuel Bronson to improve some of
      the examples.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Don Armstrong to ignore jpg/jpeg images
      beneath /usr/share/info. (Closes: #748167)
  * checks/init.d.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Detect $all virtual dependency in legacy init scripts.
      Thanks to Holger Levsen. (Closes: #737867).
  * checks/java.{desc,pm}:
    + [SL] Do not trigger a warning when a jar is not in
      /usr/share/java and the package name matches. (Closes: #746744).
      lib.*maven.*plugin.*java. (Closes: #743446).
    + [SL] Catch uses of Java8 byte code. (Closes: #743384).
    + [SL] Warn that the suggests/recommends on libservlet[\d\.]+-java is
      needless (Closes: #743453)
    + [SL] missing-classpath should be disabled on Java binaries
    + [NT] Exclude some jar files from "codeless-jar" tag based
      on the basename of the jar file. This is intended to
      reduce the number of codeless jars for source/doc jars in
      eclipse(-based) packages.
  * checks/patch-systems.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Warn against trailing newline in debian/patches/series.
      (Closes: #746362).
  * checks/source-copyright.pm:
    + [NT] Permit the use of "https://" in DEP-5 format URIs even
      if the policy suggests that they have to use "http://".
      (Closes: #744981)
  * checks/testsuite.pm:
    + [JW] Add new restrictions for DEP-8 tests. (Closes: #746305)
  * data/binary/embedded-libs:
    + [RG] Detect embedded copies of lcms, lcms2, libmms, libminiupnpc,
      libupnp, and libyaml, polarssl.
    + [RG] Don't detect mariadb as embedder of mysql.
    + [BR] Detect libidn*, and libsrtp.
    + [NT] Apply patch from Samuel Bronson to detect mpfr and gmp.
    + [BR] Extend eglibc whitelist to glibc.
  * data/cruft/non-distributable-files:
    + [BR] Add a file comes from the Novell libc Software Development
      Kit. (Closes: #745802)
  * data/cruft/non-free-files:
    + [BR] Add all profiles from icc-profiles non free package.
    + [BR] Add icc profiles from Adobe.
    + [BR] Add icc profiles from http://www.color.org/srgbprofiles.xalter.
    + [BR] Add Apple icc profile: Color LCD Calibrated, Copyright
      Apple Computer, Inc., 2003
    + [BR] Add old srgb profile from HP: IEC 61966-2.1 Default RGB
      colour space - sRGB, Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [NT] Add hardening-includes and hardening-wrapper on request of
      Thijs Kinkhorst. (Closes: #711193)
    + [NT] Add python-support on request of Luca Falavigna.
      (Closes: #746563)
  * data/java/constants:
    + [SL] introduce this file to specify JDK values
  * data/scripts/maintainer-script-bad-command:
    + [BR] Avoid a false positive for
      (Closes: #745568).
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add Build-Depends on po4a.
  * debian/lintian.install:
    + [NT] Install translations.
  * debian/{lintian.,source/}lintian-overrides:
    + [NT] Add overrides for using hardening-includes.
  * debian/rules:
    + [NT] Add rules for handling translations.
    + [NT] Run dh_lintian during binary-indep target.
  * frontend/lintian{,-info}:
    + [NT] Use localized version of tag descriptions.
      (Closes: #663155)
  * lib/Lintian/{CheckScript,Profile}.pm:
    + [NT] Add support for translations of tag descriptions.
  * po4a:
    + [NT] New directory for translations.
  * private/private/gen-po4a-conf:
    + [NT] New file.
    + [NT] Document how to make and contribute translations.

ba7cc65... by Niels Thykier on 2014-03-30

Import patches-unapplied version to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 2034adf72349481c15d2a83726603bac62bfd390

New changelog entries:
  * checks/ocaml.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Replace unnecessary uses of file_info with index.
  * data/binary/embedded-libs:
    + [RG] Detect embedded copies of libmpg123.
  * data/fields/perl-provides:
    + [NT] Refresh against Perl 5.18.2.
  * data/spelling/corrections:
    + [RG] Add "functiosn" to the list of spelling mistakes.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [NT] Fix a regression that completely broke the
      command-line argument "--packages-from-file", when
      the file was "-".
  * lib/Lintian/Relation.pm:
    + [JW,NT] Fix dependency-testing issues caused by too
      greedy regular expressions in the dependency parser.
      (Closes: #742989)
  * reporting/templates/tags.tmpl:
    + [JW,NT] Fix grammatical error in a template.
      (Closes: #742985)

2034adf... by Bastien Roucariès <email address hidden> on 2014-03-25

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.22 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 50fa67cb68f634a78cf4ef5320ab0d3f8ab002e3

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - invalid-restriction-label-in-source-relation
      - invalid-restriction-namespace-in-source-relation
      - invalid-restriction-term-in-source-relation
      - license-problem-gfdl-non-official-text
      - license-problem-non-free-RFC-BCP78
      - privacy-breach-google-plus
      - privacy-breach-twitter
      - restriction-list-with-debhelper-with-conflicting-debhelper-version
      - restriction-list-with-debhelper-without-debhelper-version
      - restriction-list-with-versioned-dpkg-dev-conflict
      - restriction-list-without-versioned-dpkg-dev-dependency
      - source-is-missing
      - stageX-profile-used-but-no-binary-package-dropped
  * checks/*:
    + [NT] Avoid using "I" or "we" in tag descriptions.
    + [NT] When looping over the names of binary packages,
      prefer the order they are listed in the control file.
      Previously they were either sorted by name or ordered
      by Perl's hash iterator.
  * checks/control-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Johannes Schauer to validate
      build-profile usage.
  * checks/control-files.pm:
    + [NT] Remove special case for udebs on empty control
      files. Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for testing it.
  * checks/cruft.pm:
    + [BR,NT] Optimise the GFDL check considerably in some
      cases (e.g. the linux source). (Closes: #738342)
    + [BR] Factorize GFDL detection. Detect non official
      wordings of GFDL invariant section. (Closes: #717916).
      Fix some old false positives.
      (Closes: #742260, #741212).
    + [BR] Add opentoken non official wording for GFDL
      invariant section, thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez.
      (Closes: #740183).
    + [BR] Detect minified js based on line length.
      (Closes: #735348).
    + [BR] Detect missing sources for minified javascript, flash project,
      flash files, and elf binary.
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Johannes Schauer to validate
      build-profile usage. (Closes: #740607)
  * checks/files.desc:
    + [BR] Raise file-name-in-PATH-is-not-ASCII and
      file-name-in-PATH-is-not-ASCII to error
      (see policy 10.10), thanks to Helmut Grohne.
      (Closes: #739347)
    + [BR] Improve privacy-breach tags wording, thanks to Paul Wise.
      (Closes: #738176)
  * checks/menu-format.desc:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Charles Plessy to correct an URL
      in a tag reference. (Closes: #738454)
  * checks/symlinks.pm:
    + [BR] Use Lintian::Data for safe symlinks list. Add
      /dev/null to this list. (Closes: #740339).
  * checks/systemd.pm:
    + [BR] Allow spaces arround = in service files.
      (Closes: #739366).
  * checks/watch-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Allow debian/upstream-signing-key.asc,
      thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez (Closes: #736711).
    + [NT] Apply patch from Daniel Kahn Gillmor to check for
      the upstream signing key in debian/upstream. Thanks to
      Hideki Yamane for the bug report. (Closes: #738597)
  * collection/java-info:
    + [NT] Update the conditional using file(1) to cope with
      the new output for JAR files.
  * data:
    + [NT] Refresh several architecture data files against
      dpkg 1.17.5. Thanks to James Hunt for the reminder.
      (Closes: #735266)
    + [NT] Refresh several data files with data from sid.
  * data/binary/embedded-libs:
    + [RG] Detect embedded copies of liblivemedia, libgadu, libssh,
      libssh2, freetype, nss, and nspr.
    + [RG] Adjust the detection of embedded copies of libmagic.
    + [RG] Detect embedded copies of an ancient tinyxml. Thanks to
      Andreas Rönnquist for the report. (Closes: #733318)
  * data/cruft/non-free-files:
    + [BR] "id3v22-tda.mp3 considered non-free", thanks to Charlie
      Smotherman (Closes: #736203).
  * data/files/privacy*:
    + [BR] Improve detection of privacy-breach-google-cse, thanks to
      Paul Wise (Closes: #739247).
    + [BR] Detect google+, thanks to Paul Wise.
      (Closes: #738175).
    + [BR] Detect twitter, thanks to Paul Wise.
      (Closes: #738174).
  * data/scripts/maintainer-script-bad-command:
    + [BR] Fix false positive
      due to quoting, thanks to Andreas Beckmann <email address hidden>
      (Closes: #739109).
  * debian/source/lintian-overrides:
    + [NT] Override false-positive for license checks.
  * debian/tests/control:
    + [NT] Use the new @builddeps@ from autopkgtest/2.5.5
      instead of duplicating the values.
  * frontend/lintian:
    + [NT] Fix a regression in argument handling after the first
      non-option. This problem was introduced in 2.5.18.
    + [NT] Let --color default to "auto".
    + [NT] Discard STDERR when running git describe to guess the
      version of Lintian. Avoids a warning from git tags are
      absent from the repository.
  * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Mathieu Parent to make "binaries" return
      the package name in the same order as they are listed in the
      control file. (Closes: #739671)
  * lib/Lintian/Reporting/ResourceManager.pm:
    + [NT] New file.
  * lib/Lintian/Util.pm:
    + [NT] Extend the "Continuation line outside a paragraph" parse
      error on Deb822 files with a possible suggestion for fixing
      the problem.
  * lib/Test/Lintian/Harness.pm:
    + [NT] New file - mostly for internal use during testing.
  * profiles/debian/ftp-master-auto-reject.profile:
    + [BR] Refresh with new tags.
  * reporting/config:
    + [NT] Fix typo of HARNESS_STATE_DIR config variable.
  * reporting/harness:
    + [NT] Avoid writing state-cache during dry-run.
    + [NT] Add timestamps to the log output.
  * reporting/{html_reports,templates/*.tmpl}:
    + [NT] Show the same statistics on the tag page as shown
      on the tag index pages. Thanks to Guillem Jover for
      the suggestion. (Closes: #738349)
    + [NT] Remove the second argument to the "head" sub in
      the templates. Its value is now computed automatically
      by html_reports based on the name of the output file.
    + [NT] Install "lintian.css" and all files in
      "reporting/images" and "reporting/resources" into
      "HTML_DIR/resources". These will be named after their
      content to allow more aggressive public caching.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [NT] Link to the library API docs from the index page.
      (Closes: #639974)
    + [NT] Optimise the graph generation by only calling
      gnuplot twice (rather than once plus once per tag).
    + [NT] Show the number of package groups and the size
      of the harness backlog on the index page.
  * reporting/{lintian.css => templates/lintian.css.tmpl}:
    + [NT] Rename file and make it a template.
  * t/runtests:
    + [NT] Cache test artifacts and reuse them in subsequent
      runs. This removes the majority of the runtime
      overhead of running the test suite on subsequent runs.
      (Closes: #699083)
    + [NT,BR] Fix test suite issues caused by a regression
      in tar 1.27. (Closes: #739744)

50fa67c... by Bastien Roucariès <email address hidden> on 2014-01-08

Import patches-unapplied version 2.5.21 to debian/sid

Imported using git-ubuntu import.

Changelog parent: 3eb27f1cba5563b7f9d06091d6fd228e31be6974

New changelog entries:
  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - bad-intended-distibution
      - debian-rules-should-not-automatically-update-control
      - debian-rules-should-not-use-DEB_BUILD_OPTS
      - debian-rules-should-not-use-or-modify-user-only-variable
      - debian-rules-should-not-use-pwd
      - debian-rules-should-not-use-underscore-variable
      - license-problem-md5sum-non-distributable-file
      - license-problem-md5sum-non-free-file
      - license-problem-non-free-RFC
      - maintainer-script-should-not-use-service
      - privacy-breach-donation
      - privacy-breach-facebook
      - privacy-breach-google-cse
      - privacy-breach-logo
      - privacy-breach-piwik
      - privacy-breach-statistics-website
      - privacy-breach-w3c-valid-html
      - source-contains-prebuilt-flash-object
      - source-contains-prebuilt-flash-project
      - source-contains-prebuilt-java-object
      - source-contains-prebuilt-javascript-object
      - source-contains-prebuilt-python-object
      - source-contains-prebuilt-silverlight-object
    + Removed:
      - debian-rules-automatically-updates-control
      - debian-rules-uses-DEB_BUILD_OPTS
      - debian-rules-uses-or-modifies-user-only-variable
      - debian-rules-uses-pwd
  * checks/changelog-file.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Warn when an upload erroneously targeted at distribution that
      is not intended (Closes: #661990).
  * checks/cruft.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Detect non free rfc (Closes: #365213).
    + [BR] Check md5sums on source package.
    + [BR] Detect prebuilt jar file.
    + [BR] Detect prebuilt silverlight file.
    + [BR] Detect prebuilt flash file (Closes: #733883).
  * checks/fields.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Increase severity of vcs-field-uses-not-recommended-uri-format
      (Closes: #670323).
  * checks/files.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Add xz and zip to duplicated-compressed-file regexp.
    + [BR] Use Lintian::Data for compressed file extension.
    + [BR] Use Lintian::Data for vcs files list. Add a few more VCS
      files (Closes: #731904).
    + [BR] Remove long obsolete reference to rc.boot(5) manpage
      in package-installs-into-etc-rc.boot description.
      Thanks to Jakub Wilk (Closes: #729034).
    + [BR] Add a moreinfo field to obsolete path.
    + [BR] Fix non-conf-file-in-modprobe.d description
      (Closes: #729037).
    + [BR] Check privacy breach only in regular file.
    + [BR] Add link tag as potential privacy breaker.
    + [BR] Add <div data-href="http://website" to potential privacy
  * checks/md5sums.pm:
    + [BR] In case of strange filename, md5sum(1) prefix the md5sum
      by backslash and escape the name using backslash encoding.
      Handle this case properly.
  * checks/rules.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Use Lintian::Data for forbidden construct in rules
    + [BR] Rename debian-rules-automatically-updates-control to
    + [BR] Rename debian-rules-uses-pwd to
    + [BR] Rename debian-rules-uses-DEB_BUILD_OPTS to
    + [BR] Rename debian-rules-uses-or-modifies-user-only-variable
      to debian-rules-should-not-use-or-modify-user-only-variable.
  * checks/watch.{desc,pm}:
    + [BR] Fix the description of debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature tag.
      Thanks to Gregor Herrmann for the bug report and patch
      (Closes: #732799).
  * data/cruft/non-free-files:
    + [BR] Add sRGB.icm to non-free files (Closes: #699369).
    + [BR] Add a few non-free font files (Closes: #298545).
    + [BR] Add non-free w3c valid icons.
  * data/cruft/warn-file-type:
    + [BR] Add this file.
    + [BR] Detect minified javascript (by extension).
    + [BR] Detect python prebuilt object (Closes: #734280).
  * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
    + [BR] Apply patch from Jonas Genannt to render obsolete ruby 1.8.
  * data/files/obsolete-paths:
    + [BR] Add /etc/X11/fonts/X11R7 as obsolete path (Closes: #646872).
  * data/files/privacy-breaker-{fragments,websites}:
    + [BR] Add w3c website valid x?html icons.
    + [BR] Add piwik detection.
    + [BR] Add detection of well known statistics websites.
    + [BR] Detect facebook.
    + [BR] Detect google custom search engine.
  * data/rules/rules-should-not-use:
    + [BR] Detect use of $(_) variable in debian/rules (Closes: #585495).
  * data/scripts/maintainer-script-bad-command:
    + [BR] Service is reserved to system admin (Closes: #656229).
    + [BR] Fix false positive for
      by allowing shell variable (Closes: #733595).
  * debian/control:
    + [NT] Add relevant relations on libyaml-perl, which is
      now used by harness.
  * reporting/harness:
    + [NT] Fix typo in --schedule-chunk-size command-line argument.
    + [NT] Require a new configuration variable $HARNESS_STATE_DIR.
      This variable tells harness where it can store state
      information and caches.
    + [NT] Track which version of lintian a given package group
      was processed by. Using this information, harness will now
      slowly reprocess groups processed by another version of
      Lintian than the current.
  * t:
    + [NT] Apply patch from Adam Conrad to fix issue with a test
      when run in an Ubuntu environment. Also thanks to Benjamin
      Drung for forwarding the patch to the Debian BTS.
      (Closes: #725139)